Cana was relaxing at the bar. Although she was the only one sitting at the front counter, the guild was bustling with life. She watched as her friends rough housed and talked among themselves, their typical rowdy attitude unwavering in the summer heat.

"Cana," Mirajane's sweet voice caught her attention. The brunette card holder turned to face the blue eyed demon. Mirajane had leant up against the counter and pushed a brimming mug of beer in her direction. "I have a quick question."

Raising a brow, Cana hooked her fingers around the mug's handle and tipped her head back, the drink sliding down her throat soothingly. Mirajane rarely asked her of anything, unless it was something extremely important. Last time the white haired mage had inquired a favor from her, the bartender had ended up in tears, as Lisanna had passed away.

She'd be damned if she was forced into the 'caring partner' position again. She has her own problems to deal with and honestly, she doubted she would be able to take the mushy bonding time right now. That sort of things was never her cup of liquor.

Taking a deep breath she sent the mug back into the other girl's waiting palm. "Give me a bigger mug and a shot of the good stuff and maybe I'll be willing to talk." Cana ignored the large grin that spread over Mirajane's pink lips. Restlessly, her brown eyes found the silver bangles on her wrist and stayed there. She didn't need to watch Mirajane to know that she had flitted to the other side of the bar to make her order.

"Here you go!" Not even two minutes later the feisty bartender was back, smiles like the sun and eyes sparkling like the stars on a clear night. Cana promptly took the shot. This could be a long afternoon. "What do you need, Mira?"

Mirajane clasped her hands together, the sweet smile turning into a devious grin. Cana shuttered, it didn't matter that the demon mage had toned her violent tendencies down. She was still scary as all hell.

"Do you still have that Fortune Teller's card? You know the ones we used to use all the time when we were kids?"

Ah. She should have known. Even as a child, Mirajane had loved playing Match Maker and made it her job to create love and drama for the youth of Fairy Tail. The only reason the takeover mage paid any mind to Cana back then was because of her slowly growing deck of cards, specifically her Fortune Teller card. Apparently, Mirajane hasn't quite grown out of her relationship fascination.

"No, I traded it for a gypsy card." Cana rolled her eyes at her friend's dumbfounded expression. The gypsy card was the most common, she already had eight of them, and Mirajane knew that. On the other hand the fortune teller was rare, and was quite useful. "I like the Gypsy Card's ability a lot more." Cana spat sarcastically.

Her hands shooting up to fist in her white tresses, Mirajane looked like she would have been emitting fire from her eyes if she was a Fire Mage. "You did WHAT? I know for a fact that you hate…no despise the Gypsy Card. You TOLD ME that all they did was dance around in minimum clothing, shaking maracas and blowing kisses. How could you get rid of such a rare card for something as ordinary and easy to find as a—"

"Sheesh, I was kidding Mira!" Cana cut in quickly, "Of course I still have the card. Do I look like an idiot to you?"

Crossing her arms over her pink dress and lowering her gaze to meet Cana's, Mirajane frowned, "You know, lying is a sin, and liars never get anywhere good in life." Closing her eyes, Mirajane pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head disapprovingly. "No, they only end up in trouble."

Cana mockingly chuckled. "I believe there is a difference between good humor and lying. Besides, a little white lie never hurts anybody."

The demon mage let out a long breath of annoyance. "Look, I'm not going to argue with you."

"Right. Then what did you want?" Cana huffed.

"I need a look into the future. I think two of our friends need a…push in the right direction." Mirajane winked. "If you know what I mean."

"Ha, I know what you mean alright. But do I dare ask who these friends are, and what makes you think they need your help?"

"Our help," Mirajane corrected, "And when the main subjects are Lucy and Natsu, well, they need all the help they can get." Her eyes darted over Cana's shoulder, she grinned furtively.

That took the cake. Mirajane had completely lost it. Yes, opposites do attract, but this was just too much, Cana was surprised that Natsu and Lucy got along at all.

Slowly turning in her stool, the Card Holder's eyes almost instantly sought out the blonde mage. She was sitting at an otherwise vacant table. Her feet were propped up on the chair across from her. Her short skirt rode up dangerously close to her underwear line. A plain, light blue, belly shirt showed off her trim waist. The girl was engrossed in a book and therefore oblivious to the happenings around her.

