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Dylan knew that he had made the wrong choice almost as soon as he made it. He seen the looks that Kelly kept giving Brandon but yet he still chose her over Brenda and he didn't know how to fix it. He wasn't sure if he could even fix it. The only reason he chose Kelly over Brenda was because he was scared of the intense feelings he had for Brenda. Hell he was only seventeen getting ready to turn eighteen.

As he walked down the hall of West Beverly Hills High School with his arm around Kelly's waist he couldn't help but wish that it was Brenda he walking down the hall with. As if just thinking about her conjured her up he saw her talking to Brandon. He knew that they were all there that early because of the Senior Breakfast and he once again wished that he had chosen Brenda over Kelly but unfortunately he hadn't.

He knew the second that Brenda saw him and Kelly because he saw her stiffen and then whisper something in Brandon's ear. His heart broke when he watched both Brenda and Brandon look at him and Kelly and then walk away without saying a word to him or Kelly. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. He knew that Brandon was still his friend but he also knew that Brandon would support his sister no matter what.

He heard Kelly sigh and he looked down at her. "What's wrong babe?"

Kelly shook her head and forced a smile to her lips before she looked up at Dylan. "Nothing is wrong honey. I guess Brandon and Brenda are just going to meet us in the cafeteria."

Dylan nodded and said "Yeah they probably just didn't see us."

Kelly nodded even though she wasn't completely sure that she believed that. She had seen the way that both Brenda and Brandon had looked at her like she was something on the bottom of their shoes. She had thought that her and Brenda were finally starting to get their friendship back but she knew that she was also just seeing what she wanted to see. She knew that what she had done to Brenda was unspeakable but she didn't understand why Brandon was acting like he was towards her. Then again if she really thought about it she would know the reason Brandon was acting like he was, was because she had betrayed his sister.


Brandon led Brenda to an empty table in the cafeteria and once he helped her sit down he looked down at her. "Are you okay Bren?"

Brenda gave Brandon a slight smile. "I'm fine Bran. We got this and then graduation to get through and then I'm leaving finally. I can't wait to leave for a while."

Brandon nodded and sat down and put his hand on Brenda's shoulder. "Don't worry Bren you'll get through today and then Saturday. Have you decided yet if you're going to go to Minnesota State or not?"

Brenda shook her head. "I haven't made up my mind yet. I figured I have at least a month before I need to make my final decision. I'll make it while I'm away. But please don't tell anybody?"

Brandon nodded but before he could say anything Dylan spoke up from behind and said "Tell anybody what Brenda?"

Brenda's eyes widened as she looked at Brandon with pain in her eyes and she let out a sigh when she saw that Brandon gave her an encouraging smile before saying "Nothing Dylan. We were just talking about something and until Brenda decides when she wants to tell everyone it will remain just between her and me."

Dylan raised an eyebrow as he guided Kelly around the table and helped her sit down before sitting down himself. "Well Brenda what are you keeping from us?"

Brenda raised an eyebrow as she looked at Dylan with astonishment in her eyes and then she glared. "It's none of your damn business what I'm keeping from you Dylan."

Dylan's mouth dropped open in shock and he stared at Brenda with hurt in his eyes. "I thought we agreed to remain friends Bren."

Brenda snorted as she flicked her eyes from Dylan to Kelly and back to Dylan. "Oh I'm still friends with you Dylan but you're not my best friend. If I tell anyone what is going on it will be Andrea or even Donna but I'll be damned if I tell you or the back stabbing bitch you're with anything. Now if you don't mind I just want to get through this damn breakfast and then Saturday so I can leave for my trip!"

Kelly gasped at Brenda's words and said "Brenda!"

Brenda looked over at Kelly and could no longer keep the hatred she felt towards Kelly from entering her eyes. "Don't Brenda me Kelly. You made your bed now lay in it like the little slut you are!"

Kelly's mouth dropped open in shock but before she could say anything Andrea, Donna, Steve and David all arrived at the table and Andrea looked at Brenda and saw the tears in Brenda's eyes and she put a hand on Brenda's shoulder and said "Come on Brenda lets go get some fresh air. We won't be missed for the next few minutes."

Brenda nodded and stood up and looked at Brandon as he stood up. "You don't have to come Brandon."

Brandon shook his head. "Yeah I do. The air in here is a little stuffy."

Brenda couldn't help but snort before saying "No the air is reeking of slut."

Donna's mouth gaped open as she looked at Brenda in shock but as soon as she saw the tears in Brenda's eyes she shook her head. "Come on Brenda lets go outside for a few."

