Author's Note

Dear readers, you may have noticed that my stories Walking in the Air, Heirloom, Why? And Jewels of the Realms are now published under the author Dorian Herestor. My previous penname was Chaell Virato, but a friend of mine decided to log in with a penname very similar to mine, so after an argument that ended with us yelling at each other because of the doll she had broken ten years ago, I decided to yield and changed my penname from Chaell Virato to Dorian Herestor, which I actually like a lot.

Of course, knowing her, she'll probably change her penname about 3 times within the week, but hey, what the hell! As long she doesn't make me change mine again, it's fine.

Dorian Herestor, former known as Chaell Virato