Here is the first chapter of a story idea I got weeks ago. I only have this chapter written, and a few scattered ideas. If I get a good response, expect more. If I don't, expect more, but slowly. I have one other story in the works right now, and The Winds of Time is the current priority.

INFO: This is not meant for die hard Canon people, even though DH happens, with a few changes. It will be a H/Hr ship, with a different Harry and Hermione. They have changed. Simple. This is not a realistic situation at all. Hermione leaves, becomes a model, returns. NOTE: The model part DOES NOT feature heavily. It was just a reason for the Prophet to track her, as well as a way for Hermione to get money. And shock the Wizarding World. This is a story based on the song, Paris Nights, New York Mornings by the amazing singer, Corinne Bailey Rae. That song touched my heart, filling my head with images of a fashionable life in the heart of Paris, and New York. Having been to both these places made this very vivid for me. My fingers itched, and out popped this baby.

Changes: Hermione never kissed Ron. And she was held by Bellatrix for two days while they tortured her, as Dobby refused to let 'The Great Harry Potter' face the 'Evil Malfoys' and grabbed him and Ron before they could leave. Then Harry and Ron got Dobby, (who did not die) and rescued her. During the rescue, Harry disarmed Draco, making him the true owner of the wand. Hermione was very changed by this. In the tent after Ron left, the little dancing scene from the movie happened, with them dancing until they were too tired, and falling asleep in each other's arms, then waking up and not mentioning it. More will be revealed later.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter. J K Rowling does. End of story. I just play around with her characters. I do not own Paris Nights, New York Mornings. Corinne Bailey Rae probably does.

Breakfast at Mickey's
Make up still on
Elbows on the greasy tablecloth
One more coffee and one last cigarette

Smiling at the rain 'cause you hold me close
My best dress on underneath this old coat
Walkin' down Bleckers, no one is awake yet

I know in seven hours
Nothing but clouds
It's enough to make your heart sigh
Though we should try
Pick me up, and take me out!

Oo we crash into love-filled nights
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
Oo we race till we're out of time
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
And now that you?ve taken me up so high
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

I could see the lights from the restaurant
I couldn't quite perfect that nonchalance
Paris and champagne with one brown sugar cube

And we danced while the band played 'She's not there'
Kissed me in the rain by the Rue Voltaire
It's a perfectly good way to ruin those silk shoes

Still, seven hours
Nothing but clouds
It's enough to make your heart sigh
We should try
For each other and for the lovers

Oo we crash into love-filled nights
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
Oo we race till we're out of time
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
And now that you've taken me up so high
(Paris nights and New York mornings)
Don't let me down
Don't let me down

The Daily Prophet
June 1st, 1998


As of yesterday, it was confirmed that Hermione Granger has left Wizarding England! Why has she done so, and where has she gone? Special Correspondant Rita Skeeter is going to find out!

Our favorite brainy bookworm, mastermind behind the fateful Horcrux Hunt, and Hero of the Second Rising has picked up and left her flat in London empty, quit her job at the Ministry, and emptied half her Gringott's vault. She has disappeared without a trace, with friends close mouthed about where she went.

"She needed to get away. She needs to heal. After what Bellatrix did to her, after what she went through at the hands of everyone in the Wizarding World, she just needed to get away. That is all I'm gonna say," says Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, and more recently, the Man-Who-Conquered. "Everyone who needs to know where she is, knows."

"Hermione? Hermione's gone?" Was the only thing that came out of Ronald Weasley's mouth when we asked him. Apparently, Miss Granger did not see fit to inform her long time friend where she went. We can only ask, who other that Harry Potter knows where the mysterious Hermione Granger is?

Both Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom refused to comment.

Anyone with any information, please contact The Daily Prophet or Rita Skeeter.

The Daily Prophet
June 12, 1998

Hermione Granger- Found At Last!

We have finally located the elusive Miss Granger, special corespondent Rita Skeeter writes. The delectable Miss Granger found by a Mrs. Holly Rivers, of Hogsmeade.

"I am muggle-born, and American, so imagine my surprise when I was looking at the most recent tabaloids from the States and found Miss Grangers picture scattered across the pages. The girl certainly lives life to the fullest," says Mrs. Rivers.

We at The Daily Prophet did a bit of investigation, and found that Miss Granger currently resides in Los Angles, California, in the United States of America. After reading the article, we can certainly agree with Mrs. Rivers. Miss Granger is living her life to the fullest, partying hard and working harder.

