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Something About a Final Destination

Roxas swore that he'd go insane if he saw one more Heartless today.

After they'd left Kingdom Hearts, thousands of Heartless had been approaching them. Of course, it hadn't looked too bad when they'd first stepped through the portal since the top of the castle only allowed so many Heartless at once, but for every Heartless they'd beaten a new one had just appeared. The seemingly endless stream of Heartless combined with the fact that they had to protect the princesses and the portal had been beyond exhausting. The fact that they'd only been able to use their normal weapons because they'd used up their elemental magic hadn't helped much either.

They might've gone on fighting until every Heartless in the Realm of Darkness had shown up to try and kill them, if Axel — yes, Axel of all people — hadn't come up with the idea to start taking the princesses away from the castle. As soon as the first Princess had disappeared through a conveniently placed Dark Corridor, the portal to Kingdom Hearts had closed. Once all seven of the princesses had been taken out of the Realm of Darkness, the Heartless had all scattered and left in record time. Roxas could still clearly remember how dangerous Sora's light had felt to him as he'd been transforming, so he knew all too well why the Heartless had fled so quickly.

Since they hadn't wanted to stay near a portal leading to the Realm of Darkness, they'd quickly taken the princesses from the Destiny Islands, where Axel had dumped them, to Arabia. They'd had no idea where all of the princesses were actually from, but at least they'd be in the right place to drop one of them off. As Sora had insisted they make sure all the princesses were okay — meaning they had to wait until they'd all woken up — they'd once again taken up shelter in one of the many rundown, abandoned houses. Now, several sleepless hours of refusing Axel because there was no privacy — or bed, for that matter — in the house later, Roxas was staring out of a window as the sun came up. Axel was sitting behind him somewhere, sulking because he'd have to wait longer for his reward, and Sora and Riku were somewhere upstairs, supposedly keeping an eye on the princesses.

Roxas rather doubted they were paying too much attention to anyone but each other, but whatever.

"You're going to burn if you keep sitting there, you know." Roxas glanced over his shoulder to see Axel sitting in a dark corner of the room, as far away from the windows as he could. He looked back outside, watching the shadows slowly shrink and the sunlight creeping closer to him.

"Maybe, but since I'm not a full Nobody, I'd like to know how fast I burn." While they'd been in the Realm of Darkness, he hadn't had the time to worry about what had happened to him. However, now that things had settled down and he had the time to think everything through, he was forced to deal with the changes.

The fact that he was now something along the lines of a half-demon didn't bother him too much; he'd been around Axel and Riku long enough to know being a Nobody didn't mean the end of the world. Since he still had his emotions, the biggest problem he'd have had with becoming a Nobody didn't apply to him, and the hunger for people's hearts was more than manageable, although it was bothering him more now with the Princesses of Heart so close by.

What did bother him were the things he wasn't sure about yet. He'd already found out that he couldn't create Dark Corridors, so obviously there were abilities he hadn't gotten because he wasn't a full Nobody. Also, although he hadn't lost his emotions, he didn't have full control over them anymore either. He'd found his emotions switched off twice already without having noticed when they'd switched off. In both cases the shock of finding himself not caring about anything in the slightest had forced his emotions back on, but that wouldn't keep working forever. This combined with everything he didn't know about his current situation made him more than a little uncomfortable. He wanted to find out what he could and couldn't do fast.

As the first rays of sunlight hit his arm, the skin there felt as though he was keeping it too close to an oven. The heat wasn't quite bad enough to instantly burn him, but he was sure it wouldn't stay that way for long. Within five minutes his arm acquired a redish glow, though it still didn't actually hurt. Regardless, Roxas moved his arm away from the light and decided against sitting near the window for the rest of the day to piss Axel off. As much as he enjoyed doing everything in his power to refuse Axel, he wasn't masochistic enough to be burned to death for it.

Axel grinned at him as he walked over to the dark corner, looking almost triumphant. "Finally gave up?"

"Shut up." Roxas sat down next to the redhead, glaring half-heartedly at him as he was immediately dragged into Axel's lap. "You know, I might be tired, but I think I can sit on my own."

"No doubt," Axel shrugged, "but since you insist on breaking your promise, I'm going to molest you at every opportunity until I get what I want."

Roxas crossed his arms and gave the redhead a pointed look. "Like you'd stop if I did let you have your way with me."

