I hate Ron Weasley -IHRW

Hermione Granger stood up at the front of the classroom. It was eleven o'clock at night but she had never felt so awake, so energised, so... ALIVE.

"So we call to order the very first meeting of IHRW. I Hate Ron Weasley is the society that I-we came up with to represent our hate, our loathing for Ronald Bilius Weasley."

Hermione looked out at the surprisingly full classroom. Many of the DA had turned up apart from Luna and Ginny. Fred and George had joined up excitedly at the very first mention of a society called 'I Hate Ron Weasley'

"Hell yeah" said Fred

"Count me in" replied George

Hermione had realised her mistake with SPEW. First, the name, you couldn't say anything with IHRW so that was all covered. Second the popularity was not good. Many people hadn't wanted to join SPEW because it –well she- wasn't popular. So she needed to promote IHRW by getting cool people from all houses to get it nice and popular.

"So, who here hates Ron?" Hermione said pleasantly enough with unsaid malice in the words.

Everybody in the room raised their hand. She hadn't expected anyone not to. Hermione knew Ron had pissed every single person in this room off in a variety of different times, places and ways.

Hermione had first come up with the idea during her all consuming red mist following... the incident. She knew that Harry was annoyed too. In the common room at two in the morning thinking of the betrayal and the deep wound it had left in their lives. He had gone from angry, to sad, and to resignated then back to angry.


He had kicked the chair and was now limping.

"Please be quiet Harry" Hermione pleaded "you'll wake up the whole house."

Harry glared at her "Good" Then his gaze softened and he sat back on the sofa by the dying embers of the Gryffindor fire. He put his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder and began to drift off

Hermione snapped out of the memory

So she said "Let's go round and see why we hate Ron"