You know, as this series goes on, I'm more and more convinced that it's become a way to hear about the latest news for either franchise. Oh well, ce la vie, and all that. (I probably spelled that wrong, huh?)

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HILBERT: Hi, I'm a Pokémon.

KENTA: And I'm a Digimon.

H: Huh? What are you doing here? I thought Kazu was going to be doing this.

K: He already had a couple rounds, so CF thought it should be my turn this time around.

H: I see. Well, in any case, it seems like this is going to be a good year for both of us, huh?

K: You mean how our latest season is going to be dubbed and you guys are going on your sixth generation?

H: Yep.

K: And only a scant year after your last main series game.

H: What are you getting at?

K: I'm just saying that by the time you get your new games out, some people probably won't have even beaten the last game.

H: It's better than what you guys have done. Seriously, the localization team sure took their sweet time with Xros Wars.

K: Fusion.

H: Whatever. My point is that the dub would have aired maybe half a year after it started in Japan, not more than a full one after it ended.

K: But still, Gen V was released only three years ago. In Japan. Everywhere else has only seen it for 2½ years.

H: People were complaining that Gen IV took too long.

K: At least you guys put it on the 3DS. *whispers* Finally.

H: Hey, by the time we developed the game, the 3DS hadn't been out yet. And we couldn't put the sequels on it either; it just wouldn't have been a complete generation if it was on two systems.

K: Yeah, who cares about innovation in a series? Just keep it all the same. Is that your mission statement or something?

H: So we haven't made any major changes to the formula. Some people would look at that as congruency. *to himself* And look who I'm talking to.

K: Are you saying that we should just keep our series the same every time we do something new.

H: Oh, trust me, even we on the Pokémon side know that we've milked the whole "different continuity" thing dry. But would it hurt to at least keep things consistent while you're doing it?

K: So Frontier introduced a new story element.

H: Actually, you guys started it with your D-Powers and card games. And the absence of reforming after death. And let's face it, Adventure 02 waited until season's end before things took a turn for the worse. You guys barely made it to half the season.

K: Wouldn't that be the pot calling the kettle black? Yeah, you see what I did there? Black? As in your game? Your character's name in the manga?

H: Your point?

K: Your generation really ramped things up. The story setup was way too different than what your fans were used to.

H: Weren't you just complaining about how we keep things the same?

K: …Well… Yeah… But then the sequels come out and we're back to the same old stuff. You got an argument for that?

H: …Touché.

That's all from me, but I would love to hear your opinions on the matter. Pokemon X and Y. Digimon Fusion. You excited? Scared? Happy? Disappointed? Indifferent? I mean, I plan on doing one more round regarding these, so some new material might be good for me.

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