Including the Dragon Slayer, who had snuck up behind her. He was wearing his normal outfit. Did he ever wash his clothes? Cana was mildly shocked when he rested his hands on the girl's bare shoulders. Lucy jumped slightly, but smiled nonetheless. Almost like this was an ever occurring thing.

If Cana was a woman who could be shocked easily, her jaw would be hitting the floor right now. The notion of someone like Natsu (oblivious, energetic, reckless) having any type of physical relationship with someone like Lucy (frugal, emotional, bookwormy) was preposterous. Natsu rarely touched people just for the sake of touching them. Usually he was smashing his fist into someone, or barreling into a poor unsuspecting bystander as he ran from Erza.

But Natsu didn't seem to have a real reason to be touching Lucy, even if it was as platonic as a hand on the shoulder. This was unusual. Maybe Mirajane wasn't as crazy as Cana originally thought.

"Natsu's been trying to get her on a mission for the past three days. But she's been really dragging her feet." Cana turned back to Mirajane.

"That's unlike her. She's usually all too eager to make money. Her rent seems to be very demanding." She wouldn't be surprised if Lucy was just faking the rent issue just so she could have extra cash to shop.

"Exactly. I've been sorting through possible reasons why she would decline him so persistently and have come to one conclusion," Mirajane hesitated, then giggled timidly, "Er, one plausible one."

"What would that plausible one be?" Despite her lax manner, Cana was actually interested in the demon mage's idea. The old saying curiosity killed the cat rang true in more than one situation. And she'd be damned if she said she wasn't suspicious about Team Natsu's recent inactivity.

"Well, I think Lucy has a crush on Natsu."

Cana nearly gave herself whiplash. She twisted her neck towards the partners on the other side of the room so quickly she swore she heard a crack. Her brown eyes scanned the scantily clad blonde's face with utmost concentration.

-Slightly flushed cheeks? Check.

-Shy smile? Check.

-Avoidance of eye contact? Check.

-Excessive evasion of any sort of contact. Particularly alone time? Double check.

"Let me guess, you want to take a gander at what the future holds for them." Not taking her eyes off of the subtly flirting team mates, Cana crossed her legs and waited for Mirajane's reply. It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what she was after. Cana just wanted to hear her say it herself.

"You got that right."

Cana shifted in her chair, leaning to one side she slid the bag around her torso and rested it in her lap. Tossing the flap, Cana pulled out a thick deck of cards and quickly shuffled through them. She carelessly threw the Fortune Teller's card face up on the counter.

"Looking into other people's future is wrong Mira, do you remember Master's reaction when he figured out what we were doing during our sleepovers?"

Both women shuttered.

"I think we should go to the back closet. I can't leave the guild until everyone leaves and I want to get this rolling as soon as possible."

Nodding in agreement, Cana put the rest of her cards away and flung the bag over her shoulder again. The one card left in her hand was worn, the edges fraying out and the once vibrant colors fading. A coffee stain distorted the Fortune Teller's face. Cana still remembered Mirajane's over enthusiastic reaction about a prophecy that dubbed Mirajane the winner of a battle with a young Erza. Those two were always fighting after all.

As if on cue, the white haired woman waved towards her formal rival.

"Hey Erza!" Mirajane called to the red head. She was sitting not so far away from Lucy and seemed to be having a debate with Gray. It must have not been important because she got up and left mid sentence. Once The Titania's back was turned, Cana watched in amusement as Gray slouched in his chair, relieved.

Eyes serious and lips set in a stern line; Erza stopped a couple paces away from her and Mirajane. Erza's normal armor was shined to perfection and free of dents. "Mirajane." She spoke evenly.

"I was wondering if you could man the bar for a little bit." Mirajane asked cheerfully.

Erza stiffened. "Why? Is something wrong?"

Laughing, Mirajane raised her hands in front of her and moved them in a submissive manner. "Everything is fine; I just need to have a private chat with Cana." Mirajane patted Cana's shoulder for emphasis.

"Alright, make it quick." Turning on her heel, Erza marched to the counter and slide through the narrow gap between a rickety stool and a wooden paneled wall. She took her place at the front of the kegs.

