This will be a drabble, usually never more than a page or two, with a few exceptions.

Sakura woke up, bright and early, due to the swishing sound of a kunai being thrown through her window. She groaned aloud, hefting herself up from bed. The kunai was delivered along with her note. From her next door neighbor. Lovely, Sakura mused sarcastically. With little effort, she flung the kunai from her desktop and observed the note before opening it. It was the eighth complaint from her neighbor this week.

Dear Haruno Sakura-san,

Your obese feline has disturbed my sleep once again by sitting on my face. I suggest that you either control your wild animal or that you give him dietary cat food. If this happens once more, I will not be so lenient.

Your neighbor,

Uchiha Itachi

Sakura growled. She whipped out her own pen and shifted things around, looking for a piece of unused paper. She finally found one that was slightly crumbled and started scrawling in childish handwriting.

Dear Uchiha,

Your little rodent kept me awake all last night with its yapping. It's only fair. Don't be such a bitch.

Your angry neighbor,

Haruno Sakura.

There. That should teach him a lesson. She threw it through his window. Literally. There was the sound of glass shattering into a thousand pieces. Sakura started hearing confused little squeaks coming from the other side. Perfect. A smirk in place, she started preparing for her shift at the hospital. She glossed her lips and puckered up. There was a new medic at Konoha, and boy, was he fine! Most male nurses looked kind of gay, and he didn't. Well, maybe he did. He did have long hair after all. But he had a nice ass. That made up for it. Unexpected, the swoosh of a kunai startled Sakura, causing her to put on her makeup incorrectly. She groaned and opened the next letter.

Dear Haruno Sakura-san,

I do not believe that you should be trying to retaliate something that is not my fault. Pablo is simply trying to protect his territory. And Pablo is no rodent. He is a respectable blue-brindle Chihuahua. Thank you. Have a nice day.

Your neighbor,

Uchiha Itachi

P.S. You will pay for frightening Pablo. I will teach you the true meaning of "bitch."

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