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First of all, thanks! This is my first foray into writing fan fiction in a long, long, long time! Nice to know that there's people out there reading this. So to each and every one of you - a big heartfelt thank you! :D

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And so on to part 2...enjoy the ride J

"Raylan, you still with me?" Art asked, trying to keep the worry out his voice. It wasn't the first time he had had a Marshall down, but there was more between he and Raylan than just fellow law officers. They had history.

"Wish I wasn't…" Art laughed, and accidentally leant harder on Raylan's wound

"Fuck! Especially when you do that!" He gasped "Oh shit…" he groaned

"Sorry…" Art said sheepishly, he looked at Raylan, his pallor almost grey. "Tim where's that blanket?"

"Here Art…sorry…" Tim handed it over and Art draped it over the wounded man, even so, they could still see the shudders that racked Rayland body.

"That's better, thanks." he said softly

"You've always been a lousy liar Raylan. Amazing considering who your father is!" Art said with a wan smile.

Raylan just looked at Art, he didn't want to think about Arlo. Helen…the family home. Those gravestones in the back yard. Two of them already occupied…he didn't want to think about the stone with his name, waiting for him…not now. Not now.

He was saved from having to answer by the sound of sirens, Art motioned to Tim.

"Go fetch them in." Tim nodded, as he walked past Raylan, a hand reached out and grasped his ankle with surprising strength.

"Tim…thanks…" Raylan said softly, breath coming in soft grunts as he tried to keep the pain under control.

Tim smiled

"Well, Raylan. I would say anytime, but I don't think this is a situation I should encourage!" he carried on walking whistling 'I will always love you' softly as he passed. Raylan chuckled, then grimaced in pain.

"Something I should know about you two?" Art asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Long story Art…" Raylan said softly, lines of pain creasing his forehead.

Art noticed the change in his Marshall and squeezed his shoulder in support.

"…early 40's, gunshot wound to the flank…" Art glanced up as he saw Tim Gutterson leading the paramedics into the house.

They crouched next to Raylan

"Marshall, how you hanging in there?" Raylan frowned at him

"Great…" he said, his voice dripping with as much sarcasm as he could muster

"Sorry…Im Toby Mitchell, this beauty is Georgie, my partner…"

Raylan tried to look, but couldn't see. He tried to lift his shoulders off the ground, but didn't make it far before the pain drove him back down, groaning in pain.

"Easy there partner, don't want you too excited…"

"Toby…!" A voice admonished, Raylan smiled softly as he finally saw the 2nd medic, she smiled back.

Toby moved over to Art, and nodded at the sodden dressing. Art understood and moved aside, as Toby lifted the dripping rag.

Raylan flinched, but went ignored.

Blood immediately spilled out of the small hole and Toby pressed back down.

"Georgie I need a pressure dressing asap!" He looked at Art. "Press down." He instructed, handing him back the towel.

Raylan groaned long and deep at the pressure.

"Woah, Toby. Blood pressure just took a nosedive!" Georgie said, alarm in her voice.

"Right, hook him up. Saline and plasma. Call it in. Gonna need 8 units of O-neg on standby." Toby looked at Art, "What's his blood type?" Art shook his head.

"I can find out, it'll be on file at the office. Tim…" Tim nodded.

"On it." He pulled out his cell phone

Toby moved to Raylans side, gauze pads in hand.



"Right Art…I need you to stay here, and put as much pressure on these pads as you can. Don't worry about hurting him. Just press as hard as you can."

Art nodded and leant down. His heart sank as Raylan tried to curl in on himself, gasping in agony at the pressure. Toby grabbed his shoulder and pulled him flat.

"Easy Marshall…"

Raylan gasped in agony, trying to catch his breath, but failing. He felt his vision starting to fade. Georgie noticed the change in their patient.

"Toby get the 02! Slow breaths Marshall…" She placed the mask over his face but it soon steamed up. He grabbed at his chest…

"Chest pain?" Raylan nodded.

"Toby, need a 2nd I.V…he's really shocky. Getting tachycardic…" Art watched as they worked around Raylan, limp on the floor.

"Right, lets get him out of here! On three. One…two…three!" Raylan landed on the gurney with a soft thunk. Toby took Arts place as they rushed the gurney out. Raylan weakly raised his head to look at Art.


"Don't worry Raylan. I'll call her."

Art never saw Raylan shake his head "No"

Loretta was sitting in the passenger seat of a cruiser, feet resting on the floor, head in hands.

She looked about 40 years old, a young soul aged prematurely by recent events. Rachel stood next to her protectively, but failing to engage the girl in conversation.

Suddenly Loretta, jumped to her feet.


Rachel turned just in time to see the doors slam shut on the Ambulance. The siren cut through the silence as it disappeared.

Art walked out of the house, Tim at his side. Rachel started to walk over, but was beaten by Loretta.

"How's Raylan." She asked, looking up at him with sorrowful eyes.

Art looked down at Loretta, then Rachel. He could feel Rayland blood drying on his hands.

"He's bad…"

AN…(part 2) Ok, and so ends chapter 2! I hope it was ok. Im not a doctor. Any medical knowledge I have has been learnt from ER and House, so please excuse any inaccuracies! :D lol

Part 3 will be up asap