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Chatter could be heard throughout the hallways of Forks High. Suddenly the doors banged open and silence surrounded us as Bella made her appearance. She walks down the hall and acts as if we are invisible; no one says anything or approaches her. She is a goddess, untouchable. The girls glare at her, as the guys myself included watch her in awe as if her presence is a gift that has been bestowed upon us. She acts as if she owns the place, looking straight ahead not acknowledging a single soul.

She is beautiful, with long brown hair that ends in a slight curl at her hips. Today she wears a little black top with fishnet sleeves, a black and green skirt that has chains going in different directions hanging from it. To complete the look she has black stockings that go to her mid-thigh with a little green bow at the top. On her feet, she wears boots.

We all watch as she walks right up to Edward. Edward Cullen the schools bad boy he deals drugs, parties and has Bella's complete attention. He smiles as she approaches him wrapping his arm around her middle pulling her in for a kiss. When they break apart he looks around daring anyone to try them, but by now everyone knows better even the teachers. They hold hands as the bell rings and head to class. Everyone looks on watching them as they go our own untouchable famous couple.