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(Unknown Location – Secret Base – 7:30 PM August 25th 2011)

"So have we found them…?" A man asked looking over another. His hair was a light blonde that falls to his shoulders, the tips descending into a orange-fire-like colour with hints of red. His eyes are orange with a soulless look to them. His skin is pale and seems almost smoky, and he is seemingly overly muscled strongly.

"Yes we have…" The man said letting a sigh out. The man had messy, light blue hair. It was messy and spiked at the back, with straighter, longer fringe around falling around his face. Dark purple eyes, covered by glasses with black frames. Around his lower arm dark blue scales seem to form, stopping just onto his hand, the same occurs around his ankles, and neck.

"Good, we'll have them again soon…" The first man said. "Keep me posted Braylen…"

"Hold it Brett, I wanna make sure that our terms of me helping this damn team are still understood." Braylen said with anger and irritation in his voice.

"Yes they are, once we can get the union from them, and we have verified that the Wing is dead, the Fire is yours…" Brett said letting a sigh out. "Why they put him in charge of this region is beyond me, that wolf is my project, I should be leading this mission…"

"Good, I don't care about what Existence wants with those two, I just want my treasure." Braylen said with an evil chuckle. Turning away from Brett, Braylen looked over several monitors looking at several locations around Solace, but he focused on one where a boat had pulled in. The image showed people getting off the boat, but what caught his eye was two things, first was the image of someone that had looked like Gem but she was too different so he ignored her before looking to the second girl that caught his eye. It was a young woman about his age, and she had looked a lot like he had. An evil smile grew on his face. "Brylee… she could be useful…"

A woman of knowledge to Braylen has arrived somewhere in Solace, but what is her connection? And what of Brett? Only time will tell… Now let's return to the main group.

(Hearts Town – Pokémon Academy – 7:30 PM)

Within this school of a reasonable size, everyone was busy doing various things. TJ and Nevee were in the playground playing with their Pokémon and the kids that would use the playground during time away from school and recess. Cleo, Soren, Red, Yellow, Topaz, and Amethyst had made their way there and started getting refresher courses from teachers that stayed their during the later hours. The same was said for Maria and Markus though they were mainly talking with their old teacher. While everyone was busy, Nathen and Gemma had walked back into the town but Nathen was seen carrying Gemma, partly due to her jumping on him and another part because she had sprained her ankle.

"Gemma what have I told you about being more careful?" Nathen said with a sigh as he walked along the schools garden path.

"I know… but I couldn't resist…" Gemma said with a small sigh, but then she increased he grip on Nathen and nuzzled more into his neck, a content and happy smile on her face.

Letting out a sigh, Nathen put on a small smile as Gemma started playing with his hair as she had a fondness of doing. "Alright, just please Gemma, be more careful…"

"I will Nathen, don't worry~" Gemma said calmly as she nuzzled into Nathen's neck more.

"Good," Nathen said as he walked around to the front of the school seeing the Nevee and TJ playing. "Hey you two,"

"Hey Author and Authoress," TJ said as he walked over to them with Nevee on his back. "Look, we both have our girls on our backs!"

Nathen let out a small chuckle while Gemma just sulked down more and blushed bright red. "Yeah, I guess so." Nathen said calmly looking back at Gemma seeing her hide more. "So, how are things?"

"Everything's quiet and boring!" Nevee said broadcasting out in her happy and excited tone.

"Of course, is everyone else inside?" Nathen asked.

"Yup, everyone went to get a lesson or to review." TJ said calmly.

"Alright, well gather everyone up and head to the Pokémon Center, we're calling it a night and then heading out first thing in the morning," Nathen said calmly.

Gemma pushed up deciding to push herself up and look to Nathen. "Why? Wouldn't it be better to leave after a bit of the day has passed?"

"Normally yes I would, but I have this uneasy feeling, so I want to get us to Sola Town quickly." Nathen said looking over to Gemma.

"Alright…" Gemma said looking down a bit.

While Nathen started walking back to the Pokémon Center, Gemma looked around before spotting a familiar person.

The person was 5'7", with green eyes, pale skin, and waist length blond hair she had let down, and she was relatively slim. She also has a deep scar across her forehead that extends down her left cheek, which is partly covered by her hairline.

She was wearing a tank top with alternating diagonal stripes of pink and yellow that was plain on the front. The back of the tank top has a waxing crescent moon on it. A blue number "7" is superimposed over the moon. The name "SAIX" curls above the moon in sharp white font, and the words "THE LUNA DIVINER" in sharp white font curl under the moon. She was also wearing a pair of blue mid-thigh denim jean shorts, and pink and yellow slip-on shoes. A Poketech is on her left wrist. Around her neck is a silver necklace with a pendant of a rose resting on the pages of an open book. The necklace was worn under her tank top. She was wearing a leather cord lovers bracelet with a Lunar Wing attached to it.

Tapping Nathen's shoulder, Gemma pointed towards the girl. "Hey Nathen, isn't that Carmen?"

Looking in the direction of the girl, Nathen nodded and started towards her. "Yeah it is, Hey Carmen!" Nathen said calling out to the girl catching her attention.

Carmen's eyes grew, but not with the excitement of seeing an old friend, but with fear and shock as she turned away from them and started running. "No no no no no…! I can't get close to them…!"

