Running back to the burned ship, everyone was in shock. Provisions, going back home... gone. Stuck on the island, the fleet had very little to do. As everyone camped at their remaining supplies they have, Ryomou looked at Kannei, overlooking the seas. She walked towards her.

"So..." Kannei started. "I'm guessing we are staying here, eh?"

"Indeed." Ryomou replied. "But that means you should be more mature and act your age during these times."


"Heheh, only teasing! But yes, you may need to make up working with someone you may not like."

"Grr... your not telling me that little brat..."

"Yes, her. Good night, Shishun."

Ryomou walked back to her tent, saluting Ryokare along the way. Ryokare then walked over to Kannei, staring at her.

"Those eyes..." the younger girl said. "If only, you had a mother, who can love those eyes... and to help you see the visions ahead..."

She then pat Kannei's head.

"Kannei-kun..." she quietly said. "You need to control that angry heart... and learn harmony... and to balance it with Ryoutou... Her mother is dead by your hands yes... but... you can overcome that day..."

Ryokare walked away, and Kannei was only to stand there alone, overlooking the sea. The cold wind started to hit Kannei's long purple hair, blowing it westward. She then took a look at her Violet Falchion and threw it up and down. She then look through it towards the sea and started to think. All she could actually think about is Ryoutou. There was even some times she wishes she rubbed those nunchakus against her crotch! Her heart really started to beat when her thoughts became a bit more personal. She then felt a warm touch behind her.


Ryotou's POV

"Gazing at the stars I see?" I said, with a giggle.

Kannei turned around in shock, and boy her expression was priceless.

"Ahh! Don't do that you little pervert!" she said but blushing a bit.

"Oh really?" I then started to lick Kannei's neck... God damn, that was delicious. But I felt Kannei push me away from her

"You idiot! What are you doing?" she shouted at me.

"Doing what?" I said. "Are you accusing people again?"

"No, now go away!"

I then took a hard look at Kannei's ass. It looks so smooth, and looked so spankable for my hand to really grasp on to. My hand was really willing to do that just at that moment, but I noticed that Kannei looked a bit stressed out from today. I then stepped back a bit.

"If you insist on me leaving you alone, then perhaps I will." I said. "After all, no one is forcing ya to do anything, mmm Shishun?"

Kannei then looked ahead at the starry sky. She then breathed in and closed her eyes.

"No, it's not that..." she said with a more, calmer tone. She obviously is hotheaded, but this time around, she sounded much more nicer. I liked that. "It's just that... ever since we had met, we've been total assholes to eachother, don't cha think? I mean, I haven't been nice to you at all, and it's really begining to make me a bit..."

"A bit...?" I was actually serious for the first time. "Kannei, you don't mean..."

"Yes, a bit guilty for what I had done to your mother... I'm sorry about that. It was my orders to kill her. Either that or Lord Ryuuhyou would of kicked my ass big time. She's one person not to piss off."

I understood Kannei's pain. Being a pirate was not easy, but she pretty much had no choice. It was either life or death for her. I mean, I would feel the same if I had to help my lord all the goddam time. Poor old Kannei had to suffer her way through being a pirate. I bet her mother died the same way too. I looked at Kannei and she looked at me.

"So..." I said. Man, I felt like a fool right now. "We are gonna be stranded here until the Go fleet finds us?"

"I guess so." she said to me. "I dunno about the old woman though. She'll probably think of some way for us to get off this island."

I then nodded and smiled at her. She did the same to me. We both felt tired, as it was late at night, and we were both thinknig about sleeping.

"Well, I guess I'll see ya later then." Kannei said. "I'm heading off to bed."

"Kannei wait."

She stopped and I opened my arms. Wow, my heart was really beating. I just felt I couldn't do it at all. I then rushed into her and hugged her, softly though.

"Kannei... I wouldn't of made it here alive if it weren't for you..." I said to her. I felt real hot when I hugged her. I then looked up at her. "Kannei... I..."

"Ya don't need to say it." she said with a smirk. "I already know."

Me and her then came together into what it is, a kiss. We both blushed deeply, but she definatly showed no mercy, and forced me into her lips, but I heald on to her. Goodness, kissing a pirate... it was kinda hot if you ask me. I slid my toung into hers and boy did her mouth felt warm. I bet she really liked my mouth as well. As we released slowly, I looked at her, and she looked at me in amazement. I just couldn't say anything, but then I spanked her ass and ran off. Boy, that shout that Kannei did was so lovely.


But I heard that scent of laughing from afar as I laughed when I ran away.


So yeah, enjoy this chapter. 8 is next... soon...