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"Pyro stop calling me Izzy. You know I can't go with you. If I do I'll only be a secret weapon and then you'll all get rid of me. And I can't be alone again." I whispered.

"Izzy we won't leave you. Please come with us." He said and kissed me.

He pulled back and smiled. "I'll –" I was cut off because the doors banged open with ice flying everywhere.


"Isabella Marie whatever your name is if you go with him I'll freeze you in an ice cube for the rest of your life!" Bobbie yelled walking in along with Kitty and Rogue since the building was on fire and the Cullen's couldn't come in.



They glared each other down until I split it up.

"HEY! You two cut it out. Now if we don't get out of here I'll have a lot of explaining to do." I said walking out of the building in a worse mood than earlier.

I heard there feet walking after me. I saw the Cullen's but ignored them.

"Bella?" Edward said.

I turned around. "Edward, sorry but I don't love you the way you love me. So don't follow me. Kitty, Rogue, Bobbie, Pyro get in my car. No don't fight." I was still walking towards my car when someone grabbed me from behind. Cold. Obviously a vampire.

"If you don't let go off me I will blow up any part of you that is touching me at this moment. And it won't grow back OR be able to resemble yourself." I was immediately put down and I blew up a tree to prove my point even further.

I got in my car and drove off, speeding to the house. Once we arrived I got out and stood in the grass waiting for everyone to get out of the car.

"Izzy-", Pyro started speaking but I cut him off with a slap.

"You jerk ass!" I yelled. "Who the hell do you think you are just showing up?"

"Izzy, please calm down." He said.

"Do not tell me to calm down John. I am furious. You just ruined everything!"

"Bella, I agree with him you need to calm down before you blow us up." Bobby said. I glared at him but took deep breaths to calm myself.

"So Bells, what did he ruin." I stared at her and then remembered what I had said. I blew it. I have to tell them. They know when I lie. I can't tell them. They'll hate me and then tell professor.

"Umm…. Well uh you see. Erm. Ugh! It's a long story. Let's go inside."

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