A Triangle of Blue Material

A triangle of blue material

Disappears behind an Afghan building

And it seems to whisper your name

As it drifts further away,

Taking with it your friendship

But leaving my blame

I hear it again in the whispers

Of the kites that drift by me—

In every judgmental hiss

Of the wind in the tails

Of bird-like reminders

Floating In liberated bliss

Hassssan, comes the hiss

Hassssan, say the kites

It's the slap in the face

It's the justice-hungry rant

It's the enraged yell

That I wish so badly was misplaced.

I have a friend who's disappeared

And guilt to take his place

I have no one to run my kite

And no reason to win anyway

Though I should be afraid of guilt

I just can't put up a fight.

I wish I could have said I'm sorry

I wish all those years ago

On that dark and rainy day

That I had run out to the car

And called you "jan"

And made you stay.

But now I stand, since all I did is wish,

And watch a triangle of blue material

Attached to a string

—a simple invention we never got right—

Float away and hiss your name.

I see its judgment, I hear its blame, I feel its sting.

And I wish that I had called you "jan."

And I wish that I had made you stay.