So I had a moment of weakness and reverted back to Billy and his story. I wrote this as a one shot, but feel free to leave me ideas if you want it to continue. If one of you inspires me, who knows, I might run with it. ;) Enjoy!

Helen Gates started as an unlucky kid in an unfortunate city; a familiar story for many. She was born with no money, no family, and no home.

Billy didn't envy her childhood; it was probably worse than his. She'd moved several times around the city only to end up right where she started: alone. Billy had known her since kindergarten but the two were never friends. Even then, the lines were drawn.

So when she entered the Four Roses on a rainy afternoon, he knew it was for a good reason. Her boots were dripping all over the wooden floors, hidden underneath her dark jeans and black hoodie.

"Fuck you doin' here?" He barked, standing up before she could step into the back dining room. He hadn't seen Helen in few years and even then she'd been only a faint image in the distance. She smirked at him from under the hood. Her pitch-black hair was stuck to her face and her mascara made dark circles around her eyes.

"Talk to you." She answered, walking slowly into the room. Her heels clunked as she approached the nearly empty booth. Only Bodie was with Billy today. Her brown eyes looked almost black in the dim room and, secretly, Billy admired her bravery. He motioned to the back, meeting eyes with Bodie. This meeting was unheard-of but he would allow it for now.

Helen Gates ran a crew that bordered Billy's turf. They called themselves "the Hall" even though their territory didn't include the original Hall street. Helen was a rare breed, a girl running a big crew of hookers and dealers. She deserved the authority; she'd earned it like she'd earned her nickname: Hells Gate. Corny as it sounded, once you met the edge of her blade, you could bet you'd soon be seeing Lucifer himself.

Billy waited for her to start down the hall and Helen grinned, aware of his precaution. He wanted his eyes on her at all times. When they walked into the back room, Billy stood in the open door, squaring his shoulders and making no move to close the two of them inside. Helen laughed and leaned against the table in the middle of the room.

"Don't trust me, huh?" Billy smirked.

"Would you?" She shook her head and pushed her hoodie down to reveal more of her face. Billy took her in slowly. Helen would have been a knockout if she'd lived a different life. Her hair was choppy, rough, and pixie short; it'd been dyed so many times the strands had long lost their shine. The skin on her face was tan from being outside all day; freckles marked her nose and cheeks from standing on corners to bring in johns.

"One of your guys paid one of my girls last night." Billy lifted his eyebrow, confused as to where she was going. "Paid my girl to lie down and take it…" She grinned coyly at him, crossing her legs. "…you would know the drill." His stomach burned at her insinuation. He'd paid for sex before, but now he had a waiting list for his services. Billy's patience started to wear off.

"So what?" He growled, stepping into the room a little further. This was his bar and he felt like he was starting to be over accommodating for an enemy. Helen rose, standing at the defensive. Billy was a good seven inches taller than her and he felt her body go on high alert.

"So he beat her pretty bad; high as a kite. She can't work for a while." Billy frowned and moved back to the door, closing it abruptly.

"You're fuckin' lyin'." He advanced on her again and Helen's hand flew to her jeans. Billy whipped his gun from the back of his waistband and the two met against the table. They fumed in each other's faces and Helen stood tall to try to meet his height.

"Make another move Darley and you won't be fuckin' anythin'." She shifted her hand and Billy felt the knife against the crotch of his pants. The point was directed between his hip and the start of his leg, pinching his shaft to his thigh.

"You do that and your kidneys will decorate my walls." He growled, pressing his .45 into her side. Helen snarled, standing taller on her toes.

"Fuck you." She hissed.

"Why are you here?" He growled, pressing against her blade boldly. His dick protested the constriction but he didn't yield. Helen took a deep breath and her eyes dulled.

"I want to get paid." She said. Billy sneered.

"Paid for what?" Helen touched her chest to his, unafraid of him.

"Your guy cost me a week's worth. Either you pay me…" She turned the blade and more pain shot up Billy's crotch. He locked his jaw but didn't cry out. This was a game and he was going to win. "…or I kill the asshole who beat the shit out of my girl." Billy snarled.

"You think I'm gonna pay you? Fuck that." Helen laughed darkly.

"I came here as a courtesy. You can make this go away. If you want your man alive, it'll be nice and easy." Billy glared at her, twisting his gun in her side.

"What makes you think I won't just shoot you right here?" He growled. She leaned in, inches from his face.

"Even with a bullet in my gut, I'll still cut your dick off." He knew she wasn't bluffing, he'd seen her handy work up close. They were both unapologetic killers.

"How much?" Billy growled, gritting his teeth. Helen didn't relax.

"Two grand." He laughed and she raised an eyebrow. "Too little? Ok, make it three." Billy wasn't amused.

"I'm not givin' you anything." He snarled. Helen shook her head slowly.

"Fuck you are. Your good-for-nothing assclown beat the SHIT out of my girl." Billy didn't answer but just stared. Finally, Helen narrowed her eyes. "Fine." She retracted her blade and walked around him.

"Where the fuck are you goin'?" Billy growled, his gun still trained on her head. She turned and stared down the barrel without fear.

"I'm gonna leave." Then she turned on her heel and threw open the door. Billy groaned. If he didn't stop her, he'd find one of his men dead tomorrow. He stepped out into the hall.

"Fuck." He murmured. Helen clomped by Bodie who looked between the two of them like a confused child. Billy rubbed his forehead with a hand.

"HELL." She stopped next to the bar. Billy shoved his gun back into his pants and approached her with heavy steps. He made sure to walk tall as he approached, he wasn't giving into her too easily. Her brown eyes were deadly and Billy felt his stomach tighten. She had an incredible presence.