Kelly looked at Donna in surprise. "Donna! I thought you were my best friend!"

Donna looked at Kelly and shook her head. "I'll always be your friend but I'm Brenda's friend also and she needs me."

Kelly shook her head and said "I need you too! She called me a slut!"

Donna looked at Kelly and for the first time let her real feelings show on her face and in her eyes. "Well Kelly if the shoe fits then wear it! You made a play for Dylan while Brenda and me were in Paris and then you kept making plays for him when we came back. I love you Kelly but I have to agree with you what you did was a slutty thing to do!"

Kelly's mouth dropped open in shock but instead of saying anything she only watched as Donna and Andrea led Brenda out of the cafeteria followed by Brandon and David. She looked over at Dylan and saw him watching Brenda with pain in his eyes and she sighed because she knew that no matter how much he loved her that he loved and always would love Brenda more than her. She closed her eyes before looking back at Dylan with another forced smile. "What do you think Brenda meant by saying she only has to get through today and Saturday before she leaves for her trip? Do you think that is what her and Brandon were talking about?"

Dylan tore his eyes from where they were still pinned to the door Brenda had disappeared through and looked at Kelly with a forced smile. "I doubt that is what her and Brandon were talking about because if it was she wouldn't have told us like she did. No her and Brandon were talking about something else."

Steve cleared his throat as he sat down making both Dylan and Kelly look at him. "Brenda is going on a trip to Paris and Italy with Andrea and Donna for a month and then all three girls are coming back here and leaving again with David and Brandon and heading to Scotland for a couple of weeks."

Kelly's mouth dropped open and said in shock "So that is where Donna is going on vacation. When I asked her what she was doing this summer she just said that she was going on vacation but when I asked where and who with she wouldn't tell me. I can't believe she is ditching me for Brenda the bitch."

Steve glared at Kelly. "Brenda is only a bitch when it comes to you Kelly and you can't really blame her. After all you screwed her over. Like I heard Brenda say earlier you made your bed now lay in it. We have all been trying to support both of you but every time one of us turns around it is like you're rubbing it into Brenda's face that you won. Do you really think you won Kelly? After all I see the way Dylan still looks at Brenda just like I see the way you look at Brandon. You both need to get your heads out of your asses because you're losing your friends and you don't even realize it. Oh and Kelly just so you know you will never stand a chance with Brandon now because of what you did to his sister. Plus Brandon is happy with who he is seeing. If I find out you try to come between Brandon and who he is with I'll personally make your life a living hell. Are we clear?"

Kelly's eyes widened in shock as she listened to Steve talk to her. "I can't believe you just said all that Steve! How can you talk to me that way? I thought you were my friend."

Steve shook his head. "I am your friend Kelly which is why I gave you that piece of friendly advice. I won't stand by and watch you hurt another couple like you did Dylan and Brenda. I wonder if Dylan even realizes the reason you went for him was because you envied Brenda and you wanted something that had been hers."

Kelly's mouth dropped open and she spluttered "I...I didn't go after Dylan for that reason!"

Steve looked over his shoulder and saw Andrea, Donna, Brenda, Brandon and David all coming back into the cafeteria and then looked back at Kelly and said "Didn't you? Okay I'll give you that but you just sure as hell admitted it that you did indeed go after him Kelly after always saying that it just happened."

Kelly glared at Steve and then turned to look at Dylan and said "It doesn't matter what they all say. The only thing that matters is that we have one another."

Brenda snorted as she sat down and then looked at Donna with a grin and said "Are you ready to leave Saturday night?"

Donna smiled and nodded. "Yes I am. David, Brandon and Steve are taking us to the airport right?"

Brandon chuckled. "Of course we are. Do you think we would let our three favorite women leave without us seeing you off at the airport?"

Donna shook her head but before she could say anything Kelly cut in with "So why didn't you ask me to go with you Donna? We use to always spend the summer together."

Donna raised an eyebrow and looked at Kelly. "Well I figured you're always stuck by Dylan's side so you wouldn't want to go. Plus Brenda asked me to go with her so she wouldn't be alone."

Kelly snorted and said "Yeah and we all know how much Brenda hates being alone."

Brenda smiled and said sweetly "I ain't the one who has a problem being alone Kel."

Kelly lifted an eyebrow but before she could say anything the speeches started. She shot Brenda a glare and then looked at Brandon and her breath caught in her chest when she saw the hatred he held for her in his eyes.

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