"No, Nikita is dead!"

Michael completely froze. He almost wished Birkhoff would smirk and crack some stupid joke, anything to break the seriousness on his face.

"She's dead, Michael."

"I was listening in over the com, she didn.." he trailed off.

He should have gone with her, he thought, swallowing hard. To help her. Protect her.

"I warned her what would happen if she went up against Percy. You warned her too. Then you went and joined her, encouraged her. "

"That was your choice."

He hung his head as the door slammed shut, pulling angrily at his cuff once more before collapsing on the floor.

He wanted to do something, break something, or better yet shoot someone. A conversation from a few night ago crossed his mind.

He wrapped an arm around Nikita's waist pulling her closer to him, and away from the edge of the bed.

"I used to think I would die trying to bring down Division," she said quietly, not looking at him. His grip on her tightened but he stayed silent.

She turned around slowly in his embrace, placing a hand on his cheek, smiling as he leaned into it. He was surprised to see tears in her eyes.

"But now I have you to live for, and I wouldn't ever want to leave you."

He leaned down slowly, whispering against her lips that he loved her. He felt her smile into the kiss and smirked as she pulled the sheet over them.

He just hoped Alex would ring before stopping by.

He struggled again with the cuff on his hand, pushing and pulling until he felt his shoulder would dislocate if he pulled any more.

Michael suddenly froze as he heard the door creak open. A gun slid all the way towards him before the door slammed shoot again. He smirked as he noticed what type of gun it was and the small key attached to it. Only one person accompanied him to the gun range enough to know his favourite weapon. The key slid in easily and he rubbed his wrist before reaching for the gun. The door was left unlocked.

Michael walked slowly into the empty hallway and pulled back the slide on the gun. Percy would never know what hit him. He, more than anyone knew what revenge did to a person. Especially when that person was Michael.

I have nothing else to live for.

Authors Note: I would just like to add that I KNOW there is NO WAY that Nikita is dead. If she were it would be a MAJOR disappointment to all. This is just a small insight on what could happen if Michael believed it but I'm sure the writers will do a much better job than me! Thanks for reading.