"One grand." He murmured when he neared, hoping to say it quiet enough that no one else would hear. She tilted her head upward and locked her jaw.

"I said three." Billy snorted.

"And I'm offerin' you one." Helen turned to leave and Billy grabbed her arm, bringing her in close to him. "And I'll set my boy straight." Her eyebrows rose and she looked him in the eyes.

"You're gonna tune up your own guy?" Billy shrugged.

"You gonna take one grand?" Helen exhaled and studied his face.

"Deal." Billy motioned to Bodie.

"Give me that." He said, pointing to his canvas messenger bag. Bodie crossed the room and handed it over, giving his friend a puzzled look. Billy plucked a small roll from the pocket and counted out ten, one hundred dollar bills, settling them in Helen's waiting palm. Bodie raised an eyebrow and Billy threw the bag back at him, waving him away. He was only doing this because he respected Helen and didn't want to deal with a dead body.

"Your boy, Dog. I want to see him limpin', got me?" She murmured, looking into Billy's eyes for reassurance. Billy wanted to laugh. His newest recruit; he should have known.

"Don't fuckin' tell me how to run my boys." He growled. Helen smirked, taking his response as an affirmative.

"Then don't let 'em hurt my girls." Billy set his shoulders as she started to the door. Before she disappeared, he called out in a husky bellow.

"The offer still stands Helen." She stopped at her full name and turned. Billy could see her smiling as she replied, hovering in the doorway.

"Not in a million years, Darley."

"She's looks hot." Bodie whispered, elbowing Billy in the ribs as a blonde walked by. Billy rolled his eyes.

"Go for it." He grunted, more interested in his cigarette than Bodie's eye candy. Bodie snorted and elbowed him again.

"It's Gates, man." Billy lifted his head, looking at the blonde for the first time. She was leaning in the distance, smoking silently against the same wall. Her brown hair was platinum blonde, starkly different from the day before. Bodie whistled.

"Never thought I'd want to hit that but DAMN." He took a deep drag. "... I want to HIT. THAT." Billy snorted and shook his head. Helen had always dressed like a guy: loose jeans, loose shirts, and ponytails. Today she was wearing a short skirt and a tight tank with flip flops. Billy couldn't comprehend it. It's like she'd decided to be a girl for a change.

He held her hips and his fingertips were buzzing. She looked into his eyes and they both silently consented. Her body lowered and Billy groaned loudly. The opening was so small it barely fit over his head. Helen grabbed the seat behind Billy's head, digging her nails into the leather. He could see the pain in her face but she still pressed down, forcing him further into her body. The friction and heat made him pant, the pleasure rippling in his hips and thighs. He couldn't help but thrust up, begging for more. She hissed, retracting from him. Billy moved his thumbs on her hips.

"Sorry." He mumbled, gasping for air. He'd never felt so out of control before. Girls had sucked and rubbed him for years, but he'd never fucked anyone before. Fourteen was considered young for sex but he wanted it badly. After seeing Helen that morning, Billy knew she would be the right girl to start out with. She was in everyway his equal and his rival. So he'd approached her and she'd agreed, meeting him in Bones' lot. They'd chosen an old Oldsmobile 442 and settled in the backseat.

She shook her head, widening her stance over his body. "Just do it, Darley." He nodded and pressed down on her again, thrusting up simultaneously. Helen shuddered and swallowed a cry. Billy knew she was hurting but he couldn't help but moan again. The feeling was intoxicating. She was slick, tight and hot, nothing like a mouth could ever simulate. He moved and her hands found his shoulders. Helen trembled as he slid out slowly.

"Oh fuckin' shit." He growled. His dick twitched inside of her and he knew he wouldn't last long. This was so good he couldn't control himself. Helen was panting as she lowered on him again. Billy tossed his head back. So tight, so good. A small laugh made him open his eyes and he saw Helen grinning at him on his lap, her pain obviously lessening.

"Wow." She whispered, rising on him again. Billy clutched his eyes shut, gripping onto her hips. "You should see your face." He chuckled slightly and Helen leaned forward hesitantly. Billy opened his eyes and they hovered inches from each other. She reached up with one hand and touched his bottom lip with a finger, parting his lips as she stared into his eyes. He sat up and met her open mouth. She was warm and sweet; Billy slipped his tongue between her lips to deepen the kiss. As he did, she lowered onto him again and he ripped away, throwing his head back as he came deep inside of her.

"Oh fuck!" He hollered, jerking up in the seat as the pressure released in waves. Helen watched him with curious eyes as he gasped for air in between each small thrust.

"One day, I'm gonna run fuckin' Stokely." Billy said, taking a drag. Helen rolled her eyes and exhaled next to him.

"Whatever Darley." The two were perched on the hood of the car which, minutes before, had claimed both of their virginities. He looked over at her and exhaled.

"I'm serious. I'm tired of fuckin' Bones havin' all the fun. I'm gonna take it." She grinned and leaned back.

"I'm gonna run a crew too." He raised an eyebrow and laughed.

"A crew of what? Girls?" She took a drag and smirked at him. Billy laughed again. "Point taken." Helen exhaled and returned the laugh. "You should run with me." He said quietly, flicking ash to the ground. "You're tougher than most of the guys around here."

Helen smiled and grabbed him by the collar. Billy's eyes went wide as she yanked him towards her and planted a kiss on his lips. Before he could react, she pushed him away and leapt off the car.

"Sorry Darley." She said, laughing. "I don't like you." Billy grinned and watched her strut away.

"If you ever change your mind." He called. "You know where to find me." She turned and took a drag.

"Not in a million years, Darley."

Love you guys! =)