Wrote this because it seemed like I died on here. That, and the fact that this couple is so frizzin awesome and I've wanted to do a fan-fic for them for awhile. Its rated T to be safe.

So, here it is, my not-so-long tribute to them.

P.S. For some strange reason, I don't own Fairy Tail-someone else does. *Gasp* But their name is so long and complicated that I forgot it. *Gasp again*

Natsu stared hard at his plate of flaming food, seeming to be unaware of what was going on around him.

"Um, Natsu," a worried, feminine voice spoke up, trying to pull him out of his reverie. "Are you okay?"

He looked up and gazed at the awaiting blonde beside of him, yet instead of grinning in his usual idiotic way he frowned thoughtfully. Lucy squirmed in her bar stool uncomfortably from his penetrating stare and managed to get out, "Natsu, s-stop that."

Finally he blinked hard and looked around him. "Where are we?"

Lucy gave him a you-idiot look. "At the guild, were else? Now, what were you thinking so hard about, I thought your ears were going to start smoking."

Natsu had the grace to look offended, then promptly burst out laughing. "Good one, Luce." He managed to gasp out between laughs.

She grinned at him, slightly proud that she managed to make him laugh then said again, "So, what's on your mind?"

"Well," he trailed off then tried again, "what's your favorite color?"

Lucy started as though the question came as a surprise-which it did- then asked, "Whats my favorite color? That's what you were thinking about?"

Natsu nodded like an eager puppy, staring at her with curious and wide eyes.

"You're so weird." There was a few beats of silence as Lucy thought it through then she grinned, "Probably pink."

Natsu tilted his head to the side, "Why?"

Lucy smiled at him, blushing ever so slightly, "Well, I see it everyday so I've come to love it."

Natsu hummed in understanding, although he didnt really, then immediately went back to his meal.

Lucy just smiled wistfully at him and reminded herself that no matter how dense he was, he would figure it out someday.

Yeah, there was something implied there. Did ya catch it?

Man, I need an Advil, I've been sick for about two weeks. Doc said it was a nasal virus or something, all I know is that it needs to go away.