Toy Soldiers

A/N: Wow, I think this is my longest chapter ever. Mostly because I refused to stop writing until I got to the smut. Yes, I finally injected smut into this story. Thank the gods.

Chapter Six

The early summer breeze gently swept through the Salisbury Library as the Warblers huddled in hushed discussion around Blaine. If it weren't for the occasional glance at the kidnappers at the far end of the hallway, it would have seemed like any other afternoon in Dalton Academy.

"So, what is this plan you speak of?" Wes asked, studying Blaine cautiously.

"Fellow Warblers," Blaine had to resist the urge to stand up and address the group as he typically would. "May I bring your attention to a prank we executed earlier this year, the prank titled Operation War of the Worlds?"

"Ha!" Nick broke out in laughter but quickly clasped a hand over his mouth. "Of course, that was epic. It's going to go down in Dalton history as one of the best pranks of all time. We are legends. Legends."

"Oh, yeah," Jeff joined in, percolated with excitement. "Do you remember Mr. Guthrie running into the cafeteria yelling at all of us to sew our belly-buttons together so the aliens won't eviscerate us after they take over the planet? And then when little Billy Boyd raised his hand and asked what if he's an outie? I laughed so hard people thought I was bawling my eyes out!"

Even Wes beamed as he shook his head in wonderment, "I still can't believe how well that prank worked out. We actually got the whole school to believe that aliens are taking over the world and are going to enslave humanity and steal our water. The panic and mayhem that ensued was definitely epic."

"Okay, slow down boys," Kurt cocked his chin to signal his dismay. "Is someone going to explain to me what the hell you guys are talking about?"

"Okay, back in the beginning of the school year, we decided to pull a prank on the school that essentially mirrored the Orson Welles radio show, you know, the one where he accidentally duped his listeners into believing that Martians invaded Earth?" Nick was practically jumping out of his seat as he recounted the incident. "During lunch time, we rigged the school PA system to make this announcement that aliens have invaded earth and are going to systematically wipe out the human race while exploiting our natural resources. Oh man, you should have seen everyone's faces when they thought they were all going to be killed by death-ray!"

"But," Kurt couldn't believe that such a silly idea could be taken so seriously by the school. "Wouldn't people just call their friends, or check the internet, and figure out that it was a hoax?"

"See, that is the genius of the plan," Nick explained. "Dave here is a wiz at technical gadgets, and he built this modified RF jammer that essentially… oh wait, I'll let Dave tell you." Nick grabbed Dave's shoulders like a little boy showing of his shiny new toy.

"Ugh, yeah," Dave was a little taken aback by the attention. "Well, the RF jammer disrupted all two way wireless communication, so none of the phones could call out, or even get on the internet. The same for laptops and any other wireless devices – "

"Then we just shut off the power to the buildings," Nick interjected. "And voila! End of the world as we know it! When your cell phone stops working, then you know the end is near!"

"But the jammer has a short range," Dave clarified. "So honestly if anyone had the balls to venture off campus they would have totally figured out it was a hoax."

Kurt furrowed his brows as he began to connect the dots in his head, "So you guys have a device that can disable cell-phones? Would that work here, with these terrorists?"

The boys stared at Kurt as Blaine nodded with pride, giving everyone a proud that's-my-man look.

"Oh my god," Nick stuttered. "That is a brilliant idea! If we can eliminate the bombs from the equation, then that would considerably lower their leverage over the situation."

"But that's the problem, isn't it?" Wes was ever the voice of reason. "The fact of the matter is, we don't have that device right now. It's probably in – "

"The surplus locker," Blaine interrupted. "It's there along with all the other contrabands confiscated by Sinclair. I remember seeing it last time Kurt and I were in there."

"Ugh," Jeff was confused. "What were you and Kurt doing in the surplus locker?"

The fact that both Blaine and Kurt turned into a bright shade of red was enough of a clue to their peers.

"Wow," Jeff mused. "You guys have quickies in the surplus locker? You're the man, Blaine!" Jeff tried to high-five Blaine but quickly dropped his hand after a dirty look from Kurt.

