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And she was right. I don't belong here with them. I don't want them to be risking anything for me. I walked back to the kitchen to the back door, went out and shut the door not all the way to hear anything but almost shut and walked to where the cliff's were.

Chapter 6

Bella pov

When I got to the cliff's I thought about how easy it would be to just jump and leave for everyone's lives to be easier.

I took off my jacket and jewelry. I walked to the edge and looked down, it was about a fifty or sixty foot drop. I turned around so I was facing the forest and closed my eye's.

"You don't want to do that." I heard a deep voice say and the I Opened Up My Eye's.

(SAM POV love me I know you will.)

"Sam you need to come to Jake's." Paul said coming into my office.

"I'm with a client right now." I said "I'm sorry about this Mr. Pike."

"It's quite alright." He told me. We were discussing about his engines because it kept making a clicking sound as he drives. He brought it here early 'cause he has the day off but would like to be home later in the day.

"Sam it's important." Paul pressed.

"I'll be there when I'm done Paul."

"Meet at Jakes."

I nodded my head and turned back to Mr. Pike. "Alright do you need a ride home Mr. Pike because this will take about a day and a half to fix."

"No, no I'll walk home it's fine." He said and stood up. "Thank you Sam." and shook my hand.

"I'll give you a call when it's done." I said when we let go.

Mr. Pike walked out and started on his way home. I followed him to the front door and locked it behind him, I went to the back door that leads to the forest. I stripped of my clothes and tied my shorts to y ankle and phased.

I ran through the tree's like a breeze 'What could they need that was so important that would take me away from work?'

I was near the cliffs before I started towards Jake's in front of me there was a girl taking off her things, I stopped where I was and phased back into human form. Her back was to me when I put on my shorts back on. When I looked at her, her back was now towards the ocean, and her eye's were closed.

"You don't want to do that." I said and her eye's popped open and the world stopped, she became everything to me.

'Oh crap.' I thought. 'I just imprinted'

"Who are you?" the angel said with a bell like voice.

"Sam. You?" I asked her.


I sighed and asked. "What are you doing on the cliff's?"

"I-I um… Thinking."

"It looked like you were about to jump to me."

"not like it matters if I did or not… no one wants me." She muttered under her breath.

"Matters to me." I said so she could hear me.

"Why? You don't know me."

"Do you by any chance know Jacob Black?"

"Yeah." She said.

'Oh crap. I just imprinted on Jakes Bella. This is going to kill him.' I though. "Let's go back to his house."

"They don't want me there." She said

"What are you talking about? Jake loves you. I know that for a fact that he wants you there. I'm sure he'd love to be here with you I promise that to you."

"I wasn't talking about Jake. I mean everyone else. That's why I'm here… nobody wants me there. I heard them talking." I started Shaking

"Who?" I asked.


"Who said that?"

"Oh. Um Leah I guess. I don't know who else though I heard voices and then left."

"Then maybe you should get back there before they notice you missing. Because Jake will be mad if he found you gone… I'm heading that way if you want to join me getting there." I offered her.

"No I really don't want to make them anymore made than they already are. I mean I really don't want to get them mad."

"They wont hurt you. I promise you. They have to listen to me."

"What? … You're they're Alfa? Your that Sam?"


"That's why your in the woods." She said pointing to me. "and half dressed. Look Sam I really just want to sit here by myself."

(Bella's pov)

"Can I stay with you then?" He asked

"I guess but only if you want too. I don't want you to stay because I'm here and you don't trust that Ican not fall off the cliff. Because I trust me I can make it just fine on my own."

"I trust you. I want to be here. Really. I do."

"Okay." I said and sat down with my leg's over the edge then patted the spot next to me for him to sit down.

He walked up to me then sat down too. "What were you doing?" he asked. " I mean before I got here."

"I was just… thinking."

"You don't have to tell me now… but will you? In the future?"

"It is the truth." 'Just not all the truth.' I said in my head.

"Okay. Are you getting cold? Your shivering."

"I didn't even notice." I told him, and it was the truth.

"come here." He said.


"I'm hotter than most people… all us wolves are." I thought about it for a minute then scooted (carefully) closer to him. He put his arm around me and I instantly leaned into him. He felt so warm "God your freezing Bella." He said and grabbed my hands in between his to warm them up for me.

"That feels so good." I said and laid my head on his shoulder. "Thank you."'

"Your welcome." He said and pulled me closer.

'Gah! He has the most amazing smell ever! I can't believe I'm gushing over a guy! I can't get involved with a guy now I'm about to go to college! I don't can't have a guy right now! I can't have strings attached to this place besides my Dad.

"We should probably head back , get you warmed up and then we can talk."

"Aren't you suppose to be there now?"

"Yeah Paul came to get me but I was with a client so I told him I'd be there shortly."

"You don't know then?"

"Know what?"

I got up and put my hand out to him. "We have to go. You have to know Sam."

"Know what Bella?"

"I can't be the one to tell you Sam. I'm sorry." I said and then he got up as well.

He grabbed my hand then started walking in the direction of Jake's house. When we got there I could hear voices raised and shouting.

We walked in the door and I could hear Jake yelling. "Where could she have gone? I knew she would do something like this."

"You knew?" There was Embry.

"I got her." Sam said as we walked into the room. Jake pulled me away from Sam and into a hug.

"Don't you ever do anything like that again!" He said then I was ripped away from Jake and into another set of warm arms.

"Jesus Bella." Embry said. "You scared the crap out of me." He said, pulled back, put his lips to mine and kissed me. My eye's were wide, eyebrows were scrunched. It felt so… Weird. Embry started to run his fingers through my hair.

Suddenly he was gone. I was pushed behind someone as they growled at Embry, I noticed it was Sam and he was shaking so bad.

"Sam." I said and placed my hand on his back. He turned his head towards me, I saw him visibly relax.

"Did he hurt you?" He asked and put his hand to my cheek.

"Sam I'm fine. What are you… What was that about?"

"Yeah man what was that?" Embry Growled out and Sam growled back at him and started shaking again and turned to face him."

"What were you doing with my Imprint?"

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