"Why's she running away?" Gemma asked in confusion.

"I have no clue… I'm surprised Gabriel isn't with her…" Nathen said making sure Gemma was supported on his back while he crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "Let's see… odd… I can't sense her aura clearly or the Spirisp that's supposed to be following her… I can't even pick up Gabriel's…"

"You okay Nathen?" Gemma asked looking over Nathen's shoulder.

"Yeah…" Nathen said as a Spirisp materialized around him. "Follow that woman." Pointing out at Carmen as she went out of view the Spirisp nodded. "Stay out of sight and don't get caught." With that the Spirisp disappeared again.

"Shouldn't Carmen already have one tailing her?" Gemma asked as her Spirisp appeared in its form matching Gemma's soul and floated over her before disappearing.

"Yeah… but I can't sense it or pick it up on my systems… I want that one to follow her and keep watch on her, if she's still near and she needs help, I'll be able to give it…" Nathen said as he turned towards the Pokémon Center and started towards it again.

"Hey Nathen… that feeling you had earlier… it's been having me uneasy…" Gemma said holding Nathen tighter, burying her head against his neck. "What if Existence is here…? Wh-What if Br-Braylen and Br-Brett are here…?"

Hearing those names made Nathen tense, he could literally begin to feel his blood boil and his teeth clench together letting a small growl out. "Aside from tearing them limb from limb and making sure their deaths are slow, painful, and the worst the world will ever see… I'll protect you…"

Gemma hated this side of Nathen; she hated seeing him angry and aggressive. Whimpering and holding Nathen tighter letting small shakes out, Gemma gave a small nod. "Th-Thank y-you…"

"I love you Gemma… I'll always protect you…" Nathen said feeling Gemma's grip grow. A smile formed when he felt Gemma's lips against his neck leaving a soft kiss.

The walk to the Center was slow and quiet, when they got their and got to their room, the rest of the group had gotten there shortly after them.

(Hearts Town – Heart Suit Hotel – Carmen's Room – 8:45 PM)

After having taken a shower, Carmen sits on her room's bed curled up and shaking, tears falling heavily. "D-Damnit… The one p-person in th-this w-world th-that could help… and I c-can't even t-talk to h-him…" Carmen mutters to herself staring at the necklace and bracelet that lay's in her hands. "It's all m-my f-fault… b-because of m-my f-family… h-he… h-he…" Carmen then broking to more tears curling up tighter on her bed, her shakes grew before she just laid curled up tightly on the bed whimpering while looking at the large bed picturing someone laying there beside her. "G-Gabriel… p-please b-be safe…" Carmen then cried herself to sleep as she had done for the few weeks she had been in Solace.

In the corner of the room, a man stood watching her, letting out a sigh he disappeared.

(Hearts Town – Pokémon Center – Lounge – 9:00 PM)

"Tomorrow we're off to Sola Town…" Nathen said looking into a vial of Nevee's blood. "No really affect from my own blood… That's good…"

"Um… Nathen…?" a soft voice said from behind Nathen. Tilting his head back he looked to see Nevee looking at him with a small blush.

"Hey Strong… what brings you by~?" Nathen said putting the vial away.

"TJ and I were talking… and… we both wanna go home, but… we wanna explore Solace with you and Authoress first…" Nevee said shyly.

"Okay~" Nathen said calmly.

"Okay? What do you mean…?" Nevee asked confused.

"Okay, you two can travel with us; I don't have a means of bringing you home yet, so you can travel with us to find one."

"Thank you so much Author!" Nevee said hugging Nathen around the neck tightly smiling happily.

"You're welcome Eevee, but I kinda need to breathe…" Nathen said letting out a small grunt as Nevee let him go.

"Oops… sorry…" Nevee said smiling with a small blush.

"It's okay Nevee, is there anything else? We have an early start, so if there's nothing else then you need to get to bed." Nathen said standing.

"Um… a… a nightlight…?" Nevee said with a bright blush showing and a cute innocent smile on her face.

"Here," Nathen said calmly with a chuckle as he put a plug in nightlight in the shape of an Eevee head on her hands.

"Thank you!" Nevee said happily as she skipped her way back to her and TJ's room.

"She's practically a little girl~" Nathen said with small laugh as he walked back to his and Gem's room.

As everyone gets some rest for the next day, an old friend is arriving in the region far to the north.

(Strike Force Military Base – City District – Docks – 2200 Hours)

Looking out at the large city which was neighbored by various military outposts, a young girl of 12 stood smiling; she had soft violet eyes, and long scarlet red hair, she was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, a dark blue pair of pants that reached to her shins, a black pair of flats, and a white professor's coat, over her eyes were a pair of glasses, her hair was tied back into a pony tail, at her side was a messenger bag. Looking out at the city, her smile grew seeing a familiar face.

Her height was over six feet; she had short, messy black hair, and steel grey eyes. She had an athletic build. She was wearing a black short sleeved shirt, green camoe pants, black military boots, and a large dark green camoe trench coat. She stood with a smile and a salute facing the young girl.

The two stood apart from each other smiling, happy to see each other as old friends.

A simple and quiet evening, little to show and little to know, but with the intro of three old friends, one can wonder what lies in wait for our heroes and lies ahead in Sola Town…

I'm so sorry for it being so short, I promise that I'll have something bigger for the next one!