"Ahem," Wes coughed, diplomatically drawing the attention away from the boys. "That is great, so we know where it is, but that doesn't change my point. We still don't have it."

"We'll have to find a way to get it," Blaine looked Wes straight in the eye. "That's what I meant when I said we need to figure this out together."

"Okay, fine," Wes continued the thought process. "So let's say, hypothetically, that we have the RF jammer. Then what? Do we just switch it on and then pray that all those thugs will drop dead so we can walk out of here?"

"No, when I spoke with the Special Agent in Charge, he told me that the moment of execution will be 3 a.m." Blaine laid out the full plan. "When we talked we didn't know how the terrorists would activate the bomb. So our agreement was just that he would give me time to deactivate it before letting the S.W.A.T. team storm the school. They are coming in at 3 a.m. whether the bombs are switched off or not. Then Kurt told me about the leader and his cell phone. So if we can activate the RF jammer by 3 a.m., then they will enter the school and take out all the terrorists without risking us all getting blown up."

The Warblers sat in silence as they slowly processed the proposed plan, coming to terms with the gravity of their mission and the possibility of a S.W.A.T. team storming the siege and ending in a massacre.

Jeff raised his head and was about to speak when a light knock startled the entire group. Nick nearly jumped three feet in the air.

The boys whipped their heads around to find Flint standing by the wooden door of the library, anxiously looking down on his shifting feet.

"What are you doing here, Flint?" Jeff hissed.

"Look," Flint bowed his head, the red bruise from the pistol whip visible by the side of his face. "I just want to come and apologize to Kurt."

Flint gingerly walked into the library, twitching uncomfortably at the angry glare of the Warblers.

"I'm sorry, Kurt. I didn't know that would happen to you."

"It's okay," Kurt stood up and approached Flint, stopping a few feet before the larger boy. "It's okay, Flint. The cuts are pretty shallow and they don't even hurt anymore. Don't beat yourself up about it."

"Hm," Jeff and Nick snorted, and continued to give Flint looks of disgust.

"Look, Kurt," Flint shifted his eyes. "Is there anything you want me to tell your parents? They are letting some of us go. I'll make sure they get the message."

"What?" The rest of the Warblers cried in unison as they rose from their seats.

"What do you mean they are letting some people go?" Wes asked.

"My mother made a deal with the terrorists; at least that's what that lady in the mask told me." Flint explained. "Apparently the school board is delivering $20 million in cash to them right now, and wanted them to release 10 of us as a sign of good faith. The terrorists already picked out the students they would release, mostly those coming from poor families. But my mother demanded my release so they are letting me go, too."

Flint looked out the hallway and into the courtyard, where a few students were lined up by the archway that leads to the front gate.

The Warblers stood in bitter silence.

"Ugh," Flint started again, feeling guilty that he would soon taste coveted freedom. "I heard them say that the Feds have promised to bring them the prisoner first thing tomorrow morning, along with the rest of the ransom money. Once they have everything they came for, they will surely release all of you guys."

"If you really believe they are going to let us all go," Wes said coldly. "Then you are a bigger fool than I thought."

Flint bowed his head and turned away, then walked out to the courtyard when Dru signaled for him.

Blaine stood by Wes as the head of the Warbler council watched Flint join the nine other students who were about to be let go.

"They are not going to deliver Akira Matsumoto, are they," Wes stated calmly.

"No," Blaine continued to look ahead. "It's just a stall tactic. That's why this will all end at 3 a.m."

"Very well then," Wes nodded. "Let's figure out a way to get that RF jammer."

"I still think this is the worst idea ever," Blaine Anderson has never been so angry at Kurt in his life. He couldn't believe that he now has to put the one person he came back to protect in imminent danger. He knew his boyfriend was stubborn, and he loves his boyfriend's strong will. But Blaine was loathing that quality at the moment.

"Kurt, please don't do this," Blaine pleaded again as Kurt began to strip off his shirt.

"Blaine," Kurt continued to strip down to his underwear. "You know I am the best man for the job. I will be okay, I promise."

