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Summery: Bella is getting ready to leave for collage after Edward left her in the forest two years ago. Jacob has been in her life but only as a friend only. She's going to have to say goodbye to him before she leaves for College. Jake is a wolf when she goes to Jakes two months before she leaves she catches the eye of one member of the pack.

After Edward left me in the woods I knew he wanted me to follow to show him just how pathetic I really am over him but I didn't. Why should I go after him when he's the one that wanted to leave me? I knew I wasn't good enough for him in the first place.

When he left I threw myself into my school work. Jacob kept me afloat and kept me alive and laughing and when I broke down he was always there for me to cry on. He's the one that encouraged me to send out my collage applications and that's what I did just a few months ago. I'm still waiting to hear back from everyone. I sent them out to the university of Florida, Tennessee, Washington, New York, UCLA , and Yale. I don't know where I'm going yet but I know it's going to be out of the state. I just sent one into Washington to make Charlie's sake.

It's a week before prom and everyone is gong nut's about it. Mike has asked me four times before I stuck Jacob on him and the same thing happened to Tyler, and Eric. I think everyone finally gave up on me. Jessica and Lauran are still as evil as ever, but Angela and her boyfriend Ben still talk to me and keep's me company whenever I'm not with Jake or working at Newton's sporting goods store. I only work there three day's a week but still.

I have to save money for College I mostly want to go to UCLA or Columbia. I mean sure Renee and Phil said they would pay for it, (much to Charlie's dismay.) but I'm saving up for food and everything that I'm going to need or want while I'm there.

I just finished my sixth period PE class witch is my last class of the day and surprisingly I have become less clumsy after Edward left me I have gotten really well at walking and everything really when it comes to my physical activity. It's now officially the weekend and I'm off to La Push for the rest of the day. Dad is coming for dinner. I jumped into the cab of my truck and started out towards First Beach on the reservation. I turned on my IPod and 'Bleed Red' came on.

When I got to First Beach I walked down to the shore and saw Jacob sitting on our piece of Drift Wood waiting for me. Over the last nine months Jacob has hit a growth spurt, he's about 6'4 now and he's still growing! It's crazy. Pretty soon he's not going to fit into my truck or even a door way.

I made my way down the beach towards him and before I got there he turned around as if he herd me coming. He stood up and ran to me.

"did they come yet?" asking about the college applications as he was getting coser. I shook my no.

"I don't think so… but I haven't been home yet today so I don't know."

He hugged me when we were close enough to do so. "How have you been?"

"Been doing okay. A little nervous for them to come but I'm hanging in there what about you?"

"Been good… school sucks though."

I laughed "it's supposed to suck. But it get's better well it did for me in my junior year."

"Whatever. Come on, did you bring your suit?" he asked pulling me toward the cliff's.

"yup." I said and pulled my shirt over my head leaving me in just my shoes, jeans, and bikini top. Jacob stopped pulling on me and just stared at me. "Perv" I said and shoved him to the side and walked away.

"Hey!" he yelled and chased after me and through me over his shoulder.

"Put me down you big baboon!" I yelled at him but he just kept going until we got to the edge.

"do you want me to go with you? Or do you want to go alone?"

I thought about it for a little bit. I've never been alone. Jake has always jumped with me. I've always been to scared to go alone but I think I'm ready to go it alone. I need to do this.

"I think I'm going to go alone… okay?"

"you sure?"

"yeah." I said assuredly. I kicked off my shoes and stripped my jeans off, so all I had on was my bikini. I have over come feeling uncomfortable in my own skin but I don't just flaunt it all the time I'll wear bikinis and short skirts and shorts.

I stepped to the edge of the cliff, took a deep breath and looked out towards the water. "okay." I whispered. The water was beautiful the water was a teal color and with the lower level cliff's out in the distance it was a beautiful picture perfect view. I closed my eye's and took another deep breath just smelled the ocean and the saltiness of the water the fresh air.

I opened my eye's and took a step back then lunged into the air towards the water. I striated my arm's out above my head so when I hit the water I could be able to guide through the water. While I was in the air it was an unbelievable feeling. I have never felt like this before it was crazy. Then when I hit the water I closed my eye's and started kicking so I would get to the surface faster. As I got to the got to the top I felt a splash next to me, and that meant that Jacob got scared and dove in after me.

When he surfaced the water he started calling out my name I stayed as quiet as I could and swam up behind him then I jumped onto his back.

"Gotcha!" I yelled into his ear.

"oh my God you are never going to do that again! Not without me!"

"WHAT?" I yelled "why? Nothing happened!"

"Because you scared the crap out of me! Never again Bella you hear me?"

"yes! Whatever." I said then asked if we could go again.

"Sure." He nodded "but we're going together! I'm not kidding Bella you had me worried."

"Okay!" I said then we jumped for a few more hours then we went to Jakes house. I started making homemade pizza for him, Billy, Charlie and myself. Of course Jacob can eat two pizza's while Charlie, Billy and I can eat two pizza's split between us.

When Charlie got here Jake left me to cook and joined the men in the living room to watch Baseball. When the food was done I just brought them the pizzas so we could watch the game and wouldn't have to miss any of the game.

Around nine thirty the game was over and Charlie suggested that we get on going home. "alright it's time for Bell's and I to head home. I'll be by early tomorrow morning for fishing Billy. Have a good night you two."

"Alright you too, bye Bella." Billy said

"see ya Billy." I said and bent down to give him a hug goodbye. I looked over to Jake to see that he had a pout on his face. "Alright well… see ya." I said and headed towards the door. I heard feet pounding on the floor behind me. So I started running.

"Get back here!" Jake yelled after me.

"Neva!" and I ran faster to my truck. I was just about to there when I was grabbed from behind.

"Don't you say 'Neva' to me Isabella! I taught you Neva I can take it away!" he said and spun me around from behind. "now give me a hug!"

He set me down and turned me so I was facing him. "what if I don't want to?"

"to bad" he said and pulled me to his chest and wrapped his arm's around my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck and held him tight.

"Let's go Bell's" Charlie said coming outside with Billy right behind him.

"Alright." I called over to him but Jake wouldn't let go of me. "uh Jake? I kinda have to go."

"I don't want you to go" he whined

"But what would Emily say?" that would be Jake's girlfriend for the last year and a half now.

"She'll understand. I mean you're my best friend! Stay the night! Please?" he said and let me go .

"I don't have anything to wear and I have to work tomorrow morning. So I really can't stay tonight but I'll come out again tomorrow after words."

"There's a bon fire tomorrow night and my pa- my friends really want to meet you and of course Quill and Embry want to see you again."

"Aw I haven't seen those two in a very long time… do I have to bring anything?"

"you don't have to but the guy's will love you forever if you made your raspberry bar's, you'll have to make triple the amount you make for me and Dad… or you could give the recipe to Em and she can make them." he said innocently

"NO! your not getting your hands on that recipe ever! Neither is Emily! That is a Swan family secret recipe and it is going to stay in the Swan family and who ever I spend the rest of my life with… I'll bring them tomorrow. I'm going to have to get home as soon as I can so I can start the bottom crust dough. So I'll see you tomorrow… what time should I come over or where and when should I be?"

"the food starts at six and then the stories start at seven so meet me and Emily here tomorrow at five-thirty so we can head over together." He said and opened my door for me.

"okay I'll see you tomorrow night then and if you sneak one before the bon fire I'm not making any for you ever again." I said then shut my door, started my truck and backed out of the drive before he could say anything else. When Charlie and I got home we walked through the door together.