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Chapter 6


"Ok Miss Mason you have the job. You can start tomorrow morning at 9am." My new manager tells me. He seems like a slimy guy but whatever he gave me a job.

"Thank you." I reply as I get up and head out to where Edward and rose are waiting. Together we continue to try and find Edward a job for the rest of the day, He finds nothing. I can tell he is pissed as we enter the warehouse and go to the area we claimed as ours. He throws his shirt across the small room.

"Fuck, why the hell won't they hire me!" He yells. I just stare at him I am sure it's a rhetorical question. "Damn it Bella, I don't fucking know how the hell you got a job, they won't hire for shit the manager had to have been a dude!" Ok so now I'm pissed.

"Fuck you." I growled out. "Don't take your anger out on me Cullen!" He turns to me pulling back on his shirt. "You know what Isabella fuck you, Oh wait I already have! I'm going for a walk I'm to pissed right now."

He walked up to me and kissed my lips. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too Edward be careful."

He leaves and I lay down on the blankets we use as a bed. Even when we are angry we always say I love you, because you never know what's going to happen.


Damn I'm so fucking pissed, what the hell is wrong with me! Why can't I provide for Bella, I want to provide for her! I walk through the alley ways just trying to get the stress out. I round the corner and see a dealer. God if I could just smoke some weed that shit would calm me down. But I don't have any money; ah hell I approach him anyway.

"Hey kid, what you doing out here so late?" The man asked, I smirk.

"Looking for a Job." He stares at me for a moment then offers me a cigarette; I take it and light it. "I'm Anthony, my girl and I are new here." I say as I extend my free hand. He shakes my hand. "I'm James. What kind of work do you do?" I take a long drag before responding. "I used to deal." He smirked. We sat there for a few minutes before he offered to smoke some pot with me. We entered the back of a tattoo parlor.

"This is my shop, this way." He directs me into his office. Pulls out a bong and packs it, I lick my lips in anticipation. James takes a long hit and then offers it to me, I take a couple big hits then hand it back. Relaxing as the familiar high washes over my body. "Anthony, did you and your girl run away?" I nod. "Is she Pregnant?" I laugh and hit the bong again. "No dude, we just love each other and the rents where gonna separate us." He laughed. We sat there and bull shit for a while.

I finally glanced at the wall and noticed it was 3am. "Shit, she is gonna kill me." He looks at the clock then smirks. "I got to go, man thanks for the bud." I stand to leave and he walks me out. "Anthony, I'll see if I can find you some work. You should come hang out again man." With that I left.

When I make it back Bella's asleep. I lie down next to her and quickly feel sleep take me.


I wake up early and feel Edward beside me, what an ass! He stayed out all fucking night and smells like pot, he should have shared! With a sigh I get up and ready for work. God I wish we had a shower. The walk to work was uneventful but as soon as I entered the place.

"OMG, I'm Alice. What's your name?" The hyper pixie shouted while jumping up and down. "Hi, I'm B –Marie." I respond. She looks at me funny.

"Ok..Marie, I'll be training you today." She showed me around and where everything was. I would be starting out taking phone orders so I could familiarize myself with the menu. Just as she was done explaining everything to me two other girls walked in. They ignored us as they walked by like we weren't even there. "Who are they?" I asked her. She Smirked. "That's Jessica and Lauren, they sleep with the boss." She whispered. We laughed just as Felix came in saying it was time to open. As if on cue the phone rang and I picked it up.

"Thank you for calling.." I was cut off. The guy on the line stated his order and that he would be here in 20 minutes and then hung up on me. That is how my day went until break, Alice and I walked outside to a small table.

"So Marie, what's your real name?" I looked at her shocked before grabbing her hand. "You cannot say anything!" I nearly shouted. "It's ok I won't!" the pixie swore. Taking a deep breath. "My name is Bella." I say before I start to eat, we talk about bands and boys. I almost felt normal that is until the end of my shift when I had to walk all the way back to the warehouse. On my way I thought of Alice and how great she seemed, it was almost as if I had known her for a long time. I think maybe we can be friends.

