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I sighed and swept my long, auburn hair behind my ear as I stared out the window of the compartment.

There were three other girls in there, named Lavender Brown, Paravati Patil, and Padma Patil; two boys named Seamus Finnigan and Dean Thomas sat with us as well. However, none of them seemed like the type I'd get along with. Lavender and Paravati were far to giggly for my tastes, talking about boys and makeup and the latest issues of Witch Weekly where Gilderoy Lockhart (vomit) talked about himself. Again.

Seamus kept going on and on about Quidditch to Muggleborn Dean, who listened attentively, asking questions every now and then. Now, I don't have anything at all against Quidditch, in fact I love it, when I found out firsties weren't allowed their own brooms I said 'bollocks' out loud and got in a fairly large amount of trouble. I blame Aiden for my foul language.

Padma was a little quieter than her twin sister, but they were still very similar beings. I bet if you told them that they'd be bloody furious, but oh, well. They'll deal.

We'd hardly gotten to the outskirts of London when a girl with very bushy hair and rather large front teeth came in, dragging a dark-haired boy that looked vaguely familiar with her.

"Hello," she said. "I'm Hermione Granger. Have you seen a toad? Neville's lost one."

Ah! I remember now. The boy, Neville, had been in front of me in line at Flourish and Blott's when I'd gone to get all my stuff for school. He was a clumsy little bugger, too.

"EW, no!" Lavender said. "Toads are gross!"

"Toads are not gross!" I smirked. "They're just slimy, like my dick of a brother. He's a third year Slytherin. By the way," I added to Hermione, "I'm Riley Scamander."

"Oh, yes, I do believe we've had the pleasure of meeting your sister up near the front, she was really nice, and your brother two compartments ago," Hermione said. "He said some really nasty things to us, and then he called me something that made Neville really mad, I don't know what it was, though."

Oh, bugger. "What'd he call you?" Seamus asked.

"He called me a 'filthy little mudblood,' whatever that is," Hermione said matter of factly. "But I know it's really rude, judging by Neville's reaction and the looks on you lot's faces right now."

I was mad as hell. Who did the bastard think he was? And he probably didn't even know if she was Muggleborn or not, either! I don't even know, why the hell would she tell a rude bunch of Slytherin gits? It's a mite hypocritical, too, since when he popped out of the oven it was a Muggleborn doing the pushing and shoving. The nerve of that boy!

As it was, everyone in our compartment was furious, excluding Dean, being Muggleborn himself.

"You should come in and sit," Lavender said, shifting slightly so the seat next to her was open. Hermione sat there, and Neville sat between me and Dean.

"There are a couple things you need to know about our world," Lavender began.

"First and foremost," I said, "do you know about Harry Potter and You-Know-Who?"

She nodded, thank Merlin. "Harry Potter was the first person ever to survive the Killing Curse, and he defeated You-Know-Who when he was only a year old!"

"Good," Paravati said, "Because I really don't fancy talking about something like that on my way to Hogwarts for the first time."

"Secondly," continued Seamus, "is that there are some people who think they're better than others because they're what we call 'pureblood.'"

"These are the kind of people who will look down on you for being Muggleborn—and I know there's nothing wrong with having Muggle parents, my dad is Muggleborn and so's my Gran on my mum's side!" said Paravati.

"Anyway, these people are the ones who'll call you…what Riley's brother called you," Padma finished.

"Which, I have to say," I added, "is ludicrous of Aiden to be doing, because our mum's a Muggleborn herself!"

"Well, like you said earlier," Seamus said offhandedly, "your brother's a dick."

We sat quietly for a moment, rocking with the train as it sped along the track, taking us to Hogwarts.

"Erm, Hermione?" Neville said tentatively. "I'm gonna go keep looking for Trevor, are you gonna stay here or help me?"

"I'll go with you, Neville, I did promise to help you find it!" Hermione said. "And my parents have always told me that it's bad luck to break a promise."

They stood, bid us goodbye, and left.

After a moment, I rose as well. "Not that it isn't brilliant fun in here," I said to the five others in the compartment, "but I need to walk around a little, clear my head, and maybe yell at the git that I happen to be related to."

