Mr. Brightside

Quinn liked spending her free period in the garage. She loved being around cars and Wolverine let her drive some of the dirt bikes around outside. It was a good place to think, especially after the previous day and what she had done to Maria. She had never thought that her powers could drive someone so far over the edge.

Maria slipped into a frenzy upon Quinn's transformation. Busting out wires and machines in the danger room, even causing them to hurt others. She found out that Lily Ramirez had suffered a broken arm as a result and Archie Goldbaum and Jessica Novella both received bad concussions.

Quinn felt like it was all her fault for shape shifting into that man in the first place. Like she knew ahead of time what would happen if she shape-shifted. But even though she didn't anticipate the reaction, she still felt responsible.

The worst part was that nobody would tell her who he was, or what he meant to Maria. That was a secret between the girl and the professor, who had begun to search her mind to find an answer that same day. That, partnered with the pouring rain had left Quinn in a very unfocused mood.

Her ride that Friday afternoon had not only been muddy, but it she had nearly flipped the four stroke going over a bump. She never wore good clothes while biking; her black jeans were muddy and stuck completely to her body, and her white t-shirt seemed like a bad idea seeing as it was becoming more see-through with every rain drop.

She had to hop the bike up onto the entrance of the garage because someone had moved the ramp. She slipped a little driving in and had lost control of the bike for a second. Her tires spun but she ended up gaining control and drifting in. The best part about driving in the rain was you could drift so much better.

She pulled off her helmet, shook out her super-short black hair and got off the bike, stomping her pink and black motorcycle boots on the damp concrete floor. She looked up to find two boys staring at her.

One she recognised as Seth Rogan, the crush of her friend Angela. He had hair as black as her own, and striking green eyes. His face was stuck in its usually accusing expression, and he sat on the hood of Professor Summer's new 2011 CTS Sedan. Not the smartest move in the world...

The second boy, who's hands were coated with grease and looked to be working on a small Honda civic stood with his mouth open.

"Uh, hi." Quin raised one hand, smiling awkwardly. She began to walk the bike back to the opposite wall of the garage. She set it on the kick stand and turned to face the two boys. "Who gave you two clearance to be in here?"

"Uh, Mr. Logan said I could put my car in here." He gestured to the red Civic, with mismatched fenders and rusty rims. "The brotherhood house was getting crowded. I'm Ian, by the way."

"Quinn." She nodded.

"I'm bored." Seth slammed a foot on the hood of the Sedan, making bot Quinn and Ian wince.

"Dude, that car's worth more than you life." Ian sighed. "Be nice to it."

"Man, every car in here's nice! How much do these teachers get payed?" He pointed to a petite blue corvette that belonged to Kitty.

Quinn smirked, "I think..."

"Quinn!" A thin brunette burst suddenly through the garage door connecting it to the mansion. "You will not believe who I got for a science partner!" She ran up to the girl, paused and turned towards the two boys. "Oh, uh hi..."

Seth raised a hand and Ian simply smiled.

Angela fingered a few strands of brown hair and blushed. "Were you guys riding too?"

"Nah, I'm working on my car." Ian gestured to his Honda.

"Yeah it looks like it needs some work."

"Angela!" Quinn scolded, "Dude, your car looks awesome."

"Yeah thanks."

"So, what are you doing here Seth?" Angela asked.

"Um, just enjoying the scenery." He shrugged.


"Well, we have got to get going." Quinn smiled. "If Mr. Logan comes back tell him I'll wash the bike later."

"Will do." Ian nodded.

"Jeez, Angela could you be more obvious." Quinn laughed as the walked out the door.

Angela's face faded from red to its usual pale color. "I panicked!"

As soon as the door was shut Ian sank down to his knees, "Dude, I think I love her."

"Uh, the perky brunette?" Seth scratched his head.

"No, Quinn!" Ian smiled. "Did you see her come in on that bike, I never saw a girl drive like that before."

"Yeah, we'll she lives here and you," He pointed out the garage door, "Live out there, with the brotherhood."

"You make it sound like we're homeless, we just don't fit in here."

"Then you're never gonna fit in with her."


Mr. Brightside is a song by the killers.

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