Blaine's nightmare started after supper, hours after Flint had left along with the other chosen students. M has been nowhere in sight, probably off going through the journals line by line, and the assailants have become more relaxed after the delivery of the $20 million. The boys were allowed open access to the Salisbury Commons and the courtyard, with the exception that a roll-call would be conducted every hour on the dot.

After a long and tedious brainstorming session, the Warblers finally came up with the best plan to obtain the RF jammer. Having been built on the wetlands of the Westerville tributes, in the past Dalton Academy was a frequent victim of floods during the raining seasons. To counter this problem, in the '50s, the Board completed an overhaul and constructed a water-management system below the Dalton foundations, essentially to redirect excessive water buildup out to the Westerville River. More recently, modernization projects have expanded the infrastructure to include a water reservoir for harvesting rainwater and making the school a "Green School of the Future". The reservoir can be accessed from various wells in Dalton's lower levels.

So the plan was simple: Sneak into the cellar from the courtyard, dive into the reservoir to swim to the surplus locker building, and bring back the RF jammer. Given the close proximity of the buildings, the operation should take no more than an hour, allowing the boys to return for roll-call. At least that was the logistical part.

The difficulty, though, is that the person would have to dive in the reservoir without an oxygen tank.

Blaine has never hated any ideas of the Warblers more.

Kurt had insisted on taking the task of diving through the reservoir to get the RF jammer. "If I had stayed in Dalton next year," Kurt stated bluntly. "I would make captain on the swim team. I have the best lung capacity of anyone here, because of my voice training since I was a kid. Therefore, I have the best chance of diving from the cellar to the supply locker in one breath."

Blaine fought tooth-and-nail to take over the job himself. But Kurt was adamant, and Wes relented. Everyone wanted the best man for the job, and Kurt insisted that the cuts on his back would have no impact on his ability to perform the task.

Just as the sun began to fall behind the west campus skyline, Blaine, Jeff, and Kurt made their way to the courtyard, taking advantage of impeded visibility at the time of dusk. Making sure none of the hostage takers took notice, the boys snuck behind the stone bench in the courtyard and slid into the cellar.

Blaine handed a waterproof flashlight to Kurt as the boy stood in his underwear next to the ground well.

"Hold the flashlight in your mouth," Blaine instructed, "So you can have both of your hands. Just swim along the wall of the reservoir and you will come to an aluminum ladder on your right side. That first opening should lead you directly to the surplus locker."

Kurt nodded, the dim yellow light of the cellar made him look small and frail.

Blaine looked deep into Kurt's darkened eyes, and opened his mouth again to plead with his boyfriend. But before he could speak, Kurt raised a finger and lightly pressed on Blaine's lips.

"I know," Kurt looked intently into his lover's eyes. "But you need to let me do this. You need to trust me."

Blaine nodded, lost in the eyes that shinned so brightly of courage.

Kurt reached behind Blaine's head with one hand and brought their lips together in a fiery kiss. Blaine was a little startled given Kurt has never initiated an act of affection with such passion, but he quickly returned the kiss in matching desire.

"I love you," Kurt's whisper echoed in the stilled room. Blaine shut his eyes hard as he felt Kurt slowly slipped out of his embrace.

Kurt walked to the edge of the well, where Jeff had lifted up the iron cover. Jeff grabbed Kurt by his arms and slowly lowered him into the water.

The water was ice cold, and against Kurt's skin, they felt like boiling water, sending shocks instantly to his heart. Kurt had to consciously regulate his breathing to adjust his body to the sudden change in temperature. After Jeff dropped him into the water, Kurt took a deep breath and allowed himself to submerge into the pool of darkness.

Kurt had to strain to keep biting down on to the flashlight between his shivering teeth. The cold, icy water felt like a million pins and needles piercing through his skin, and the dark emptiness surrounding him was threatening to consume his sanity. Kurt has never been so scared and alone in his life. He knew if he turned back to that spot of light where Blaine and Jeff were waiting, he can be out of the water in no time. But he had to keep moving. He only had one breath of air, so he needed to move fast.

