Meloetta's Icing Fetish

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: I don't know if this is just me being insane as usual, or if someone requested it. Actually, I worte this on my own. Why? Because a certain bald guy from Warner Brothers and his craving for gwiwwed cheebs influenced me to make this... and Meloetta is just the Pokemon for this bizarre sex fanfic. Shows how desperate she is. Enjoy!

Warning: The following might not be appropriate for anyone who isn't seventeen or younger. It also might be a slight tad intense. The story is mostly a joke. You've been warned.

Meloetta came back to her pleasant grassy home, having partied all night long. Meoletta's stomach growled loudly, causing Meloetta to rub her tummy as she noticed.

"Hrm... I'm getting hungry." Meloetta stated as she snapped her fingers together. "Good thing I saved that cake!"

She headed to her refrigerator, pulling out a large, delicious vanilla cake. She cut herself one piece and placed the rest of the cake on the table, eating the piece of cake that she had. "Mmm... warm, fluffy cake..." Upon finishing up the piece, Meloetta patted her stomach several times as she let out a tiny belch. Her stomach growled again, prompting Meloetta to lick her lips as she glanced at the large cake. "I just gotta have some more..."

Meloetta cut another piece, savoring the sweet taste as she munched down on the piece of cake. "Yummy yum... this cake is good. But it's the vanilla icing that makes me..." She glanced at the cake as she narrowed her eyes, getting a naughty idea. "Oh yeah, baby... this icing..."

Approaching the cake, Meloetta rubbed the icing as she licked her lips, feeling aroused from the white colored. She started blushing as she then got a box filled with vanilla icing from the freezer, placing it on the table as she opened the jar and placed her right hand inside. Meloetta screamed with joy as she twirled her right hand inside, twisting her legs together. Meloetta began drooling as she took her hand out, pouring some of the vanilla icing on her crotch, feeling the smoothness of the icing pour down easily. Meloetta squealed with joy as she began rubbing her vagina with the vanilla icing, feeling colder as a result. She grabbed more vanilla icing from the jar, rubbing in as much as she could, her entire body shivering from delight as the icing settled inside her fragile body. Meloetta began panting frantically as she felt like getting a brain freeze.

"Oh baby... if I had knew icing felt so good, I would have done this sooner!" Meloetta exclaimed in joy as she rubbed her vagina with her right hand, using her left hand to grab another piece of vanilla covered cake and eating it. She belched as she started feeling moist in her vagina, the icing doing its cool job. Meloetta gasped as her eyes widened, as she came the icing out, the whiteness splattering all over the floor. Outside, two Lumineon who were minding their own business splashed in the nearby pond, hearing all of the screams and moans Meloetta was making from inside. They looked at each other, and swam as deep into the pond as possible. Meloetta continued cumming, having gotten too excited from the innocence of the vanilla icing. She blushed harder than she had ever before, literally cumming waterfalls of sweet, sweet vanilla icing. She has never felt this sensation before, all of the innocence she had exiting out of her elegant body like a lightning bolt.

Several hours later, Meloetta was on the floor of her home, completely exhausted as the now empty jar of vanilla icing was right next to her. She slowly breathed as she opened her green bluish eyes, glancing at the jar of the vanilla icing next to her. All she could do is let out a sigh of relief as she began slowly rubbing herself again.

"Oh golly, I gotta get more icing..." Meloetta quietly muttered as she giggled, "Maybe next time, I'll go for chocolate icing."

"THE END... or is it...?" Vanilluxe stated as she was reading the story to Cherrim, with both of them inside a cozy igloo populated with flowers.

Oh, it's definitely not the end," Arceus interrupted as he suddenly popped up, sighing as he shook his head, closing his eyes. "Unfortunately."

"Goodness, I only hope the rest of the story isn't as arousing as... this..." Cherrim admitted as she was in her sun powered form, placing her stubby yellow hands on her plant face in suspense at what could happen next.