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"Ok, Marie you have the job. You can start tomorrow morning at 9:00." My new manager tells me. He is a creepy old guy. Probably in his forty's, he keeps looking me up and down with a Lear. What a slime ball! Whatever at least he gave me a job.

"Thank you, Felix! I'll see you in the morning." I reply as I stand to leave shaking his hand one last time. Walking out of the McDonald's I see Edward and the others waiting for me. I make my way over to them, together we keep searching for a job for Edward. We have been with rose and Em for about a week and a half now, it has been interesting that is for sure. By the end of the day we find nothing for Edward.

I can tell he is pissed as we make our way home. Once inside we head to the area we have claimed as our own. He angrily yanks off his shirt and throws it to the ground.

"Fuck! Why the hell wont anyone hire me!" He yells, turning to face me. I just stare back at him without giving an answer. "Damn it Bella, I don't fucking know how you got a job! No one is hiring for shit! I bet that fucking manager was a man. Is that how you got the job?" Oh, he did fucking not just go there with me!

"Fuck you!" I ground out. "Don't take your fucking anger out on me Cullen!" He quickly snatches his shirt off the ground and pulling it back on as he stalks up to me seething.

"You know what Isabella Fuck you, oh wait I already have!" He takes a deep breath. "I'm going for a walk, I'm to pissed right now." He leans down grabbing the back of my head pulling my forehead against his. "I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too Edward, be careful." I whisper, looking into his eyes. He leans forward and brings his lips to mine then he is gone, walking out the door. With a sigh, I kick off my shoes and lay down on the blankets we use as a bed. Even if we are angry we always say I love you. Because you never know what's going to happen...



Damn I'm so fucking pissed! What the hell is wrong with me... Why can't I provide for Bella? I want to provide for her. I continue to walk through the alleyways trying to calm down and get all my anger out. I round a corner and see a dealer. God if I could only just smoke some weed, that shit would calm me the fuck down. Fuck I wish I would have brought my stash but I had no idea how I was gonna take in on the plane so I had to leave it behind. If I would have been able to bring it, we would have money right now. Fuck I wish I could buy some, but I don't have any fucking money. As I walk past the dealer I hear him speak.

"Hey kid, what you doing out here this late?" the man asked maybe my luck is changing.

I smirk at him. "Looking for a job." He stares at me for a moment then offers me a cigarette. I take it and light it savoring the first drag, as I exhale I look at him.

"I'm Anthony, my girl and I are new here." I say as I extend my free hand.

"I'm James." He shakes my hand. "What kind of work do you do?" I take a long drag before I answer him.

"I used to deal."

He smirked. We sat there and smoked for a few mins before he offered to smoke some pot with me. I followed him into the door to what was apparently a tattoo parlor. "This is my shop, it's this way." He states as he walks towards another door. Once inside I see it's a small office.

He sits in a chair behind the desk and pulls out a bong from under it. He packs it. I lick my lips in anticipation, he takes a long hit then offers it to me. I'll admit I'm a greedy fucker. I take a couple big hits before giving it back. Shit I don't fucking know when I'll be able to smoke some more. I relax into the familiar high. I can feel the tension leaving my body.

"Anthony, did you and your girl run away?" He asked suddenly. I nod. "Is she pregnant?"

I laugh as I shake my head before hitting the bong again. As I exhale I answer him. "No dude, we just love each other. The rents where gonna separate us." He laughed. We just sat and bull shit for a while. When I finally glanced at the clock on his wall I noticed it was 3 am. Sitting up in a panic.

"Shit she is gonna kill me!" he looks at the clock then smirks. I stand and shake my head. Fuck Bella is gonna be pissed. "I got to go man, thanks for the bud. He stands and leads me back out the door.

Before I walk away I hear him say. "Anthony, I'll see if I can find you some work. Come back and chill anytime man."

I nod at him. "Thanks man I'll be in touch." Then I walk back down the ally.



That fucking asshole still isn't here and I have to be up in a few hours to go to work! I can't sleep, I keep picturing him getting hurt or some shit. Damn one of the first things I'm gonna try and get us is some phones. God, he is such a prick making me worry like this.

I hear the sound of someone carefully walking towards where I am. I tense for a moment before calling out.


"Fuck! Yea baby it's me. I was hoping you wouldn't wake up." He walks closer and strips off his shirt and kicks off his shoes. "I didn't mean to be out so late love, I lost track of time." He lays down on our bed and rolls over to face me. I lift the blanket up so he can scoot under it.

"I haven't slept, I was worried about you." I whisper as I snuggle up on his chest. He sighs and hugs me close to him before he mutters. "Sorry love, get some sleep. You have work in the morning." I'm still angry with him, but nod my head. We will talk more later, I'm just grateful he came home in one piece. Slowly I feel myself slipping into sleep.

Waking up after such little sleep was hard. But I needed to get dressed and walk to work. I quickly disentangle myself from Edwards arms and start to dress. When finished I lightly kick his thigh with my foot. "I'm heading to work, I don't know when I'll be back. I Love you." He sits up and pulls me to him for a kiss. "I love you too baby. Give me a minute to get dressed and I'll walk you to work. It's not safe, even during the day." Comes his sleepy reply. I kiss him once more before getting up again.

I watch as he puts on a shirt and his shoes. Then he grabs my hand and leads me to the exit of the warehouse. We wave at Em and Rose on the way out of the door. It's not a far walk, but it feels like it is. There is this weird feeling between us that happens when we fight and haven't worked it out yet. But it will have to wait. We need money.

We reach my job and Edward stops a few yards away from the door, he pulls me to him and gives me a long intense kiss. "I love you Bella, have a good day and I'll see you at later."

Pulling back from him. "I love you too. Good luck job hunting today." With one more kiss he is gone. I turn and head into the restaurant. There is a small girl with short spiky hair behind the counter.

"Welcome to McDonalds, how can I make you smile today?" she says in a sing song way to chipper in the morning voice.

"HI, I'm Marie. Felix told me I was to start today at 9. Is he here?"

She lets out this squeal and jumps, fucking jumps over the counter and grabs my hands. I can feel her practically vibrating where her hands hold mine. "Oh my gosh! I'm Alice, I'm going to be training you! I think we will be the best of friends! No, the creep isn't here right now but I'm to show you around and of course give you the uniform shirts. We are going to have so much fun!" now she is jumping up and down…

This is going to be a long day…


Ok so after the little pixy as I have dubbed her calmed down she wasn't really that bad. Apparently, she decided to drink coffee today and well she is energetic without it so yea hyper crazy girl was the result. The job wasn't that difficult, it was just a lot of things to memorize. I was given 5 work shirts a tour of the place and then a run down on the menu. I was starting on the grill. That's where everyone starts out. I met a few other coworkers.

"So, Marie, how old are you? I just turned 18 not to long ago. But since I'm still in school I live with my parents." Without thinking I answer her.

" I'm 17." Then I froze and turned to her. "Alice, you can't tell anyone, I told Felix I was 18 and could work full time hours. Please don't say anything I really need this job." She looks pensive before nodding. We get back to work but after a few minutes I hear her ask.

"Why did you lie? Do your parents not want you to work or something? I promise I won't tell." I sigh before whispering to her.

"Please Alice, drop It for now. I just need you to know I really need this and he can't find out. I'll tell you another time but there are too many other people here who can over hear." She drops the subject. But I can tell it is far from over.