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In her head Hermione thought through the turn of events that had led her up to this point. Firstly, Ron breaking me and Harry up, second him convincing Harry he only loved me in a sisterly way and he should date Ginny. How could she guess? It was so obvious; it was Ron who had first suggested it. And me? He spiked my drink with a love potion.

He had led her on, made her think she loved him, and that her loved her. Oh how sadly mistaken she was on both counts. He had used her, cheated on her both with Padma Patil and Lavender Brown. Then... she was heartbroken. Then Ron had been snide, his words cutting through her like a knife. She had begged him not to leave her, that she'd do anything to stop him. She had obviously mistaken her misguided obsession for love, real true helpless love. Then he forgot about her. Not literally, obviously, she was in his face every two seconds, thinking about it made her cringe. He forgot about keeping up with her love potion, and she gradually started to think about everything she hadn't thought about; his flaws. He was lazy; he had relied on her for most of the fifth year to complete his essays. Obviously he had been very jealous at the beginning of fourth year when Harry had asked her to the Yule Ball. He had been immature until they had begun to go out. He was extremely slow to catch on to things, the plans they had made before the war when they were forced to grow up. He was very calculating for one so thick.

Then she snapped out of it. Like having cold, icy water splashed in her face.

So she confronted him about it all. He spilled very easily, with her being a very persuasive person especially with a wand. She insisted that he come completely clean about everything to Lavender and Padma. They were horrified. When they were taken off the love potion, they were disgusted. Ron began to date Luna Lovegood.

The next thing she had to do was break up Harry and Ginny.

That was all quite easy and Ginny was bored with the relationship. Harry was disgusted by the way Ron had betrayed him.

That was when she first had the idea for IHRW.

*back into the room*

There were many eager faces looking up at where she stood. Suddenly the door swung open. Who should be standing there but Professor Minerva McGonagall! Behind her was a very flushed faced Ginny Weasley.

"What on EARTH is happening here?" Exclaimed Professor McGonagall

"Ummm, well..." started Hermione "Err, RUN!"

The entire classroom ran for the door. Hermione quickly checked that there was nobody left in the room. Professor McGonagall got a good look at her as she ran.

Harry ran up and took her hand and said "I know a short-cut..."

He pulled her by her hand into a darkened corridor. He lent down to kiss her when they noticed an eerie light enter through the other end of the corridor.

It was Dumbledore! His ghost, floating around, dancing!

Then he spotted them. They looked at each other in awkward silence until Harry said "Well we'd better be going then"

They ran off without a backwards glance, laughing.

They got three weeks detention, but it was so worth it