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Impasse: noun. 1. a position or situation from which there is no escape; deadlock. 2. a road or way that has no outlet. Stalemate, standstill, standoff.

He flicked his butt on the ground and closed his eyes. This is exactly what he'd needed. Leaning back on the hood of his car, Billy took a deep breath. His chest rose and fell under his open leather jacket as he listened to the silence.


It was a rarity in his life and he was milking every second he could. He enjoyed a good party or a rowdy bar, but today had been a mess. Heco hadn't shown up for his shift, Bones wanted him running all over the city, Bodie needed a lift to the office, and Joey was, well, Joey. Billy swallowed and let out a groan with a closed mouth. After receiving his regular dismissal from his father, Billy had driven out to the boonies, parking next to an old fence. It ran down the length of a dirt road, winding into the deep underbelly of the deserted industrial row. When he was a kid, this was a thriving area of factories. But the boom had passed and the businesses had died, killing the surrounding area with it.

As a kid he'd found solitude on the roof, now he found it here. He'd disappear and people would assume he was with a girl or up to no good. No one would suspect that he needed a little quiet once in a while. Even the strongest men needed a moment.

His cell phone vibrated inside the car, lighting up the dark interior from the driver's seat. He ignored it. If being a gang lord had earned him anything, it was the right to ignore people. Billy raised his knees, resting his feet higher on the hood of his Mustang. His shoulder blades dug into the windshield as he reached into his back pocket, pulling another cigarette from his pack. He lit it and set his elbows on his knees, putting his head back against the window. A night here had remedied many things: beatings, worries, fears, deaths. Billy wrinkled his nose and sniffed, keeping his eyes closed as his face tilted to the sky. Just being alone had given him strength when he'd felt none. No other place could do that for him. A nameless road. That was his salvation.

He settled into his position on the car, taking another drag as the phone vibrated once more behind the glass. He smirked and hissed smoke out of his nose, wondering who could desperately need him at this hour. A sound took his attention from the buzzing and he listened with a frown, trying to hone in the source without opening his eyes. The low hum gradually increased in volume and Billy sat up, recognizing a car engine. No one came this way, especially this late at night. Sliding off the hood, he stood at the driver's side door, watching a vehicle approach, kicking up dirt behind it. The lights were off so he could figure the make easy enough; it was a Plymouth. Just like Heco's Duster. Billy rolled his eyes and groaned, wondering how the hell anyone had figured out where he was.

Slowly, he stepped out to the street and the car grew closer. Billy put his hands in his pockets and let his head tilt back as he watched. The Plymouth was about two hundred feet away when Billy realized it wasn't red. It was a stone grey, blending into the dark. The headlights turned on and Billy went for his .45, taking a few steps back to the side of his Mustang. He'd been standing in the open and he was alone.

The Plymouth slowed while it closed the distance, the engine roaring as it pulled off towards the fence. It came to rest about thirty feet away, idling with a low hum. Billy flexed his jaw, planting his feet. He wasn't going to run but the impulse was still strong. The engine died and a door opened; Billy pulled his gun, hanging it at his side. His heart was beating fast.

"Easy Darley." The road crunched as a dark figure rose from the car and Billy relaxed.

"Fuck Hell, the fuck you doin' here?" Helen closed her door with a smirk.

"I was gonna ask you the same thing." She said. He still held his gun, stepping towards her in the dark. His eyes adjusted and he looked at her with squinting eyes. She was wearing her regular apparel: jeans and boots; but she also wore a black wife-beater. It accented her angular lean shoulders and B cup, fitting her snugly like always. She'd come a long way from the baggy tees she'd worn in middle school. Her hands were held out at her sides by her waist. "We good?" She asked. Billy nodded and she lowered her arms as he replaced his weapon. Her hair was pulled up in a tiny ponytail, sticking out behind her head. Helen smirked again as he inspected her so he looked away, examining the car instead.

"Hemi Cuda?" He asked, reaching out to run his fingers over the tip of the hood. She nodded and walked toward the front of the car, her hands in her pockets.

"1970." Billy sniffed and took a drag, hissing it out. Helen sat on the hood. "I hit one-twenty on this road last year." He looked up at her and snorted.

"In this?" She grinned.

"Yup. She's got the guts for it." Billy nodded his approval and turned around to lean on the hood.

"Cost you a bit of cash." He said with a hidden smirk. He appreciated nice things but cars took the cake. He'd spent most of his earnings since he was sixteen on the black Mustang he drove everywhere. It was his most prized possession for a reason. Helen chuckled and Billy glanced at her. She lit a cigarette and sighed out the smoke.

"Eh. I have ways of getting discounts." Her eyes laughed and she took another drag, unable to suppress a grin. Billy shook his head. Fear got you anything in this town.

"I bet you do." He murmured. Helen leaned back and looked at him from behind, blowing smoke towards the sky.

"Why you here then?" She asked. Billy turned and looked at her. He'd never been out here with anyone so he was hesitant to say why. But, then again, she'd come here alone as well.