Axel pretended to think about it before waving his hand dismissively. "Probably not, but there's only one way to make sure."

Roxas rolled his eyes at the suggestive look Axel gave him, pretending as hard as he could that it wasn't affecting him in any way other than to annoy him. "Yes, I'm sure the already traumatized girls want nothing more than to see us fucking when they come down here."

"Exactly!" Roxas shook his head, ignoring the grin on Axel's face and just closing his eyes. He mentally blamed the fatigue for not trying to free himself from Axel's grasp. Despite the fact that there was no denying how he felt — mentally or out loud — he still couldn't help but come up with excuses constantly. If anything, he supposed it would keep Axel from getting bored with him.

The next thing he was aware of was a nagging sensation at the back of his mind. He tried to ignore it, nuzzling closer to the warmth holding him. The nagging sensation only increased until it turned into the hunger he tried so very hard to suppress, and Roxas was forced to pay attention to it.

His eyes opened and for a moment, all he could think about was getting to the source of the light he'd sensed. Then he saw Kairi slowly walking down the stairs apprehensively, trying to hide how wary she really felt with Axel — and now him too, Roxas realised — in the room.

He took a moment to suppress the hunger completely, reminding himself over and over again that this was Kairi. He pushed away from Axel's chest as soon as he knew he could control himself, forcing a grin as Kairi reached the bottom step. "You're looking better. How do you feel?"

"As though someone removed a couple of tonnes from my shoulders. How about you?" Her eyes flickered over to Axel unsurely,

"Trapped," he answered dryly, Axel snorting and actually pulling him closer, "but fine otherwise."

A true smile broke through on Kairi's face as she seemed to decide that regardless of what he felt like to her now, he was still the same person. She walked over, sitting down with her knees pulled up to her chest. "So, what did I miss? I would've asked Sora to fill me in but that Riku guy seemed to be… keeping him busy."

"Please, no details. I'm still resisting the urge to kill Riku." Roxas glared at Kairi as she giggled at his statement, a smile forcing its way onto his face after a moment. No doubt what had happened to Kairi had affected her more than she was currently letting on, and would continue to affect her for quite some time to come, but at least she seemed okay for the most part.

By the time he was done filling Kairi in, reluctantly including his own situation with Axel after some insistent questioning, he could sense some of the other princesses upstairs stirring as well. He glanced up at the ceiling, wondering why they still felt so much more subdued than Kairi.

"Why is the ceiling suddenly so interesting?" Roxas looked back at Kairi distractedly, taking a moment to refocus on the part of his mind that didn't want to murder everyone — except for Axel, ironically — around him.

"Some of the other princesses woke up. I think I should go and check if Sora is actually keeping an eye on them, or if Riku's keeping him too busy." He turned to Axel, trying to free himself from the redhead's grasp. "Think you can manage without molesting me for a while?"

"I make no promises. I'll just come after you once I simply can't stand it anymore." Axel grinned in a way that suggested he'd be following in less than a minute. Roxas rolled his eyes, trying to get up quickly as Axel leaned down to kiss him, only to be held in place more firmly. He ignored the giggle from Kairi as he gave in to Axel and kissed back — grudgingly, or so he told himself — before fleeing upstairs after Axel had finally released him. Once again he wondered what the hell he'd been on when he'd decided Axel was his type.

To his great relief, he did not find a half-naked Sora and Riku when he came to the room the princesses were sleeping in. Both were completely dressed and, although both looked as though they'd been doing other things until quite recently, they were trying to talk to one of the princesses that had woken up. Two of them had woken up, neither of whom he knew the names of. They were huddled together, looking at Sora as though he was the scariest person alive. Their eyes constantly flickered over to Riku when Sora tried to ask them a question, almost as if they were expecting him to do something.

"Come on, we can't help you if you don't tell us where you're from…" Sora looked at the two girls pleadingly, silently begging them to answer him. The older of the two girls, a brunette wearing what seemed to be a rather dirty, yellow, ballroom dress, hesitated for a moment, her mouth opening a fraction to answer, before closing again as she glanced back at Riku. She pulled the other girl, a blonde who seemed to be the youngest of the entire group, closer to her and stared down at the ground silently.

"Why do they keep looking at you?" Roxas frowned as he looked over at Riku, the other sighing as he ran a hand through his hair.

"They know I'm Xemnas' son. They think I'll go and tell him if they do anything they're not supposed to."