I reach the entrance and knock our secret knock before walking in. I see rose and Em sitting next to a small fire and Edward sitting across from them. I walk over and sit next to him but I don't say anything to him. I just place a bag of food in front of him and threw another bag at rose and Em. Rose smiled at me. "Thanks!" She and Em waste no time digging in.

I look over at Edward, he just sat there. So I open the bag and place a wrapped burger in his hand. "Bella, Baby thank you. I'm so sorry about last night." He says. I nod at him and lean over and kiss his cheek. Yea I'm mad but I love him. The rest of the night went by quickly with all of us goofing off, eventually though Rose and Em started getting carried away with their touching and kissing.

"Night Guys!" I yell at them as I pull Edward with me to our area. He laughed. "Bella it was free porn!" I kissed him then whispered against his lips. "Why watch theirs when we can make our own." He Growled and brought his lips to mine with such force it hurt…Good I like it that way. He bit my lower lip then pulled back from me before pushing me back onto our make shift bed. "Undress." He demands. Oh I fucking love Dom Edward.

"Feel the need to claim me Mr. Cullen?" I ask. He flips me over and gives me a hard smack on the ass. God I'm instantly wet. "I said undress."

I Look into his eyes they are almost black with need and desire. Without a word I sit up on my knees and remove my shirt slowly before unhooking my bra and sliding it off at a snail's pace. He places his hand on my cheek and I lean into his touch, dropping to his knees in front of me he stares directly into my eyes as if he can see into my soul. Gently he runs his hand from my cheek down to my neck just behind my ear as he sides his fingers into my hair he grabs it and pulls my head back with some force exposing my neck to him. I am completely vulnerable he has total control. I trust him completely, he is my everything.

He runs his nose along my neck before biting me hard it is painfully erotic and drives me crazy. He releases my neck and kisses his way to my jaw then finally to my lips. His kiss is so intense.

"Why are your pants still on Isabella?" Not a question, more of a statement and directive. I stand up and pull off the remainder of my clothing and wait for him. He looks at me before standing, removing his shirt as he does. In one swift moment he takes a step towards me grabs my hair pulls me into a rough kiss before pulling me to kneel in front of him, we never break eye contact. I unbutton his pants and pull them down until they are pooled at his feet; grabbing him roughly I bring him to my lips and softly run my lips across his tip. His grip in my hair tightens.

Slowly I take him into my mouth rubbing my tongue along his length before gently biting him. He moans and pushes himself deeper into my mouth. "Fuck Baby, Show me what that pretty little mouth can do."

I take him as deep as I can; I constrict my throat around him as I grab his balls and gently move them in my hand. He closes his eyes and leans his head back slightly. I continue to work him until he pulls me away by my hair. "Damn love." He whispers before pulling me up to his lips. Kissing me fiercely he picks me up and carries me to our bed and lowers us onto it.

"I want to cum inside you love, I want to feel you quiver beneath me and beg for release as I pound into your gorgeous body." God his words make me melt, this isn't Dom Edward. This is purely my Edward and he needs me, my love, trust, my promise.

"Please Edward." I pled. His kiss is fierce as he places himself at my entrance, quickly he enters me. My yelp muted by his mouth. I love the feeling of him inside me, I feel as if I am complete. My love pounds into my body pulling me into him as if I couldn't get close enough to him. I slid my fingers into his hair and my free hand on his ass and pull him forward as he thrust, he pushes harder. "Fuck!" I yell out. He continues in this fast pace soon I am screaming his name and clamping around him. "Oh fuck Bella." He rasps out finding his own relief. We lay still connected, just embracing and feeling each other.

"Love I'm sorry for how I acted, I just feel worthless. I am supposed to be taking care of you like I promised. I am just so fucking frustrated that I can't seem to find something so that I can give you what you deserve." He whispers to me. So that's why…. He feels like a failure!

I kiss him gently before responding. "Edward all I want and need is you. You always provide for me, you take care of me and I love and respect you for it. My love for you will never go away you are my soul mate." He pulls me closer and kisses me this time our love making is slow and full of emotion. While drifting off to sleep in his arms he whispers. "Happy birthday love." I snuggle close into him "Thank you, I had forgotten it was my birthday."