Counting in his head to help suppress the air in his lungs, Kurt silently timed his breath as he swam alongside the wall of the aluminum reservoir. He was going to hold his breath as long as he can, and then slowly exhale when he is more than halfway to his destination. Kurt knew he can do this, and he needed to do it. Having been a part of the football team and the Cheerios, Kurt is no stranger to pushing his body to the limit. Being in his element, despite the challenge, was giving him back the control he had craved for since all the craziness started.

"It's been 30 minutes," Nick looked at his watch as he stood nervously next to Wes and Dave in the courtyard, pretending to be pacing out of boredom. "Roll call is going to be in 15. What if they don't make it back in time?"

Wes looked in the direction of the cellar door; a thin layer of sweat could be seen gleaming on his forehead. "I think we need to come up with our own stall tactic."

"Blaine," Jeff checked his watch, his concern displayed visibly in his frown. "It's been too long. Kurt should be back by now."

Blaine was kneeling by the pool of black water, waiting to draw Kurt's pearl white form out of the void. "Damn it," Blaine pounded his fist on the floor, "I should never have let him go in the first place." Blaine stood up and started peeling of his cloths, getting ready to dive into the reservoir after Kurt.

"Wait!" Jeff screamed as he leaned down into the hold in the ground. "He's back!"

Blaine leaned into the edge of the well as an alabaster arm slowly emerged from the tar-like pool holding up a brick-sized device wrapped in plastic sheets.

Something's not right. Blaine couldn't see much in the dim light, but the way Kurt's arm was shaking in the water just didn't look normal.

Kurt's face slowly broke through the water surface, and Blaine sucked in a hard breath as he saw the deep blue lips.

"Oh shit!" Jeff grabbed the RF Jammer, but before he could grab a hold of Kurt's hand, the boy fell backwards and was consumed by the dark pit as if something had pulled him under.

Within a split second Blaine dived into the water after Kurt.

"Blaine! Kurt!" Jeff laid down flat on the edge of the well and stuck his hand into the water. "Fuck!"

The only thing Jeff could see was total blackness.

Shortly after, Blaine emerged from the water holding an unconscious Kurt close against his chest.

"Jeff! Grab him!" Blaine lifted Kurt's body out of the water, the weight pulling him under as he tread to stay afloat.

"Got him!" Jeff quickly grabbed both of Kurt's arms and hoisted the unresponsive boy out of the pit. Jeff quickly laid Kurt's limp body on the floor as Blaine climbed out of the well and knelt next to Kurt.

"Kurt, Kurt, come back to me," Blaine chanted as he patted Kurt's face hoping to jolt the boy awake.

"I don't think he's breathing," Jeff knelt on the other side of Kurt, shaking the boy's arms and shoulders.

Without hesitation, Blaine tilted Kurt's head backwards and took two quick blows into Kurt's mouth, then moved to compress Kurt's chest. "Come on, Kurt, breath. Breath," Blaine said as he continued to administer CPR on Kurt's limp body.

"Oh my god," Jeff's voice was shaking with panic. "Oh my god…"

"Kurt, can you hear me?" Blaine continued the CPR steps, but he could hardly see anything through the blurriness as his eyes swelled up with tears.

"Kurt, I love you," Blaine choked as he pressed on Kurt's chest. "Please come back to me." Blaine's heart was beginning to crack into a million pieces.

In what seemed like a million years, a small whimper finally emanated from deep inside Kurt's throat, and, while barely audible, Blaine and Jeff thought it was like an angel singing.

"Kurt!" Blaine scooped the boy up to sit upright flush against his own body, trying to help the boy to breath.

Kurt began to cough violently, his whole body convulsing at the force of the contractions. Blaine patted Kurt on his back, soothing him as he coughed the excess water out of his lungs. But as Blaine's entire being rejoiced at having a conscious Kurt back in his arms, Blaine noticed something more alarming. Not only were Kurt's lips blue, but the bluish-purple bruise had spread to his fingertips. Kurt's whole body was shaking, and his fingers were taught and trembling in the most unnatural way.

