Here's a little oneshot about Gazel and Burn. Well, I use their human name, Suzuno Fuusuke and Naguma Haruya, but I think you'll understand ^^

At first, I writed this story in French, my motherlanguage. So I translated it, which mean it can be strange sometimes. Don't hesitate to tell me about my grammar mistakes and all !

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Teaching you a Lesson

It was really silent in Fire Dragon's training center, and more precisely in Corea's national team's living-room. All players were sleeping, or so they thought. Suzuno Fuusuke, Diamond Dust's ex-captain, was sitting on a armchair, looking at the door with an annoyed expression.

After a few minute, the door opened slowly, and a young teen came in, making as little noise he could. Irritated, Suzuno stood up, arm crossed over his chest, waiting for the other one to switch on the light. When he did, he started to speak.

« Nagumo, where were you ? »

Nagumo Haruya, Prominance's ex-captain, froze where he was covering with bruise, scratches, and he even had a cut on his right cheek.

« Suzuno...

- Don't tell me you went annoying some delinquent ? Again ?

- It's not my fault I'm stronger ! Replied the red-haired boy. This time, it's them who came to me, and even if they were five, they couldn't do anything against me, they're pathetic...

- So why did you go out while you know we have a match against Inazuma Japan tomorrow ? »

Nagumo didn't speak a word, shrugging off. He started to walk, and passed Suzuno, who gripped his shoulder.

« Wait a minute ! Can't you think a bit sometimes ? What if you couldn't play tomorrow's game ? You're really irresponsible !

- Oh, come on ! Don't get excited for this ! I'm here and I'm able to play, so leave me alone... »

He brushed off his teammate's hand, looking irritated, and started to move on. Suzuno clenched his fists while bitting his lower lip. Sudenly, he turned around, and walked to Nagumo, grabbing his arm. The red-haired faced him, ready to ask him what he wanted, but the Ice forward pinned him to the ground, overhanging him with his whole body.

« Su... Suzuno ? »

Without any word, he grabbed Nagumo's wrist, immobilizing him. He fixed him with his magnificent blue eyes, and started to talk with a monotonic voice.

« See, you can't even resist me... How can you play a good match tomorrow in your conditions ? »

Slowly, he bend to face the teen under him, whose face was a bright red, and kissed his neck. Nagumo tried to break his teammate's hold, but he was clinging to him too firmly. He couldn't really see his face, but Suzuno seemed to be smiling, as if he was having fun, playing with him like this. Nagumo could feel his heart trob, pounding really fast. But the worst was not come yet. Suzuno had the strange idea to lick the cut on his cheek, and Nagumo's heart missed a beat. He licked him, what was going on his head ! Was Suzuno sick ? But above all, the red-haired was surprised by himself, he didn't try to break free anymore... On the contrary, he had the feeling he liked it... For a last time, Suzuno catched Nagumo's amber eyes, and brushed his lips against gis, before getting up in front of his teammate.

« Now you know you're weakened, I hope it will teach you a lesson... »

Nagumo sat up, touching his lips with his fingers, while Suzuno turned, ready to go. One of his usual grin were on his lips, and he quickly got up, something on his mind.

« Suzuno ! »

While the silver-haired turned around, Nagumo pinned him against the wall, his grin growing larger.

« I won't go out and play anymore, but to make up for it you'll have to entertain me, so this way I won't be tempted to change my mind...

- What are you... »

He didn't have time to finish his sentence, Nagumo vigorously put his lips on his. Suzuno's eyes widened, and his heart was beating soundly against his chest. Face bright red, he put his hand on the teen's back, keeping close to him, his eyes now half closed. He didnt even try, didn't aven want to resist when Nagumo's tongue asked for entrance, and thei kiss went on until they both went out of breath. As red as their team's unoform, Suzuno looked at his teammate, embarassed, and then looked away while ruffling his own hair.

« How did it come to this ?

- Whatever, from now on I'll rely on you, please entertain me~ »

Burning a scarlet red, Suzuno gently pushed his former rival.

« You're a big idiot », he whispered with a sweet voice.

On the morning, during the team's breakfast, the two teens from Aliea had big rings under their eyes, and yawned a lot. Aphrodi, the other forward of the team, stared at them, and asked, raising an eyebrow.

« What were you doing to be this tired ? »

Suzuno looked at the red-haired, his cheek slightly pink. The teen grinned, then looked at the blonde. What he said said turned Suzuno as red as a tomato, and their teammates all coughed, choking because of what they were eating or drinking. What did the forward said ? Well...

« We tighten our bounds... We became reaaaaaaly close, you can guess what happened then~ »

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