"I don't think Erza was the ideal choice for that particular job." Cana comment, a playful glint passing over her caramel colored eyes.

"Yeah, but you know the saying: Hindsight is always 20/20." Mirajane looked back at the bar, eyes tainted with mild regression.


Cana closed the closet door behind her. The room was stuffy and grimy, the atmosphere dank. She scuffled over to a crate on the far side of the storage space and dusted it off with a rag she found on the floor. She watched as Mirajane walked over to the window on the opposite side of the room and ran a finger over the dirty glass.

"This place is absolutely filthy."

"MmMmm," Crossing a leg over the other, Cana clutched the Fortune Teller's card in her hand, "We are not here to clean Mira."

Stretching her arm out, a light green seal stretched across the card and expanded to take up most of the extra legroom in the storage closet. A brilliant light flashed and an airy breeze stirred up the sedentary dirt. Both girl coughed and swatted at the air in dismay.

After a moment, the dust settled, revealing a woman probably a couple years older than Cana herself. The woman wore a tight strapless half shirt, the royal blue bringing out the iciness in her light blue eyes. A pair of black yoga pants fit loosely around her slim waist. A forest green veil covered her face from nose down and her hair was done up in an elaborate bun. Strands of dark curls framed her face. Tattoos and jewelry wrapped around her body.

Mirajane gaped at the figure in front of her in awe and Cana couldn't help but mirror the enthralled gaze. Last time the Fortune Teller had been summoned, she was about the same age as Cana and Mirajane at the time. The woman standing in front of them was not a fifteen year old girl.

"I-I didn't know that your cards could mature." Mirajane snapped her gaze to the floor. The woman was starring at her intently, and Mirajane seemed embarrassed for being caught starring.

"I didn't either."

"Ladies, it is nice to see you again." The woman bowed, she held a triangular crystal wrapped tightly in her arms. The dim light that filtered threw the window hit the gem just right, causing beams of clear blue and vivid greens to move across its surface. "It has been quite a long time, hasn't it?"

"I need some more liquor." Cana mumbled to herself. She eyed the shelf of fine wines near the door. She didn't know how she missed them when she first walked in, but she was sure glad she saw them now. "My buzz is wearing off."

Clicking her tongue, Mirajane sat down on a small children's chair. The wooden legs groaned. "Yes it has been Agatha. You've grown a lot."

A tiny smile slipped onto Agatha's otherwise blank face. "Surprised?"

Cana stood up and strode to the self. She ran a finger over the glass bottles, dusk rubbing off onto her finger tip. "Actually I am." She paused at a particularly dusky bottle and took it out of the set of prongs that kept it in place. "Do explain why you can age like a mortal."

"As a rarest card, I have the ability to learn and grow, just like my wielder. You'll be happy to know I've learnt some new tricks."

Mirajane jumped at the figurative opening. "Would this new trick help us see into the futures of two potential lovers?" Mirajane had never been the type to beat around the bush and Cana wasn't surprised to see her cut straight to the point. No matter how awkward the dilemma may be.

"Yes. It's called Telepatica. The technique follows the guide lines of the old folk tale 'A Christmas Carol'. In which the wielder, and one accomplish, can see into the past, present, and future of their…chosen personnel."

"That's perfect!" Mirajane exclaimed and leant forward in anticipation. "Let's do that!"

Agatha directed her attention to Cana. Her blue eyes reflecting the light from the window like a cats' would. "But there's a catch".

Sighing, Cana uncorked the wine and sniffed it. "There's always a catch." MmmMMm, this smells good.

"In order for the magic to work, I need to have a prized possession of the person you would like to see."

Cana inspected the bottle's label for a second before shrugging. Master wouldn't be that upset. The wine was only 900 years old. She rocked back on her heels and let her weight rest on the shelf behind her. Slowly, she slid to the ground. Downing the wine in one hit, she burped loudly and wiped her upper lip with her forearm. A pair of brown eyes met two pairs of blue.

Cana nearly groaned. "Ok Mira. Since this was your idea, how do you suppose we go about doing this?"

"…Ninja time anyone?"


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