But what work is she doing?

Why, my dear readers, she is modeling. Most of you remember Hermione Granger and a bushy haired, buck toothed, and slightly chubby girl. Well, that Miss Granger is far in the past. The Miss Granger of the present has all three of the S's.

She is slim, sexy, and stunning.

During the Horcrux Hunt, Miss Granger lost a lot of weight. And boy are we appreciating the results. Where was she hiding that great body? As for the teeth and hair, they are in the past as well. In her fourth year, Hermione Granger was hexed in the face, and her teeth were fixed for her by Madam Poppy Pomfrey. And her hair is now a delicious mess of ringlets and curls, or as the magazine from the States put it, "Sex hair."

When showed the pictures of Miss Granger, Harry Potter responded. "No. I'm not surprised, I knew what she looked like. We've been friends since our first year at Hogwarts. Why should I be surprised? Hermione is gorgeous, I knew that. Those who couldn't see past her love of learning, well, screw them. They missed out."

We at the Prophet are wondering, did Mr. Potter miss out?

When the pictures were shown to Ronald Weasley, he almost had a heart attack. "That is Hermione Granger? No way," was the only thing he said. It seems like our brainy and beautiful bookworm didn't see fit to share everything with her other 'best friend'...

When asked what Hermione would want, Harry Potter, Saviour of the Wizarding World responded, "Leave her alone. Do not contact her. If she wants to come back, she will. If you continue to badger her, she won't because she is stubborn like that."

Hermione Granger is also working as an assistant at a local bookstore, modeling on her off time.

The Daily Prophet has agreed to a deal with Mr. Potter. We will be allowed to track Miss Granger, as long as we do not reveal ourselves, or try and contact her. So subscribe to the Daily Prophet for your weekly "Granger Update."

The Daily Prophet
August 7, 1998

Hermione Granger was spotted today leaving the house of a famous American actor, who shall remained unnamed. After partying hard in L.A. she returned to the house of the man she was seen dancing with at an exclusive club. What is our heroine doing?

Her wardrobe is full of the latest California styles, and she spends her days at the beach. She is having fun and soaking up sun in the USA!

The Daily Propht
August 14, 1998

Hermione Granger left L.A. this morning, on a Muggle aeroplane (metal bird Muggles fly in) to Paris, France. She left behind several broken hearted boys at the aeroport (places where the metal birds land, like an owlery) , giving each one a kiss on the cheek.

When asked about Miss Granger, one said, "That girl is the scariest thing I have ever seen. Ever. She has beauty, but doesn't know it. She has brains, and does know about them, and uses them far too much. She parties hard, but never gets drunk. She has morals, which is rare here. She's - well, she's perfect."

The Daily Prophet
August 21, 1998

After a week in Paris, Hermione Granger has already wreaked havoc. She wears the latest muggle fashions, has a lovely job at a small modeling company, and has befriended many in the upper echelons of Paris society, Muggle and Wizarding. She is also working at another small bookstore, much like her job in L.A.

She uses a fake name, and dares anyone to disprove it. And best of all, she has a beau!

His name is Jean-Baptiste Dumont, and he is her ticket to fame. A rich and handsome bloke, he takes her to romantic dinners at the Effiel Tower, on long walks on the Champs-Elysee's.

Did we mention he is rich and handsome?

The Daily Prophet
August 28, 1998

Hermione has left Paris! She is now in New York City, with job unknown. We are guessing another bookstore and modeling.

Will she be back in time for the reopening of Hogwarts? Or will she remain traveling, living life in the fast lane?

The Daily Prophet
September 4, 1998

Hermione is not back in England yet. According to Mr. Potter, "I told you she wouldn't. She is recovering. She is having fun, and living life. If she wants to do so, that is fine with me. She'll come back when she is ready!"

Apparently, Miss Granger left the wonderful Jean-Baptiste is Paris, with no promises. She has started work at the sister company of the modeling company she worked for in Paris, and everyone loves her. She walks in high circles, attending balls in elegant and chic dresses, and partying hard at popular clubs, then going to a Mum-and-Pop bookstore to work in the mornings. How does the girl to this?

And recently, she has been seen with a ruggedly handsome Jonathan King. What is she going to do next?