"And they won't believe me when I say we got rid of Xemnas." Sora stood up and pouted. "They think I'm with Xemnas as well."

"You probably shouldn't have been making out with Xemnas' son when they woke up if you wanted to avoid that misunderstanding." Roxas rolled his eyes as Sora's face went red, wishing he hadn't been right. "Anyway, can they even understand us? I mean, not everyone in the world speaks English."

"They do," Riku answered, pointing over at the youngest girl, "She's from Britain, and the rest all know English as a second language. Xaldin and Larxene never had any problems manipulating or intimidating them by just talking to them."

"Wait, if you know where they're from, why do we need to ask them?"

"Because I only know what countries they're from, not their home addresses." Riku shrugged. "I was too young when Xemnas found most of them, and I barely remember a time before at least four of them were already at the castle."

They heard a groan and looked down to see Jasmine stirring. She blinked a few times, looking around in confusion, before looking up at them in surprise as she finally spotted them. "Where are we?"

The two other girls let out small gasps as Jasmine spoke, looking over at her wide-eyed. Jasmine looked over at them in confusion at their odd reaction. "Who are—" She cut herself of as recognition flashed across her face. Apparently the princesses could recognise each other even if they'd never met. "Oh…"

"We're in Arabia again." Sora grinned, happy to finally have one of the princesses talk to him, even if it was the one he didn't have to ask where she lived. "We beat Xemnas so you can go back home now."

A look of both relief and disappointment crossed Jasmine's face, the relief far outweighing the disappointment. "Really? I can go back home?"

At the word 'home', the other two princesses glanced between Sora and Jasmine apprehensively. They looked at each other for a moment as Sora nodded enthusiastically, the older of the two looking back and speaking up softly, "We can really go home?" Her eyes immediately shot over to Riku, one hand coming to cover her mouth as if she'd done something wrong.

Sora didn't even seem to notice the fear in the girl's eyes, grin widening at finally having gotten her to speak. "Yeah! That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

The next few hours were spent on trying to convincing the two girls — Belle and Alice — as well as the other three princesses — Cinderella, Aurora, and Snow White — after they'd woken up, that Xemnas really was gone. If Belle and Alice had already been hard to convince, the last three were impossible. Riku told them that the three had already been in the Realm of Darkness since before he'd been born, and Xaldin had actually started to try and convince them it was their duty to open Kingdom Hearts for Xemnas as a challenge. The result was that, although they answered whenever they were asked something, their reply would always revolve around the fact that Xemnas couldn't have possibly died because he was the man destined to rule the world, and that they didn't want to go back home because they belonged by Master Xemnas' side.

Since the princesses seemed to be willing to believe each other more than anyone else, Kairi was called to help talk some sense into the three girls. Axel, probably bored with just sitting around, followed her upstairs. The moment the three girls saw him, all their attention was on him, questioning where Master Xemnas was and why people were saying he was dead. Axel, completely confused by their odd behaviour, simply stared at them. "What?"

Riku rubbed his temple, trying to suppress the headache that had been forming slowly. "Xemnas killed any Nobody that didn't join him. Since you took half of Roxas' heart, you're far too strong for Xemnas to have ignored. They think you're working for him."

"And that makes them worship me because…?" Axel glanced back down at the three girls, watching them look at him with adoration. "Most of the princesses have been terrified of me. I know they should worship me like everyone else, but—"

Roxas kicked one of Axel's legs to shut him up, glaring mildly at the redhead in annoyance. Axel simply grinned at him with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Oh, I'll make a believer out of you yet."

"Try me." Roxas' eyes narrowed, ignoring the shiver that ran down his spine as Axel gave him that suggestive look that spoke volumes of what was going to happen as soon as they were finally alone. "Oh, I will. Don't you worry about that."

"Less flirting, more convincing these three." Riku sighed, rubbing his temple a bit more forcefully.

Another hour went by before they finally gave up — except for Sora, who continued to argue with them in a discussion that was rapidly devolving into an is-not!–is-too! debate — concentrating instead on the princesses that did believe them already.

"Since Sora seems to be determined to continue this debate," Riku glanced down at Sora with a look that severely questioned his sanity, "I think we should take the other princesses home while he's watching those three."

"Sure, but I can't make any Dark Corridors so I can't actually take anyone anywhere." Roxas glanced over at Axel with a frown, "Then again, I don't think any of them want to be alone with Axel so I guess I can go with him. At least half of me feels like it's trying to protect them."