"To think." He turned back around and took a drag, looking down the long road past his car. Helen rubbed her fingertips against the warm metal beneath her, watching his broad shoulders rise and fall.

"Yeah?" She murmured. Billy frowned, on the defensive in seconds. He turned around and glared at her.

"What?" She laughed and raised her hands in surrender.

"Fuck Darley. Didn't mean anything." He stood up and flicked his butt away. Helen tapped his thigh with the toe of her boot before he could leave.

"I come here to race alone on this stretch. Let the engine scream a bit." She looked down the road and let out a big breath. "It's freeing, having nothing ahead of me but dirt." Billy stopped and his sensitivity melted away. This was Helen. He'd forgotten how clear-minded and chill she'd always been. Even though they'd barely spoken in the past, she'd always treated him with respect; even at his most vulnerable. They were on an even playing field. He looked at her and she lay back on the car completely, putting an arm behind her head.

"It's probably the open space. Being inside was the shittest thing." Billy was struck with her honesty. It was a show of trust. He thought about what she'd said for a moment, thinking about his own reasons for coming here.

"Bones couldn't climb on the roof so I'd sit up there." He said suddenly, surprising even himself. He sit on the car gently, careful of the pristine, grey body. She didn't react but just watched him with her head propped on one elbow. "Traded up for this." Billy added. Helen nodded and they just sat, listening to the faint sound of the highway miles away. Both acknowledged the unspoken scars of their pasts, neither pushing for more.

He forgot she was there at some point; his mind drifted away, thinking about nothing like a lens out of focus. It was so dark the horizon was hard to find past the fence. The faint line blurred in the distance and Billy felt like there was no end. There was just black. Helen shifted and he was jolted back to the present. She sat forward on the hood and tossed her butt, grinding it with an extended leg.

"Well come on then." She said, standing and walking down the road. Billy frowned and rose.

"Come on what?" Helen tossed him a coy smile. He was reminded of her teasing in Bones' lot. The fourteen-year-old kids in them still existed; they were just hidden deep inside. Tucked away where they couldn't get hurt.

"I've shown you mine. I wanna see yours." She shouted over her shoulder, making her way towards the black Mustang. Billy snorted and caught up in long strides as she reached his car. She glided her hand over the hood and smiled. He watched her curiously as she traced the scarlet tribal designs with an idle finger.

"Very nice." Helen murmured. "I remember it from before." Billy cocked his head.

"Before?" She nodded, walking around to the back.

"It was some kind of yellow." Billy grinned and ran a hand over the black paint. He didn't think she would remember the old lot that well.

"You remember that?" He asked. Helen shrugged and leaned against the trunk.

"I remember that day perfectly." She answered, looking down the road. He stood next to her and set his elbows on the truck, dangling his hands off the back. Her short black hair swished as a breeze picked up, blowing cold air over the grass. Billy watched her as she stared into the night.

"I didn't think you liked me that much." He teased, letting his voice dip low. They were close enough he could feel the hair on her forearms against his own. She snorted and looked up at him.

"I hate you. You're my competition." Billy gave her a lopsided grin and she glanced at his mouth. His stomach clenched; he remembered how she'd parted his lips with a soft finger in the back of the Oldsmobile. She'd opened him like he'd opened her. Billy's body grew warm when he thought about it: the way she'd watched him seize in pleasure; how she'd kissed him and leapt off the car. Helen glanced up at his eyes and dared him to take what he wanted. Billy didn't give in.

"That's right. My mistake." He murmured, leaning in just enough to tease her and pull away. She smirked.

"So why'd you pick me?" The question was loaded so he shrugged.

"Why'd you say yes?" Helen grinned and neared him again, but she didn't pull away.

"Cuz I wanted it." His heartbeat rocketed. She was so close her breath warmed his lips and he craved her worse than anything he'd wanted before. "Why me?" She asked again. He didn't have an answer, only a reaction. His mouth opened and he lunged, taking hold of her head in a swift movement as he crushed his lips to hers. Helen tugged at his jacket, pinning herself between his body and the car. Their tongues flicked and teased as lips parted and closed. Billy shut his eyes and drank her in. He was back in that car, feeling this chemistry for the first time. His lips were on fire, burning as they moved in sync with Helen's. Each kiss lasted a lifetime and yet they weren't long enough.

Billy's body buzzed and he groaned, plunging deeper into her mouth. She welcomed him and they vibrated again. His eyes flew open as the sensation sent electricity up his spine. He pulled away.

"The fuck?" He panted. Helen's hands were still clasped on his jacket collar, unyielding in her hold on him. Her eyes opened and she stared.

"What?" There was another buzz and she groaned, releasing him and digging her ringing phone from her jeans. Billy rubbed a palm over his mouth and realized how stupid he was being. Helen wasn't his friend or even his ally. She read the caller ID and hung up, putting it back in her pocket. Then they just looked at each other, slowly touching back to earth and stepping away. Their moment was gone; all that remained was reality.

Reality: noun. 1. the state of things as they are or appear to be, rather than as one might wish them to be.

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