The Daily Prophet
September 11, 1998

Well, well, well. Miss Granger hit it big on September 7, 1998. She modeled for one picture in a magazine, and suddenly everyone wants to know who a Miss Lily Black is. When asked to comment on Hermione's alias, Mr. Potter says, "I know. We spent about a hour coming up with possible names before she left. I wanted her to use either 'Potter' or 'Evans' as her surname, but she didn't want to dishonor my mother's memory. So I offered to put her under the protection of the Black family instead. She accepted."

When asked, Draco Malfoy, Death Eater turned good, said, "She is a muggleborn, using a pureblood name. A beautiful muggleborn, but still a muggleborn. I cannot approve."

It seems that Miss Granger, or should we say Miss Black, is being flooded by the waves of fortune. We at the Daily Prophet wish her luck!

The Daily Prophet
September 18, 1998

Lily Black, a.k.a. Hermione Granger, is still living in New York, although she went to Paris this week for a modeling job. She is living large and having fun, seeing both Jean-Baptiste and Jonathan. When asked, Mr. King said, "Lily. God she is an amazing woman. I would love it if there was something romantic between us. We have gone on a few dates. I know she has men waiting on her everywhere from L.A. to Paris. She doesn't like leading people on, though, and about one week into our relationship, she told me it would never work, but she wanted to be my friend. I'll take what I can get where Lily is concerned."

This reporter asked Jean-Baptiste what he thought of the woman he knows as Lily Black. His response was, "She is the perfect woman. Sweet, smart, and sexy. When I met her, I asked her what she was running from. She smiled and said, 'life.' I asked her if she wanted to have lunch. She said yes. Five days later, she started crying and told me that she couldn't do this. The life she was running from did something to her. Something that makes her live everyday as if it was her last. I wish I know who hurt her. I wish to kill them."

Apparently, both men are only friends, who nonetheless want something more. What has Miss Granger gotten herself into?

The Daily Prophet
September 25, 1998

This will be the last week when you get to hear exactly what Miss Granger has been up to. She encountered a renowned reporter, Rita Skeeter, in Paris this weekend interviewing Jean-Baptiste. This was her reaction when she walked up to them.

"Skeeter. What the bloody hell are you doing here?" Miss Granger hissed.

"My, my. Hermione, or is it Lily now?" Was Rita Skeeter's reply.

"It is Lily now. I want you to stay the hell out of my life. I want to be left alone!" After this statement, Miss Granger began crying heavily, and was embraced by Jean Baptiste. They had a brief conversation in French, before Jean-Baptiste called a cab for Miss Granger, sending her to his apartment in the heart of the city. He then told our reporter in no uncertain terms that he would never talk with her again. His last comment to the Daily Prophet was,

"And go back to England and tell all the people there: If she was so important to you, why did you let her go? And why did you hurt her in the first place?"

Goodbye, and farewell faithful readers.

The Daily Prophet
August 23, 2000

After almost two years of living like a muggle in various cities around the world, our very own War Hero, Miss Hermione Granger is back in Wizarding London!

She has lived in Paris, in New York, in Los Angles, in Rome, in Venice, in Florence, in Berlin, in Moscow, in Amsterdam, in Tokyo, in Madrid. And now, in London, where she has purchased a flat.

She has modeled in nearly all these places, accumulating a small fortune that, at the brink of twenty-one years of age, will allow her to live comfortably all her life.

She has unknowlingly left a lovesick man in nearly every place she has been.

She has been called a freak, a bookworm, a hero, a beauty, a model.

She is Hermione Granger, also known as Lily Black.

What has she been doing all these years? Why did she leave? Why did she come back? All these questions and more will be answered in an exclusive interview, to be published in a special addition next week. While you wait, enjoy the pictures we managed to snap of Miss Granger during her long vacation!

Picture 1: Shows Miss Granger at Mickey's in New York, notorious for their greasy tablecloths. Nursing a small coffee, it is obvious she is waiting for someone very early in the morning. Is that makeup on your face, Miss Granger?

Picture 2: Miss Granger and beau Jonathan King together in the rain. Under the worn grey coat she is wearing, we were surprised to see a beautiful dress. Kudos to you for great fashion sense!

Picture 3: Miss Granger, at a lovely Paris restaurant, sipping champagne and being a fed a sugar cube by Jean-Baptiste Dumont. She hasn't quite perfected that expression of nonchalance that the rest of the clientele have. We think it gives her an sense of life and fun, don't you? By the way, love the green dress.