"Sure, you two take Jasmine, I'll take Alice. First one back takes Belle. We'll figure out what to do about those three after that." Riku glanced over at the arguing foursome again. The debate really had devolved into an is-not!–is-too! argument by this point.

"Sure, it's not like we've got anywhere to go," Roxas agreed, his voice sounding more spiteful than he'd intended.

Jasmine raised an eyebrow at the comment, looking at him curiously. "Don't you have a home to go to?"

Roxas grimaced. "We told you everyone was killed when we were attacked by the Heartless. If we'd been found afterwards they would've assumed we'd had something to do with everyone's disappearance. We'd still have that problem if we go home now, and we'd have to explain where we've been all this time too. If we try to tell them what happened, we'd be declared insane. If we show them our keyblades as proof… our mother would die from a heart attack and the media would be all over us. We… can't go home." He glanced over at Sora to make sure he hadn't heard anything, relieved to see him still arguing with the three princesses. He turned back as he sensed Axel creating a Dark Corridor and stepped through it, pointedly pushing away the memories that were trying to resurface.

"What about the island you were attacked on?" Jasmine quickly followed him through the portal, glancing back at it briefly as a shiver ran down her spine, "Weren't you staying there?"

"Yeah, but it's technically used as a survival camp. The only reason we could stay there was because the police were still investigating what had happened. The owner of the island will probably have trouble getting people to go to the island for a while, but people will still go there again once the police investigation is over." And those people would probably attract Heartless again. He'd have to ask Riku if there wasn't a way to close the portal permanently so there wouldn't be a repeat of what had happened to them. That, or they'd somehow have to keep a very close eye on the thing. There was no way in hell that he was going to let an attack like the one on them happen again.

Jasmine fell silent at his answer, a frown on her face. Roxas ignored it, continuing to distract himself from thinking too much about the night the Heartless had attacked.

It took another Dark Corridor before Axel could get them into the city surrounding the palace, the first one having lead them to the middle of the desert. Roxas was about to ask if Jasmine would be fine if they left her there, when soldiers suddenly rushed at them, weapons pointed at them from every side as the guards surrounded them. From the corner of his eyes, Roxas could see Axel looking around in amusement, obviously anything but impressed. Roxas couldn't say he was quite as relaxed as the redhead, far more uncomfortable with the idea that he might have to hurt these people to get away.

A bulky man stepped forward, eyes focussed on him and Axel as he spoke angrily. Roxas frowned, still not understanding a word of Arabic, and figuring that guessing at what the man was saying wouldn't get them anywhere.

Before he could even try to answer, Jasmine spoke up calmly. The bulky man's gaze shifted to her, and his brows pulled together into a wary frown. Roxas watched the ensuing exchange in confusion, Jasmine growing visibly more irritated with the guard as the conversation went on. After a few moments she snapped something that Roxas could only guess was an order from the way the guard reacted. His gaze shifted back to him and Axel and he glared, but gave a nod to whatever Jasmine had just said to him. Then he turned around, shouting something to the other guards as he started towards the palace. The other guards put their weapons away, still watching them warily.

Jasmine turned back to them with a satisfied smile. "Razoul," she motioned towards the man she'd been arguing with, "is the captain of all the guards in Agrabah. He has been looking for me ever since the Heartless attacked, and was on his way back to my father when he saw us. He thought you two were the ones who had kidnapped me."

"Right, because it's such a smart idea to sneak around the city closest to the palace when you've kidnapped the princess." Roxas rolled his eyes. "Anyway, these guys can take over from here so Axel and I should get back to Sora."

Jasmine frowned, glancing over at Axel momentarily as she seemed to decide on something, before shaking her head. "I wish to reward you for saving my life. Please come with me to the palace."

"Reward? Did I hear the magic word?" Roxas glanced over his shoulder to see Axel's attention suddenly completely on Jasmine. Apparently the guards' attempts at seeming intimidating could not keep him amused enough to have missed Jasmine's offer.

"You really don't have to reward us." He ignored the glare Axel sent his way, the look only amusing him.

"Perhaps not, but I want to. Please, come with me."

Roxas would've protested again as Jasmine started to follow Razoul towards the palace, but Axel grabbed his arm and dragged him along. "Come on, it would be rude not to accept."

