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Theron Wyatt Weston. Age 13. District 10.

"Theo, wake up man. We can't be late." My friend Artie says while shaking me awake.

I spent the night at his house; his couch is practically my bed. I try to avoid going home as much as possible. I usually check in twice daily to make sure my mom is still alive and stay the night there twice weekly so my dad, if you can even call him that, doesn't blow a gasket. The last time he did that my brother Tommy was murdered. My family life has been stressful to say the least. A few years ago my mom family told my dad she no longer loved him. Her confession was a long time coming. They constantly fought and my dad hit her nearly every week. It was hard to believe they'd ever been in love. After my mom's confession Dad went ballistic. He beat all of us pretty badly and ended up strangling Tommy. After Tommy died Dad broke down. It's almost like he is two separate people.

Since Tommy's death our family has just become more and more dysfunctional. My mom still hasn't left my dad. The one time we tried we got caught. Even though I avoid being home as much as possible I could never leave my mom. I am so scared for her ever day.

Brae Jessica Lanson. Age 13. District 10.

"Don't look at him like that," I can't help but glare at the woman. "Come on Patrick. Obviously some people need to learn their manners." I give the women one last dirty look before hustling away.

I know we are a little bit dirty and skinnier than most, but that is no excuse for people to stare at us. I do my best to make sure Patrick is well-fed and clean so I take it as a personal insult when people do that. We live in District 10 for goodness sakes; they should be used to seeing poor kids.

"Sissy, what is wrong? Why you look so sad?" my four year old brother asks with concern. He may be young but he sure is good at reading people.

"Nothing Pat. Just a mean ol' lady that needs to learn how to be nice. That is why we always practice good manners. We don't want to act like that." I say with a huge smile. I hate it when I make Patrick worry. My job as a big sister is to make his life as perfect and safe as possible. This job was made much harder by our stupid parents. They completely ignore us. I hate them. They are a waste of space. I try to be grateful towards them for creating my siblings and I but it is hard!

Patrick and I have an older sister, Elizabeth, but she is old and married. Elizabeth has twins who just turned three. She is an extremely good mother. Elizabeth also tries to help Patrick and I out whenever she can. I would rather she didn't but… sometimes I just need to suck it up and except the help.

I hate needing help.

Lambell Honey Blitz. Age 4. District 10.

I don't like leaving my house. People look at my family all funny. Daddy always makes jokes about how everyone is jealous of us and that's why they look at us all meanly. I don't want people to be jealous of me. I just want to make friends.

My daddy won the Games a long long time ago and now we are rich. He says rich people can only be friends with other rich people. My best friend Marline's mommy won the Games a few years after my Daddy did so I can hang out with her because she is also rich.

Every Wednesday we go over to Marline's house. Our parent's do adult things while Marline and I play. Sometimes we spy on them but that gets boring really quick. All they do is say not nice things about people and drink special adult drinks. Marline and I stole some adult drinks once. We didn't like them. They tasted really really bad and made my head feel all funky. Then Holly, my sister, told on us. I have four older siblings and Holly is the only mean one. She is really really mean though. Thank gracious we didn't get in trouble. Our parent's thought it was funny and tried to give us more. Then Marline threw up so they stopped.

Today is an extra special day and even though it isn't Wednesday I get to see Marline! I am also dressed up extra nicely. I always have to look my best or else Mama gets really really mad but today I look beautiful! I have on a light green dress with rosies all over it and brand new shoes. My shoes are green with white flowers on them. As always I have a headband on. Lemolla, my biggest sister, put some pretty blush on my cheeks. I am so lucky. It took Lemolla a lot of effort to get the blush on me. She is going to have a baby so she is really fat. She is only 18 though and not married so my parents call her an embarrassment. They wouldn't let her come to the Reapings today. Thank gracious they at least let her get me all pretty!

"Good day District 10. I am so excited for this years Games! Aren't you all? And with the fantastic twist this may be the best Games yet! Lets draw our little tributes name first! I just can't wait to find out who our little tribute is! Congratulations too… Lambell Honey Blitz! Everyone give a round of applause for little Lambell!"

Our Escort is talking really really fast. I don't understand what she is saying at first. Then Holly pushes me towards the stage.

"I get to be the cute one now," she says as she sticks her tongue out at me.

My mind is going really really fast as I walk towards the stage. I stare at my shoes. I don't want to look at the crowd. Maybe someone wants to volunteer for me? As the seconds slip by I know no one will. Everyone hates my family too much.

Brae Jessica Lanson. Age 13. District 10.

I have to take Patrick with me to the 13's section. No one else can watch him and leaving him alone is not an option. I highly doubt he'd get into trouble, but what if someone tried to hurt him? Or he got lost? Or he got shoved by the crowd? There are just way too many unknowns.

