Born This Way

"You're not freaks." Ray Crisp tells his small Power Development class. "You can't control what you are, you just are."

"We could decide not to use our powers." A girl with ear length black hair and multiple piercings offers.

"OK, good point there Quinn." Ray sits on his desk at the front of the class. "But some of us can't do that."

"But some of us can." Angela, a small chestnut haired girl with a soft English accent says. "If you can't accept you power you can hide it. It's just harder for some people."

"Harder?" Quinn snaps. "I know people who are practically slaughtered in the streets for being mutants."

"My uncle fell in love with a girl, then found out she was a mutant." Kristen Hart, a blonde most suited to be a cheerleader, says. "He told her he couldn't handle it, but that just proves their love wasn't strong enough."

"Or it proved that love doesn't really conquer all." Avalon Bronte, a short brunette with amaranth streaks in her hair expresses.

"Love is the most powerful thing in the world." Kristen snaps. "Even superheroes, mutants like us, fall in love. Love is in us for a reason, it makes us stronger."

"I'm all for love, but when you're a superhero it kind of gets in the way." Quinn leans back in her seat. "If Spider-Man never loved Mary-Jane, green goblin wouldn't have had anything to use against him."

"Harry Potter defeated Voldemort with love." Kristen says.

"That's fiction," Avalon rolls her eyes.

"Girls." Ray says. "We're way off topic. What I'm trying to say is that as teenagers, adults will always assume the worst of you depending on what you're wearing or how you act. Sometimes it's just because you're teenagers, believe me I know that. But as mutants, you're in a lot more danger of being judged wrongly. What I'm trying to say is that being a mutant teenager is one of the hardest things to do and I'm here –along with all of your teachers- to help you make it out okay."

Like I said, a very short chapter until Bounty on our head is finished. More on the way maybe twice or three times a week.

Harry Potter reference for the win? Eh? No? Fail whale…

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