"Yeah, I'm sure not being rude is one of your main concerns in life." Regardless, he let Axel drag him along. He honestly didn't feel as though Jasmine should reward them. After all, Kairi had been their main concern this entire time. Saving the other princesses and everyone else on the planet had, of course, become their priority as well, but Kairi had still been the most important person they'd been saving. Still, after everything they'd been through, he couldn't help but feel as though they did deserve a reward of some kind.

It only took them a few minutes to reach the palace. As soon as they entered the throne room, a cry of happiness erupted from a short, rather fat man sitting on the throne. The man jumped up and rushed towards Jasmine with outstretched arms. Jasmine smiled, hugging the man as he reached her and speaking to him in Arabic.

Roxas glanced between the Sultan and Princess before deciding that Jasmine probably took after her mother. He would never have guessed these two to be related if he'd met them under any other circumstances.

For several minutes, Jasmine and her father spoke, Jasmine motioning to them every so often as she seemed to explain what had happened to her. Roxas guessed that she was telling the true story from some of the movements she made, and he was surprised that the Sultan listened to her with a look of wonder on his face. There wasn't a single trace of doubt on the man's face, seeming to believe every word he was being told without question.

When Jasmine was finally done speaking, the Sultan turned to them with a look of fervent gratitude on his face, switching to English as he addressed them.

"I thank you for protecting my daughter. Please, is there anything I can do to repay you?"

"Well—" Roxas elbowed Axel before he could continue that sentence. No doubt he would've asked for half — if not all — the riches in the palace or something equally preposterous.

Before he could say anything himself, Jasmine spoke up once again in Arabic. Her father turned to her, frowning at what she was saying. He seemed to ask a few things before smiling broadly and turning back to them. "My daughter tells me you have no home to return to. What if I provide you with one as a reward?"

"And stay in Arabia?" Roxas once again elbowed Axel, his comment having sounded almost as if he'd been offended.

"What Axel means is that we couldn't possibly ask to stay here. We wouldn't want to trouble—"

The Sultan's laughter interrupted his attempt at politely declining the offer and the man waved his hand dismissively. Roxas stopped speaking uncertainly, wondering what was so funny about Axel being a rude jerk — as per usual — and him trying to decline a very generous offer. It wasn't that he didn't appreciate the offer; he knew they needed a place to live. However, Arabia wasn't the best place for that. Axel and he wouldn't be able to walk around because of the sunlight, and none of them spoke Arabic. The latter could, of course, very easily be solved by simply learning the language, but the former was a different story. The palace had windows everywhere so Axel and he would be forced to stay in a darkened room at all time. Rain was a rarity so they didn't even have cloudy days to look forward to. Sunlight might be a problem wherever they ended up living, but Arabia was still one of their worst options.

"My daughter has already told me staying here would not be a good solution. She says there is a place you've been staying at, though."

It took a moment for Roxas to realise what the Sultan was implying. When he did catch on, his eyes widened. "You want to give us the Destiny islands?"

The smile on the Sultan's face turned into a grin as he clapped happily. "Yes! And while I take care of that, I insist you stay in the palace. I know it isn't the best place for you to stay, but I will do everything in my power to make your stay here as comfortable as possible."

Roxas was not struck speechless very often, but for several moments he simply stared in shock at the happily grinning man in front of him. The Sultan had already started ordering several of his guards around when he finally snapped out of his stupor and his brain kicked in. "Wait, we can't ask you to do that! Besides, there's a portal on the island that the Heartless can use! One of our friends is a Princess of Heart and she'd attract the Heartless like crazy!" He wasn't even entirely sure if Jasmine had explained what everything he'd just said was, but he was still too stunned to care. The Sultan wanted to buy them an island. Even if the current owner was willing to sell, it couldn't be cheap. This was insane.

Axel was the one to elbow him this time, obviously not seeing any problem with being given an entire island. "Will you let the man reward us?"

"At least try not to be a selfish jerk for once." Roxas gave the redhead an irritated glare. "An entire island is too damned much, and Kairi wouldn't be able to come with us."

"She can stay here." Roxas looked over at Jasmine in surprise, the princess seeming rather smug with herself. "Kairi does not have any problems with sunlight, and there is no portal near here. You can come and visit her whenever you want, so there is no problem."

"Perfect!" The Sultan's disappointed face lit up once more and he continued to order people around. Roxas would've continued to protest but Axel clamped a hand over his mouth to stop him and grinned happily. "We'd be honoured to accept. You might also want to keep the other three princesses here until they've been unbrainwashed. Come on, Roxy. Let's go get the others!"