The Peacekeeper tried to stop us, but I just glared and pushed past him. I guess he felt sorry for us because he didn't try any harder to keep us out. We got quite a few questioning stares but I just glared right back. I despise it when people stare at Patrick and I!

"Good day District 10. I am so excited for this years Games! Aren't you all? And with the fantastic twist this may be the best Games yet! Lets draw our little tributes name first! I just can't wait to find out who our little tribute is! Congratulations too… Lambell Honey Blitz! Everyone give a round of applause for little Lambell!"

I watch in shock as a little girl, who couldn't be any older then Patrick, heads to the stage. Her head is hung and I can see her staring at her shoes. I recognize her because she is the youngest Blitz. Her family is well known for being extremely mean, but… there is something different about the girl. While the rest of her family mocks people she always just stares at her shoes. She almost looks embarrassed for them.

My heart is breaking for her. She is being sent to slaughter. This is so wrong. The worst part is no one will ally with someone so small and no one will volunteer for her due to her family.

"Now onto our lovely lady tribute," the escort continues talking a mile a minute. I wish I could just punch him. "Our lucky lady is, Brae Jessica Lanson! Congrats girly! Come on up!"

Well I guess I was wrong about one thing. Lambell will have an ally; me.

Theron Wyatt Weston. Age 13. District 10.

Unlike most kids in District 10 I don't exactly dread Reaping days. Yeah, I think the Games are pretty horrible and no way do I want to be reaped but… I have bigger things to worry about. I just don't have room in my brain to worry about anything else.

So when I hear my name called by the escort I'm pretty shocked but not all that upset. I put on my best smirk as I head towards the stage. I don't want the world to know how shocked I am. I can also feel fear sprouting in my stomach as well as a plan growing.

If I win the Games I can save my Mom. If my dad doesn't kill her while I'm gone that is…

Brae Jessica Lanson. Age 13. District 10.

I'd rather only say good-bye to Patrick. I have so much to say to him, but before I know it our time is up and Alex is entering my room. Alex is my boyfriend. We only have time for a passionate kiss before the Peacekeeper is back. I'm going to miss him, but not nearly as much as Patrick.

Laurel, Nala, Melissa, and Audra are already in tears when they enter. Thankfully they pull it together. They blubber on about all the happy memories we've had, but I am completely checked out.

By the time Elizabeth and the twins come in I am worn out. I just want this to be over. Elizabeth speed talks about strategy. I know I need to listen to her but I only catch bits and pieces of what she is saying. I need to be friendly, play up the good parts, act all innocent, but most of all I can't loose myself.

I hate the fact I am so relieved when everyone is gone, but I just can't deal with reality right now.

Lambell Honey Blitz. Age 4. District 10.

Everyone is crying lots. I don't know a lot about the Games but I know many kids die. My family isn't even acting like I might come home. I'm little but… I can hide in tinsy places and run super fast. I don't like how everyone is crying. My Daddy even let Lemolla come to see me. I know they think I am going to die.

My Mommy is hugging me really tight. I can barely breathe, but I don't mind it. It is helping me not cry. I really really don't want to cry. I just want to hide in a corner.

Marline came to see me, but she is just grabbing her mommy's leg and hiding her face. I am okay with that though. Marline and I both hide when we are upset.

Holly is the only person I wish wasn't here. She is throwing a tantrum in the corner. I want to love Holly but she makes it really really hard to do so. She is not very nice. Mommy and Daddy put her in the naughty corner a lot. She was put there yesterday for trying to light my long blonde hair on fire. I think she is really really mad that the attention isn't on her.

I wish the attention was on her. If it was then maybe people would be thinking I might come home.

"Times up," a Peacekeeper yells from the hallway. I don't want my family to leave.

"Enjoy the capital sweetheart," my mother says as she stands up to leave.

"Have fun kiddo," my big brother says as he ruffles my hair.

Holly just sticks her tongue out at me and skips towards the door. I really really don't like her behavior right now.

Even though everyone thinks I'm going to die. I really really want to live. I think I'm going to come home. Why don't they?

Theron Wyatt Weston. Age 13. District 10.

Seeing my friends makes me smile. I can tell by the way Artie keeps biting his lower lip that he is pretty upset, but other then that he looks completely normal.

"Man, promise me your gonna come back. Alright?" he says while punching my shoulder.

"I will and then I'll be a Victor. Life will be sweet," I say with the biggest laugh I can muster.

"You are lucky bro. You get to hit on all those hot Capitol chicks," my other friend, Cain, says with a smirk.

I smirk right back at him. I'm gonna miss Cain and Artie.

My next visitor is my mom. I'm pretty surprised my father isn't with her. He rarely lets her leave his sight. She has tears streaming down her face.

"Not you too," she says through choking sobs, "First Tommy and now my little Theo. You need to make it home. Promise me."

Just by looking at her I know I'm going to make it home. Dying isn't an option for me.

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