"Oh, be careful," Padma warned, "you don't want to get hurt, that would be awful."

"Yeah, from what I've heard so far, walking into a compartment of older Slytherins sounds like suicide," Dean added.

"I'll be fine," I waved away their concerns. "His friends'll back off, they know, with us, it's always a siblingish type thing, so they leave us to it. I'll see you lot later." And with that I left to go find Aiden.

Sure enough, five compartments up the train Aiden was sitting with a group of Slytherin boys in his year.

"Aiden," I hissed once I had opened the door. When he didn't get up right away, I seized his ear and dragged him out of the compartment.

Once we were out in the corridor with me I slammed the door shut and yelled "Who the ruddy hell do you think you are? Calling a random first year you've never even met before the 'M' word! Our own mother is bloody Muggleborn! You have Muggle blood in your veins! What gives you any right to call people that? If I hear of you calling someone that again, there'll be hell to pay, mister. I don't give a shit about anyone's rules, I'll hex you to kingdom come!"

My face was red, my blue-green eyes sparked with anger, and my ears were ringing from the volume of my own yelling. Some people had even stuck their heads out of the doors to their compartments to see who was making all the noise, including Dean, Seamus, Padma, Paravati, and Lavender.

"Now, now, that's enough!" said a voice behind me. I turned around to see a Gryffindor prefect with red hair and an annoyingly superior look on his face.

"No one gives a shit what you've got to say, Weasley," sneered Aiden.

I turned around and slapped him across the face. "Shut up, jackass," I snarled. "He's just doing his job, and if you weren't so foulmouthed in the first place, I wouldn't have bad language and we wouldn't even be in this situation!"

"I said enough," the prefect, Weasley, said.

"Fine," I said, "but I'm not finished with you, mister. We'll talk later." I added to Aiden, then stalked off.

I was stopped in the corridor about halfway down the train by another redheaded boy, who looked to be about my brother's age. "What was all the noise a minute ago?" he asked.

I blushed (he was rather cute). "That was me. I was yelling at my older brother. Aiden Scamander?"

"Ah," he said. "What'd he do now? Your sister, Diana, is it? Anyway, Diana's always yelling at him."

"He called one of my soon-to-be classmates the 'M' word," I answered. The boy looked furious.

"Well, hats off to you for screaming at him, then. D'you wanna sit down?" he gestured to the compartment he was standing in front of.

"Erm, okay," I said a little hesitantly.

"Fred Weasley, by the way," he said as he stood aside to let me in.

"Oh, yeah, I just got told off by your brother the prefect, for yelling in the corridor."

"That would be Percy," said another voice. I turned to see another redhead that looked exactly like Fred sitting in the compartment.

"Twin!" I said. Then I saw what was in his lap. "Spider!" I shrieked. The twins chuckled.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that," said another boy, who was sitting by the window with a box. "His name's Benjamin."

"Oh, I don't care," I said, sitting down across from him. "I was just startled. What're your names?"

"Lee Jordan," said the boy across from me.

"George Weasley," said the twin of Fred Weasley.

"Fred Weasley," said Fred.

"I already knew that," I said.

"Yeah, but I figured that since we were doing the name game I might as well join in the fun."

"That makes sense," I said, even though it didn't. "I'm Riley Scamander."

"Scamander?" asked Lee suddenly. "You're not related to Aiden and Diana Scamander, the most polar opposite twins in the history of the world, are you?"

"Of course I am, they're my older siblings, how many other Scamander families do you think there are in the world?" I answered.

"Which one are you more like?" George asked.

"Neither. As you know, Diana's a Hufflepuff through and through, and Aiden, the git, completely fits the Slytherin profile," I said. "I, on the other hand, am sarcastic, witty, smartish, pretty, fairly good at Quidditch, and I'm incredibly modest, can't you tell?" I listed. "Oh, and I'm a prankster. My house is only ever quiet when I'm locked in my room and everything's either been used up or confiscated."

"Excellent!" said Fred and George together.

"What?" I asked them.

"You're a prankster. What house do you want to be in?" Lee asked.


