Yo, everyone. I thought I'd try something different and do a little nonsensical stuff. This was inspired by the YouTube series "I'm a Marvel... and I'm a DC" (which in turn was inspired by a line of Mac/PC commercials [or so I hear]). The premise is simple (for those who haven't seen this series): one character from each franchise will take shots at each other and their respective franchise.

WARNING: All our characters have been infected with a strange virus known as OOC. There appear to be no physical effects, but they will act oddly from time to time. Hopefully this behavior will go unnoticed. (And if you believe that, I also have this pig with wings...)

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon, Digimon, or I'm a Marvel/DC (so if ItsJustSomeRandomGuy [the creator of said series] is reading this, please don't sue.)

ASH: Hi. I'm a Pokémon.

TAI: And I'm a Digimon. Boy, fourteen seasons and they still use you?

A: What's wrong with that?

T: Well, you'd think after more than ten seasons, they would have replaced you.

A: Maybe that's why our show's more popular, because you guys can't use the same characters for more than two seasons.

T: At least we age when we do reappear. You were introduced as ten years old, and thirteen seasons later, you're still ten.

A: It's common for some kid's cartoon series.

T: Does that mean we weren't a kid's show?

A: Hmm. Well, now that you mention it, in the first season alone you had plenty of bathroom scenes, and the dubbing team had to cut out so many fight scenes that were "too graphic."

T: Okay, I brought that one on myself.

A: But back to me being used more often, it gives the show more recognition. I doubt people could pick you out of a lineup easily, let alone everyone else.

T: Hey, how about we talk about what makes our show better: a fight between good and evil. All you do is fight for pleasure and glory.

A: Hey, we fight evil too. Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Plasma—ho boy, were they nutcases. And we did save the world a few times.

T: Really? Maybe you could tell me about those times over a drink.

A: What kind of drink?

T: Just soda.

A: You sure you don't mean sake?

T: Ergh! You just had to mention that!

A: The original show has a reference almost every season. But of course it's always soda, milk, an energy drink… wasn't it also Tabasco sauce in one episode?

T: What are we supposed to do? Promote alcoholism? Besides, you guys aren't exactly "family friendly" in the raw version either.

A: And by that you mean…?

T: Kojiro and one of his beach disguises. And don't get me started on that Porygon.

A: One time! One time it happens and we never hear the end of it!

T: And then there's Jynx—

A: That argument doesn't hold water and you know it!

T: *sighs* Let's face it; the Japanese versions are definitely not kind to the both of us. Now that I think about it, the only real difference between our shows is us.

A: Yeah, they use me too much, and they don't use you enough.

T: Come on, let's get those drinks.

A: I'll just take the soda.

T: You crack that joke one more time…

First attempt at this, I swear. So those of you with torches, stay away.

Anyway, this will be ongoing. Although I have other ideas for future installments, it wouldn't hurt to have a little back-up post a review or PM me and give me your ideas: characters, topics, bad jokes, whatever you have, just send them in.

This is CF signing out.