"Damn it," Blaine started to hoist Kurt up. "Kurt has hypothermia. We need to get him back to the library right now."

"Nick, old boy, you can totally do this," Wes patted Nick on the shoulder as the three boys stared into the common room in Salisbury.

"Tell me again why I have to do this?" Nick seriously contemplated taking off down the hall to escape his mission.

"Because this needs to look real, and you are the only one with an actual allergy. They won't suspect foul play if you are the one that goes down." Wes explained, nudging Nick forward.

"See it as practicing your acting chops," Dave chimed in. "Didn't you once faked a drowning to pick up some girl on the beach?"

"Go get them tiger," Wes massaged Nick's shoulders like a coach to his prized fighter before a boxing match.

"Yeah, I can do this," Nick cracked his head from left to right, then did a couple of jumps standing in place as he shook off his shoulders and arms. "Okay. Let's go."

"What's that noise?" It was Dru and John's turn to watch the students, and they could hear the boys shouting from the common room all the way out to where they were in the hall. When they entered into the room, they saw Nick lying on the floor, with all the Dalton boys circling around him.

"Get out of my way," Dru pushed some boys aside to approach the body on the floor. Nick was clutching his throat looking like he was suffocating and convulsing at the same time. "What the hell is going on here?"

"That's Nick Duval," Headmaster Sinclair said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with a folded handkerchief. "He has a severe peanut allergy. If we don't get him to a hospital immediately he might die."

"Oh hell no," Dru poked at Nick's stomach with her stiletto heels, "Nobody is going anywhere."

Just then, Nick started moaning loudly while clutching to his neck, kicking his legs like a dying rat.

"Is that what a severe allergic attack looks like?" Dave whispered in Wes' ear. "It looks like a cross between a child's tantrum and some kind of kinky porn video…"

"How the hell would I know?" Wes shook his head at Nick's abominable acting chops. "Wait, when did you watch porn?"

Just before Wes was about to make some impassioned speech and save the day as previously planned, John reached into the pocket of his pant leg and handed Dru a large, scary looking syringe. "Adrenaline shot," John said tersely. "It'll stop the reaction."

"Where am I supposed to inject this?" Dru eyed the large syringe with a rusty needle, hoping she won't have to play nurse and pull down the boy's pants.

"Directly into the heart or the outer thigh." Jon had no expression on his face.

Nick's eyes widened as he saw the unearthly syringe looming over him and real panic began to overtake his body. "Ugh, what?" He choked out, hands still encircling his throat.

As Dru fisted the syringe in her hand and got ready to pound the syringe straight into Nick's chest, Nick bolted off the ground and screamed "No! Not the heart!"

Dru eyed him curiously. Noticing the woman's suspicion, Nick immediately collapsed on the floor again, this time clutching his chest. "I, I have a heart condition! A heart defect, yes. You can't inject me in the heart."

"Fine," Dru wasted no time and slammed the syringe onto Nick's thigh.

"AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!" The glass windows of the Salisbury Common vibrated at Nick's high-pitched wail, while little critters in the courtyard all dove for cover.

"What the hell was that sound?" Jeff looked in the direction of the commons as the three boys ran across the courtyard toward the library.

"Just keep moving," Blaine hissed, a little angry that it was Jeff who ended up bending the unconscious boy's body over his shoulder to carry him out of the cellar. Blaine had staggered under Kurt's weight and had to reluctantly allow Jeff do the heavy lifting. Blaine made a mental note to hit the bench-press after this ordeal.

"God I totally thought we were going to get caught," Jeff said as he placed Kurt on the floor of the library. "I can't believe there wasn't a single person in the courtyard."

"Here, Kurt, drink this," Blaine grabbed a cup of hot water from the coffee table and tried to make Kurt drink from the cup. But Kurt was shaking so bad that the water kept rolling off his lips and dripping down his chin.

"Damn it," Blaine cursed.

In an act of desperation, Blaine sat down next to Kurt and lifted the boy up against his chest so that Kurt's head rested on his shoulders. Blaine then took a gulp of the hot water and fed the water slowly to his boyfriend using his own mouth. Kurt's cold lips responded to the soft touch of the lips, and the countertenor slowly began to swallow the hot liquid.

