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Quote for this chapter: And you thought you were in control...

Chapter 43

"Now my boy, don't be like that," Dumbledore stuttered as he took several steps back, "Remember all the good times we've had."

"What good times?" Harry asked as he growled at Dumbledore and Voldermort, "All the times you've tried to kill me? All the times you've manipulated me? All the times you've used me as your personal tool or weapon? Or how about all the times you've killed people I hold close and dear to me?"

"That's right Potter! Dumbledore should be killed for everything his done!" Voldermort said quickly, covered in his own blood, "That's why you'll kill the old goat and come to my side for!"

Harry gave a snarl, showing his vampire fangs, "I don't think so; you've killed my mate and child! You and your stupid ways, your both as bad as the other!"

"My Lord! They're going to be fine!" a young vampire called to Harry from where Alex and Lily Rose were being healed, "There will be a few problems but nothing that we can't heal, they'll be alright."

"You see their my boy," Dumbledore said as his eyes once again twinkled like stars, "Your mate and child is going to be alright, so what about letting me go and killing Voldermort?"

Harry blankly looked at the two,"And you thought you were in control..."

"Harry…" Dumbledore said as he looked at Harry over his half moon glasses.

"Both of you are Dark Lord's," Harry said darkly as he raised his wand, "And I will not allow either of you to harm anyone, not another person, especially my mate and child again. Prepare yourselves for a new adventure."

The End!

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