Picture 4: Hermione and Jean-Baptiste dance together as the band plays, "She's Not There." We in England remember Miss Granger at the Yule Ball in her fourth year, when she attended with Vikor Krum, international Quidditch Superstar.

Picture 5: Miss Granger being kissed in the rain by beau Jean-Baptiste Dumont, by the Rue Voltaire. If anything, it was a perfectly good way to ruin those good silk shoes.

Picture 6: The photo that made Miss Granger, or, rather, Lily Black, famous. Need we say more?

That is all for today, so check back with us next week for that exclusive interview!

Harry finished reading the paper out loud, setting it down with an unreadable expression on his face. "Do you guys want to see the pictures?"

Heads bobbed up and down, and the newspaper was passed around.

The first picture was one of Hermione, elbows on the table with a small coffee in front of her, while she stared out the window. it showed her in profile, and she looked lovely with the early sunrise illuminating her features. The picture blinked, then sighed, still looking out into the distance.

The second picture was Hermione and a tall man under a large umbrella, pressed together and laughing. She was wearing a grey coat, that flew open with a gust of wind revealing a stylish dress that shocked Harry. He had never seen her wear anything like that, or be with a man quite like Jonathan, who was tall, with strong features, black hair that was almost blue, and sapphire eyes.

The third picture had Hermione accepting a sugar cube from the delicate fingers of a handsome man with an aristocratic grace that was eerily similar to Draco Malfoy. She giggled, and took a sip of champagne. She had an expression of delight on her face, although it looked like she was trying to hide it. The other patrons in the picture had turned their heads and smiled when they heard her laughter.

The fourth picture made Harry smile a bit. He did remember the Yule Ball, and the expression of relaxation and contentment on Hermione's face made him think that maybe she did too, twirling around the dance floor.

The fifth picture however, made Harry uneasy. She and the man were standing in front of a small street, and he bent down to kiss her. The rain was falling around them, and Hermione was blushing red despite the cold.

The last photo, the sixth, made his breath catch. Hermione was in a dark blue sun dress, it was long, going past her knees. The top had straps for her shoulders, and made a nice V-neck, or so Harry thought. It clung to her curves, showing off her flat stomach and strong arms. She was smiling, prettily, and had a hint of a flush on her cheeks. Her head full of curls was fluttering in a paused breeze, as the picture was a Muggle one. She had one hand up, pushing the hair out of her face, and the other down by her side. She was barefoot, and in what Harry suspected was Central Park. Her honey eyes were sparkling, and her entire body seemed full of life. He could see how this would make her famous.

"When is the interview comming out, Harry?" asked Luna. "That would be interesting to read."

Harry checked the paper once more, then responded. "Tomorrow."

"Is everything read for the 'Welcome Home!' party, Harry?"

Harry nodded. "Yep. Although I don't see why you lot want to do this. She's been home for a week. Neville and I visited to help her get her flat in order."

Mrs. Weasley smiled softly and ruffled Harry's hair. "We haven't see the girl for two years. Of course we want to give her a Welcome party."

From the crowded kitchen of Number Twelve, Grimauld Place, everyone could hear the doorbell ring. Harry smiled, and stood fast. "I'll get her. You lot get in the sitting room."

He left quickly, and group in the kitchen made the exodus to the sitting room, decorated for Hermione's party.

Harry opened the door to the rainy London sky, welcoming the woman who stood on the doorstep with a hug. "Mione," he breathed. "Everyone is in the sitting room."

Hermione grinned up at him, handing him her umbrella as she slipped off her coat. "Then we shouldn't keep them waiting, right darling?" The use of pet names was a private joke of theirs, dating back to fourth year when everyone had though they were a couple.

Harry grinned back, making use of the troll leg umbrella holder. "Of course, love." He let his eyes run down her form, and lifted his eyebrows. "Don't you look nice."

The girl from two years ago never wore designer clothes, or make up, or high heels. The woman of today did, and pulled everything off wonderfully. "Thank you, Harry. Ready?"

Harry offered her his arm, which she accepted. "I am, are you?"

Hermione sighed. "I don't know. I've missed everybody, yes. But am I ready to face them? No. I shouldn't have run away. It wasn't very Gryffindor of me."

Harry frowned at the look on her face, pulling her into a hug. "Hey. There now. Don't you dare start crying. We all had ways to deal with our problems. You needed some time away. That's all."

Hermione smiled up at him. "Thank you, Harry. Now let's go shock some Weasleys."

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