Meanwhile, Jeff had located two blankets from the closet and draped them over Kurt's bare shoulders and started to rub his arms to dry him off.

How long does it take to drink a sip of water? Jeff tried to hide his blushing as Blaine and Kurt continued to lock their lips together.

Kurt's light cough broke the tender moment and brought Blaine's attention to Kurt's shivering body.

"Hang in there, Kurt," Blaine shifted Kurt so that the boy's back is tightly pressed up against Blaine's chest, then Blaine started rubbing his hands up and down Kurt's torso, creating friction to warm up his boyfriend's icy-cold skin.

"Jeff, I got this, thanks," Blaine smiled appreciatively to his friend. "Can you go check on Wes and the guys to make sure they are okay?"

After Jeff exited the room, Blaine spread one of the blankets on the floor and took the cushions off the couches to make a makeshift bed. He laid on top the blanket and gently shifted Kurt's body on top of his, chest to chest, and wrapped the second blanket over both of them. Blaine pressed his legs against Kurt's thighs and started rubbing Kurt's naked back beneath the blanket, hoping to transfer as much of his body heat to Kurt as possible.

"Mmm," Kurt hummed as he rested his head over Blaine's shoulder, relaxing into his boyfriend's body. As the shivering eventually stilled, Kurt spoke through closed lids. "I can feel your heartbeat."

"Yeah?" Blaine chuckled, continuing to massage his boyfriend's body using his own and writhe his torso to create more friction against Kurt's chest.

"That feels good," Kurt sighed, and darted his lips to swipe a quick lick at Blaine's collarbone mischievously.

"Ugh, Kurt, that's just evil," Blaine groaned, knowing that Kurt can feel his hard-on.

"Well," Kurt said sleepily, "I think my tongue might be the only thing that I can move. My entire body is sore."

"So, are you saying that if I want to take advantage of my boyfriend right now, he won't be able to fight me off?" Blaine joked as his rubbing slowed down into a sensual massage that concentrated on Kurt's lower back.

"Hmmm," Kurt responded with a deep moan that only fueled Blaine's desire. "I guess I could still bite you."

Emboldened by Kurt's threat, Blaine slowly slipped his hands under Kurt's damp briefs and started kneading Kurt's butt cheeks.

"It is the perfect way to warm you up, you know," Blaine said in a throaty voice.

Blaine's fingers felt like burning rods against Kurt's frozen skin and the sensation forced Kurt's hips to buckle and grind into his lover beneath him.

The friction of their hard-ons pressing together pushed Blaine over the edge. Kurt gasped as Blaine flipped him over and started to peel off his briefs, careful to raise the fabric over the bulge. Eyeing hungrily at Kurt's naked, willowy form from head to toe, Blaine unbuttoned his jeans and took off the remains of his clothing with one quick push.

Noticing a fleck of garnet resting on Kurt's ankle, Blaine cupped his hand under Kurt's heel to fold Kurt's elegantly long legs so he can take a closer look at the anklet he had given Kurt just this morning. As he stared at the heart shaped garnet resting against Kurt's porcelain skin, suddenly something popped up in Blaine's mind. But he quickly pushed it to the back and focused on the task at hand.

Slowly Blaine laid a trail of kisses from Kurt's toes up his long legs, finally ending with a kiss on top of Kurt's erect cock.

"Oh god," Kurt moaned as Blaine's tongue lightly darted out to taste the bead of pre-cum on Kurt. Blaine then hoisted himself up to straddle Kurt's thighs and began to rub their erections together with his hand, using their pre-cums as lubricant. The sensation was so powerful Kurt had to press both of his hands onto his mouth to stifle a scream.

Then holding their cocks tight against each other, Blaine lowered himself to cover Kurt, trapping their erections between their sweat covered bodies.

Just as Blaine began to move, Kurt suddenly remembered the predicament they were in and froze. "Wait, Blaine, what are we doing?" Kurt started to push against Blaine's chest. "Is the door even closed?"

