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Who the hell is calling at this hour! I grab the phone from the nightstand. "Hello?" I growl.

"Charlie where is Edward? Is he and Bella there?" Carlisle panicked voice caught me off-guard. I sit up, as I do I hear the door shut, I start to get out of bed.

"Carlisle what are you talking about?"

"Charlie please go see if they are there, Edward took off."

I dropped the phone and run to the front door, I make it out the front door in time to see the taillights turn the corner. I run back in the house hang up on Edward's father, call the station, and put an APB out on the car, and then I head back out and get into my curser. The damn thing won't start!

Getting out I open the hood, that little fucker disabled my car! I was walking back into the house when Carlisle showed up, jumping out of his car and running up to me.

"Are they here?" he demands.

"No, I just missed them. I would have had them except your son decided to incapacitate my car." He looked bemused. Shaking my head I walk to his vehicle and climb into the passenger side, he drives us to the police station. We reported the kids as runaways; so far, nothing had come up, after a few hours of waiting the blaming started.

Pacing Carlisle started yelling. "This is all that girls fault! He has a bright future ahead of him but he has let this girl cloud his judgment! I bristled.

I stood to face him. "Carlisle, my daughter did not plan this! Your son is the one always leading her into trouble! The shouting matched continued until one of my deputies had to separate us.

When I got home later that night, there was a message from her.



That imbecile! Blame my son, my Edward! God Edward you are throwing everything away! I can't deal with this, heading straight to Edward's room I open the door almost expecting to find him in there. It is empty, I tear threw his room looking for any clues as to where he went throwing things looking in things, desperate to find something.

After an hour, I have a pile of contraband. How could I have not known? Esme walked in and gasped. "I had no idea." She whispered. I nodded.

On the dresser, I had laid out everything I had found. Two bottles of jack, a big bag with little bags of pot in it, another smaller bag of pot, a grinder, bong, pipe, rolling papers, lighter, some pills, white powder, porn, condoms, pictures of him and Bella having intercourse. I wrote down everything that I had found.

I walked past my beautiful wife and head to the kitchen I get a large garbage bag and returned to the room. I grab everything and place it in the garbage bag; Esme follows me as I walk down stairs and into the back yard. I quickly started the fire pit as the flame built I threw the bag in the center.

I turn and Esme is already in the house, walking in I notice her sitting at the counter crying, holding our sons baby picture.

"I can't believe this Carlisle; I thought I was a good mother." I hug her close.

"You are a good mother, but we can only influence so much dear. Anyway I'm sure it's just a phase, once this girl is away from him, I am sure he will do better." I kiss her gently and then head back up to his room to make sure I did not miss anything. As I started up the steps, her voice stops me.

"What if Bella is pregnant Carlisle? Do you think that's why they ran away?" I sigh as worry shoots through me.

"I don't know." I answered her and then started back up the stairs. I never thought about her becoming pregnant but it is a possibility. If she is that will complicate everything, I would have to find a way to see if she will give the baby up or terminate. They are too young for that responsibility; I guess there is no reason to stress it until we know.


After another hour or so, I give up my search, and head down to my wife. I find her asleep on the bed holding Edwards baby picture. I sit on the edge of the bed and look down at her. I have let all my anger out and now I don't know what to do. I feel tears make their way down my face. What can I do? I tried to do everything I could for him, give him everything. Maybe that was the problem. I mean we have money, but he chose to deal drugs. Why?

A sob escapes me without my permission. I run my hands threw my hair. God I failed him! My youngest son, I failed him. His brother wasn't like this; another sob makes its way out. My oldest son, I lost him and now I have lost Edward. I feel Esme shift beside me then pull me to her. She holds me as I cry, thinking of Edward, also thinking of Mason. It's like losing him all over again; sometimes I can still hear him.


"Dad, I have a date tonight! I'm taking Angela out; I am taking her where you took mom!" Mason tells me excitedly. I laugh and remind him to be a gentleman, and to remember his curfew. He waves at me as he takes off for the night.

This is so unlike Mason to miss curfew, I try calling his cell a few times with no answer. About three AM I am about to call the cops when a knock sounds at the door. He must have left his house key.

I open the door. "Mason where have.. Oh Officer Can I help you?" I ask the man at my door.

"Mr. Cullen, I am Officer Black and I am sorry, but your son was in a bad car accident. The young lady he was with was rushed to the hospital we are not sure if she will make it. Sir your son Mason unfortunately died on impact."



I replay her message over and over, just happy to hear her voice. To know she is ok, I miss her. I know I was to strict, god I was awful. I pushed her away, I traced the number I know she is in Florida. A pay phone, I want to get her and drag her home. But I can't bring myself to do that.

She said she would be back, when she does I will be the father I should have been. I'll tell her how sorry I am how I know I was harsh.

That damn Cullen boy better take care of her, she said she loved him. I believe her, I'm so worried, they are so young and the world is a dark place.

I want to send her money; I don't want her to live a hard life. I have always wanted the best for her. I wanted her to finish school, get married, and walk her down the aisle, watch my grandchildren grow. God I screwed up!

I head to the phone; I am going to change my message in an attempt to get her to call my cell if I am not home. I press the record button.

"Bella if this is you, please baby call my cell phone. I am not mad, I am just very worried. I love you too."

I head back to my spot on the couch. I just didn't want her to end up like her mother. Shit! Her mother, I forgot to tell her what was going on! I grab the phone and call my ex-wife. It goes to voicemail.

"Renee, Bella ran off with the Cullen boy. I thought you might want to know." Then I hang up the phone. Let's see how long it takes her to return my call.


Two days, it took her two days to return my call. Then she screamed at me, as if I'm the one who took off. Fucking bitch! Our daughter is missing and all she cares about is to play the blame game, she didn't even ask how long she had been gone. If I found her, she didn't ask anything about our daughter, just yelled at me for not keeping a better eye on her.


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