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For imdeadsothere's creepy quotes challenge.

Quote for this chapter: Believe me, if I started murdering people...there'd be none of you left.

Chapter 1

Lightening came from the sky and hit the ground illuminating the battle field, blood and odd bits of body was everywhere. Another flash of lightening light up the battle field to show a male of about 5ft tall with long black hair down to his waist, emerald green eyes flashed dangerously in the darkness.

"Why! Why do this all for a simple child!" Hermione Granger cried out, blood dripping around her, "What could that child mean to you to turn your back on us!"

Harry gave a sneer only to revile a single sharp fang, "The child is my daughter, you may harm me but you will never harm my child."

All eyes turned from Harry to the petite girl that seemed to be about thirteen years old clinging to their once saviours arm. She had soft red hair that came down to her waist in waves, her emerald eyes copied her father's and Grandmother's, she wore a simple white dress that made her look like an angle or it would of done if not for the pair of fangs showing. She wore no shoes; she chose to go bear footed.

"How was we supposed to know that she was your kid?" Ron asked weakly, "I mean she could belong to anyone! She could just be a really evil vampire pretending to be a child!"

Everyone winced as Harry's eyes went from their normal emerald green colour to that of blood red, his fangs growing longer, "How dare you, how dare you call my little flower any of those things! My little flower is innocent compared to you and your actions!"

With that Harry continued to wreak havoc and destroy the wizarding world with only one thought in mind.

'That'll show all those boys to ask my little flower out on a date!'

To be continued in next prompt...

Dark I know but it is the nature of the challenge, hope it's alright! And these prompts/drabbles aren't in any order.