"Are you brave?" Lee asked.

"Well, let's see," I said, pretending to think deeply. "I don't know any magic, and I just walked into a compartment full of fourth year Slytherins and proceeded to drag my brother by the ear out into the corridor to yell at him for calling another first year something nasty."

They stared at me. "And you're a firstie?" George asked weakly. I nodded.

"You've got guts, girl," Fred said. "I wouldn't've done that, even if it was my brother."

I shrugged. "Well, I wasn't about to let him get away with it, was I? Anyway, I'm bored, and I have a Filibuster Firework that I really want to let off into a random compartment," I said excitedly. "Will you lot help me, or do I have to do it myself?"

That was the first prank I ever pulled alongside Fred and George Weasley.

But most definitely not my last.

When we were about fifteen minutes away from Hogwarts, I went back to the compartment where my trunk was to change. When Lavender, Paravati, and Padma heard how close we were and how little time we had to change, they promptly joined me in kicking Seamus and Dean out so we could change into our robes. As we waited for the boys to change, they asked me where I went.

"Oh, about halfway down the train, there were three boys that had a giant tarantula," I said. "I hung out with them for most of the ride, after I screamed at Aiden for a bit."

"Oh, yeah, Seamus saw you," Lavender giggled. "He said the look on your brother's face was priceless, especially since he's nine inches taller than you."

It's true. I got the short gene, unfortunately.

"Yeah, well, he should be used to it by now, I always yell at him after he says something like that."

"How often does he say it?" Padma asked.

"Every time he's talking about Muggleborns," I said bitterly.

Paravati gasped. "Really?"

"Unfortunately," I said. "Come on, we're almost to Hogsmeade, we'd better sit down before the train stops or we'll fall over." We went back into the compartment and sat.

"Anyway," Padma said after we were settled (which lasted about five minutes, I might add), "I thought I'd just warn you, you might want to clean up your language a bit. The teachers certainly won't appreciate it."

"That's for sure," Lavender said. "My dad said McGonagall in particular is very strict."

"Ah, phooey," I waved their advice aside. "What do I care about a little detention? I'd make a name for myself, wouldn't I?"

"You most certainly would, what with all we heard spewing from your mouth when you yelled at your brother," Paravati retorted.

"I think Riley's language is just fine," Seamus said. "I don't think most people will care."

"But," Dean said excitedly, "that's not important right now! What's important is that we are about twenty minutes to setting foot in Hogwarts for the first time ever!"

Sure enough, the train jerked to a halt at Hogsmeade station.

We stood and, upon recommendation from an older student who passed by, left our luggage on board for the house-elves to retrieve. We stepped onto the platform, and I heard a voice saying, "Firs' years! Firs' years, over 'ere!" I followed the sound and literally ran into an enormous man, about ten feet tall. More than twice as tall as me, for sure!

"All right there, Harry?" he asked a boy with black hair, glasses, and—a lightning bolt scar on his forehead! Blimey, that's Harry Potter! "Everyone here? Good! Follow me."

He led us through a really dark set of woods. "You'll get yer first glimpse of the castle right up here," he said.

There was a loud "Oooohhh!" from the group as we came around a bend. It was magnificent—all the lights were on in the windows, and it towered against the lavender-colored sky in the fading evening, glowing slightly.

We reached the lake, where a dozen little boats were lined up on the shore.

"No more'n four to a boat!" the man said. I clambered into one, along with Lavender, Paravati, and Padma. "Everyone in?" he asked. "Right then—forward!" The little boats shot forward across the lake. As they glided across the water, I looked over the side of our boat. Of course, I wasn't paying any attention when our leader gave the order of "Heads down!"


My head smashed into a wall of stone, and I overbalanced and fell into the water. Padma shrieked, and Lavender grabbed my hand. Suddenly, something slimy from in the lake grabbed me and shoved me back into the boat. I would've turned to see what it was, but I didn't want our boat to capsize.

The boats landed on the opposite shore with a bump. Then the man, who I overheard someone say was named Hagrid, led us up to a pair of enormous double doors. Raising a gigantic fist to the door, he knocked three times.

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