And before Roxas could struggle free, Axel had already dragged him through a Dark Corridor. Roxas really hated the fact that he couldn't make those things.

He glared at Axel as soon as the redhead released him, the Dark Corridor already gone again. "Get us back there. We can't let the Sultan buy us a freaking island and then dump Kairi with them."

Axel snorted. "I'm pretty sure that guy wouldn't have offered this if he didn't want to, and I rather doubt Kairi will bankrupt them either. She'll have a lot of fun being bestest of friends with the Princess. Now, stop protesting when life finally stops sucking for a while, and just accept the fact that we're getting an island."

Roxas crossed his arms stubbornly, watching as Axel created another Dark Corridor to get them back to the house they were staying at. Axel turned back to him with a smirk just before he stepped through the portal. "Besides, this finally gets me a bed and that privacy you keep demanding. I want my other reward."

For the second time within an hour, Roxas was left staring in disbelief. Not for the first time he wondered what in the world was wrong with him for having fallen for Axel. He watched the redhead quickly flee through the portal, no doubt expecting a keyblade or five to be thrown at his head. Roxas shook his head, rubbing at his temple as he felt the beginnings of a headache. Life was insane.

'I need a therapist…'

Roxas sat down on the dock of the small harbour to the Destiny Islands, watching the sun set and completely ignoring the slight burn the sunlight caused. The light would be gone by the time it would truly start to burn his skin, so he didn't really care if his skin felt heated for a while. He'd just really wanted to get some peace and quiet for a while.

It had been a week since they'd started living on the Destiny Islands. No matter how much he'd told Jasmine's father that an island was too much, the man had insisted that the life of his daughter was worth far more than any amount of money he was spending. Roxas had eventually given up on his protests, and he really was happy by this point that the Sultan hadn't backed down. They could keep an eye on the portal on the island now without anyone interfering, and they had a place to actually call home. The fact that part of that home was currently being rebuilt — because yes, the Sultan had also insisted on building them a proper house-slash-mansion to live in — diddn't even matter to him. If anything, the fact that the Sultan was spending even more money on them bothered him more.

"You know, Axel's going to figure out you come here whenever you get annoyed with him sooner or later." Sora sat down next to him, grinning broadly. Roxas simply shrugged.

"I'm pretty safe as long as the sun's still out. Besides, you know I can't stand people constantly being around me for too long."

"That's what you get for falling in love with Axel." Roxas glared at his brother, only making Sora's grin widen. Knowing he wasn't going to intimidate Sora like he had in the past, he rolled his eyes and looked back up at the sky and decided to just change the subject. "I still can't believe this place is ours."

"Yeah, Jasmine's dad is awesome." Sora looked up at the sky as well. "Insane, but awesome."

They sat in silence until the sun had set completely. Once the sky had turned dark, Sora glanced over at him once more. "So, what do we do now? I mean, we've stopped Xemnas so…"

"I don't know." Roxas frowned, that exact question having been on his mind for a while now. "I guess we should figure out what the old Keyblade Clan did exactly and hope to god getting kids isn't the only way to get more Keyblade Masters. For some reason, I rather doubt either of us is getting any children."

Sora snickered. "I can just see it now, you and Axel as parents."

Roxas shuddered at the thought. "That just can't be healthy. A kid with genes from Axel and me would probably turn into a sociopath."

Sora laughed at the comment and Roxas couldn't help but chuckle as well. They sat in silence for a while longer before Sora got to his feet and held out his hand to help Roxas up as well. "Come on, before Axel finds out where you keep hiding from him."

Roxas sighed, reluctantly taking the offered hand and getting to his feet. "Right, insanity calls."

As they walked back to the camp, despite the fact that he still missed Twilight Town and everyone there, Roxas couldn't help but feel completely at ease. As insane as life had become, and no matter how much he might've hated everything that had happened, he supposed things weren't as bad as he always made them out to be. To himself, he might even admit that he was pretty content with how things were right now.

"Things aren't that bad right now, are they?"

Roxas glanced to his side, Sora smiling back at him. He looked forward again, the camp already coming into view. No doubt Axel was waiting for him there to drag him off into bed while Riku and Sora watched in amusement. What the two went to do after he'd been dragged off he didn't want to think about, no matter how obvious it might be.

"No, I guess not."

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