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Chapter 11: I Just Blank Out

Maddie pulled away and looked at Kyo. "Y-You didn't turn into a cat.." Maddie tilted her head and Kyo looked at himself. He sat up and looked at his hands and looked back at her.

"I didn't.." He was now very confused. "Is it broken, is the curse gone?" He blinked and remembered she had this weird card power, he saw it earlier. "Your power, with the cards, probably blocked you from really touching me.." He got up and shrugged.

Maddie got up and put her hands behind her back. "Card powers?" Kyo nodded. "Well than.." Her face soon had an angry expression on. "Why did you do that?"

"Don't talk to me." Kyo grumbled, took his shirt, and ran into the woods. Madison's eye twitched and a card flew into a tree and stuck there. She sighed and went to go find Tohru.

"I'm going to go for a walk." She told Tohru. Tohru nodded. She walked down a path she found. She kept going thinking about everything but Kyo. She soon bumped into some guy and stepped back a little.

"Well we meet again Princess." He did a polite boy and smiled at her.

"Who are you? Why do you keep calling me princess?" Madison glared at the guy and screamed, "STALKER!" He quickly covered her mouth and looked around.

"Sh!" He hissed. "My name is Daichi, and I am one of many followers you have." He answered. Madison's eyes widened and her mouth opened.

"Y-You are a stalker!" Madison yelled. She turned around and tried to run back to the Sohma Campsite but Daichi grabbed her arm.

"No I am not!" He growled. "I am here to help you, Madison." He whispered. He let go of her arm and smiled. "Now what is your first plan?" He chuckled.

Madison's eyes lit up and then she frowned. "Took you long enough." She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes. "This poor girl, had a life and now I've taken it." It was like Maddie was possessed, I guess you could say.. she was.

"You will have to let her in control again." Daichi said. "She has friends, a family. They will get suspicious and if we do take her body than they will try and find her." Daichi leaned against a tree and sighed.

"Kill them." The person who possessed Madison's body ordered. "I want them killed, and I will destroy this damn planet."

"But Princess Maddie." Obviously the story that Hatori said, was true. "This is a new time. They have new things, more advanced technology." Daichi told her.

"Oh well." Princess Maddie crossed her arms. "Now I want you to 'round up what's left of my followers and I want you to attack these friends and family this girl has." Princess Maddie ordered, soon the lit came back in the eyes and she gasped.

"WAHHH, YOUR STILL HERE!" Madison Paige screamed and pointed at him. "Stop following me! I will call the police, FBI, something! Leave me alone!" She yelled. She didn't even know her body got possessed. She ran back to the campsite. She got in her and Tohru's tent and got in her sleeping bag.

Kyo sat in a tree and watched what happened below. He just chuckled to himself. "A demon in disguised. A confused girl with no control." He shook his head. After Maddie ran off he jumped down. "Hey you, names Daichi right? 'Course it is." Kyo cracked his knuckles.

Daichi turned around to look at the oranged haired boy. "Someone has been spying." Daichi chuckled.

Kyo ran at Daichi and pushed him into a tree. He put his hands around Daichi's throat and tightened his grip. Daichi clawed at Kyo's arms trying to get them off but couldn't. Kyo soon let go and Daichi fell to the ground. He kicked Daichi a couple times in the stomach and than in his face. "Come near Madison again, you won't be so lucky." He glared at Daichi then walked back to camp.

Madison sat up and saw his shadow outside her tent. "Kyo!" She whispered. She got out of her tent and blinked. "Kyo." She looked around, it had gotten dark. Was that really his shadow she saw? Soon someone tapped her on the shoulder. She screamed but a mouth covered it.

"Shh." The voice chuckled. "I'm right here." Kyo uncovered her mouth and turned her around. "Now what do you want?" He asked.

"Some guy.. has been.. stalking me. Or something. But he keeps calling me Princess and just recently I encountered him and I just blanked out." Madison folded her hands together and lookd at the ground.

"I know." He grumbled. "I saw everything." He crossed his arms. Madison looked up at him and frowned.

"You beat him up didn't you?" Madison grumbled. "Really, you just really had to do that."

Kyo laughed. "And I beat his ass good." Kyo bragged. "He's a damn freak, and I don't want his ass around." Kyo than made a face. "But of course you wouldn't know anything because you just damn blank out and she comes into control of things." His arms fell back to his side and he stared down at Madison.

"What are you talking about? You're crazy!" She punched his arm.

"That was pathetic." He grumbled. "As I say again; You couldn't throw a punch to save your damn life."

"Now I'll have that to say when Yuki beats the shit outta you again." Madison smiled up at him, in a mocking way.



Maddie giggled and Kyo smiled. They both went to their own tents and soon fell asleep.

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