Blaine arched his back like a cobra and looked over the couch toward the door. "Nope, door is wide open," Blaine replied as he bent down and started planting kisses along Kurt's collar bone.

Kurt whimpered, and grabbed Blaine's hair to guide his lover to his nipples, which Blaine lapped at hungrily. Blaine had to force himself not to thrust into Kurt with abandon, but all sanity got thrown out of the window when Kurt's delicate fingers began dancing down Blaine's back and ended up cupping the curves of Blaine's ass, bringing his hips closer to Blaine.

As their cocks rubbed against each other, Blaine taunted his back to let out a low growl and instantly buckled his hips to grind down onto Kurt frantically. Kurt responded just as eagerly, rutting and hitching up against Blaine, hoping for more friction. Knowing that the door was open, Kurt tried to smother his moans by biting on his fist, but Blaine reached up and swatted the hand away to replace the first with his own mouth, drinking Kurt's moans into his mouth, feeling the vibrations coming deep within Kurt's throat and moaning back in response.

Blaine couldn't believe that the spurs of vibration coming from Kurt's mouth were just as erotic as the heat pressed between them. The countertenor had turned the cavern between their throats into an erogenous zone, sending shock waves of pleasure into Blaine's lower belly with every whimper and moan.

Blaine could feel that Kurt was getting close; Kurt's hands stopped flopping around and were slowly becoming taunt as the boy fisted the fabric of the blankets. Knowing how Kurt likes to get off, Blaine slowed down the rutting and started to slide his body up and down Kurt in long, hard strokes. Kurt immediately responded, his eyes staring fervently into Blaine's in a deep shade of purple.

"Come with me, together," Blaine's low growl was so full of lust Kurt nearly screamed as he felt Blaine's breath against his ear. Kurt wanted to aimlessly thrash into his boyfriend, but Blaine held Kurt at the hips and forced the boy to lay still as he took his time with long, languishing strokes. The denial of rapid pleasure practically made Kurt cry, and the desire quickly built up so strongly that Kurt was close to blacking out.

"Blaine, now!" Kurt screamed as he bit down on Blaine's shoulder. Then without warning Blaine shifted to short, hard thrusts, and Kurt lost it, the ecstasy rolling hard through his shuddering limbs like spasms of electricity. At the sight of his lover's orgasm, Blaine came as well and saw fireworks as he grappled onto the boy below him with all fours, levitating Kurt's arched back off the ground.

"I think we are going to need some ropes to tie Nick down," Wes mused as he and the Warblers walked back to the Salisbury Library. "All that adrenaline is making him bounce off the walls."

"Hey, I can't believe you guys are giving me a hard time about this," Nick hissed back, limbs twitching as he tried to still his restless body. "May I remind the group that I just took one for the team?"

"Hey!" Nick smacked right into Jeff's back and realized that Wes and Jeff were standing like two statues outside the library door. The two boys looked alarmed, as if there was an invisible barrier preventing the Warblers from entering the room. "What's going on, Jeff? You look traumatized."

"Ugh," Jeff turned around, and Nick could see the blond boy was in all different shades of red, all the way up to his ears.

Just then a series of short feminine moans could be heard from inside the library, coming from behind the maroon couch. It was obvious whoever made the sound tried to stifle the noise, but the muffled staccato could still be heard clearly by the very embarrassed Warblers.

"Are they serious?" Dave whispered, voicing the sentiment of the group.

"Okay, guys, roll-call," Dru's voice coming behind them nearly knocked them off their feet in shock.

"What's going on here?" Dru eyed the four boys, noticing their bright scarlet skin. Then her eyes widened as she heard a throaty moan coming from inside the library.

"Wow," Dru looked shocked. "Are they?"

The four boys and a lady stood in stunned silence outside the library.

Wes was the first to recuperate. The council leader turned around and began to make his way toward the common room, followed by the fellow Warblers, leaving Dru still in a daze at the door.

Finally, Dru shook her head and headed out toward the courtyard.

"This is without a doubt, the most liberal school I have ever seen!"

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