Johnny: Jimmy. Jimmy. Jimmy!

St. Jimmy: WHAT?

Johnny: Jimmy, what are you-? Netflix?

St. Jimmy: Yes, Johnny Cakes, I'm downloading Netflix.

Johnny: But HATE movies.

St. Jimmy: Do not!

Johnny: Then why will you never watch a movie when I ask?

St. Jimmy: Because...You suck at picking them out.

Johnny: *pouts* Anyway...Why would you even want to spend your mon-

St. Jimmy: No, no, no, NO! You acutally think I would waste my cash on this shit?

Johnny: Well, yes, because that's the whole point of Netflix.

St. Jimmy: Forget that shit- I'm getting the free one-month trial!

Johnny: ...You still need a credit card.

St. Jimmy: Credit card? Fuck that...I only want the free trial! Then, when my trial runs out, I'll make a whole new account. Rince, repeat, Johnny Cakes, rince, repeat.

Johnny: Oh, so I guess you've thoroughly thought this out?

St. Jimmy: *with pride* Why, yes.

Johnny: But Jimmy, look here. *points to computer screen* They want your credit card number anyway.

St. Jimmy: Wha-? The fuck? I don't even own a credit card! *thinking* *grabs Johnny's cellphone*

Johnny: Jimmy, what are you-?

St. Jimmy: Hello? Yes, hi. I have a Wii, and I really want Netflix, but-

Johnny: You don't even have a Wii, that's Wills!

St. Jimmy: *covering phone* Shut the fuck up Johnny! Hello? Yes, sorry about that. Anway, the problem is, I don't have a credit card...What should I do? *puts phone on speaker*

Netflix Dude: I'm sorry, but a credit card is necissary to complete the Netflix account activation. There are a couple reasons for this. One is beacuse we don't want minors signing up for this without parental consent. Two is because if you don't return a movie we need to be able to contact you with a credit card.

St. Jimmy: Oh, I understand. *pause* What if I promise I'll pay all my movies on time?

Netflix Dude: I'm sorry, sir, but it's not up to-

St. Jimmy: Oh, Jesus!

Johnny: Yes?

St. Jimmy: Shut the fuck up, Johnny! Anway, I'm not even going to have the movies mailed, I just want them on the Wii!

Netflix Dude: It's still neciss-

St. Jimmy: If you let this slide, just this once, I can...repay you...wink, wink. I play for both teams.

Johnny: JIMMY!

St. Jimmy: Fucking God! I just want the fucking free trial anyway! *hangs up furiously*

Johnny: Sorry Jimmy, but I knew it just wasn't going to work-Jimmy, what are you doing? *looking at the computer screen*

St. Jimmy: *typing* Credit...card...numbers...that!

Johnny: Jimmy, you actually think you're going to find some retard who'd put their credit card number on the internet?

St. Jimmy: Look Johnny, YouTube! Look at this video, this asshole in the video is giving his number out for anyone to use! Haha! That's his own fucking fault.

Johnny: Jimmy, that's illegal!

St. Jimmy: So is heroine, and that didn't stop you.

Johnny: *pouts*

St. Jimmy: Shit! It didn't work! Asshole!

Johnny: Figured...Wait...Google Images? Really now?

St. Jimmy: Look at this! There are a bunch of pictures of credit cards with the numbers and everything! Yes! *typing* Why the fuck won't any of these work?

Johnny: *rolls eyes*

St. Jimmy: *reaches into his wallet* Here, we go, I'll just try this...

Johnny: I thought you didn't have a credit card.

St. Jimmy: ...Do you think this Wendy's gift card will do? *types in number* I didn't even think so...


Johnny: SAINT FUCKING JIMMY! *runs into room*

St. Jimmy: *watching porn on the TV* Um...privacy?

Johnny: used my fucking credit card, didn't you?

St. Jimmy: Yeah, what's it to you?

Johnny: Well, let's see, it's MINE.

St. Jimmy: Why the fuck should it matter? All I want it for is the fucking free trial.

Johnny: True...Now stop with the porn.

St. Jimmy: *pause* Oh, I get it. You want to get it on, don't you? *walks up to Johnny seductivly, places hand on his chest*

Johnny: Actually, I figured since you used my credit card, I could use Netflix to watch Glee.

St. Jimmy: Get the fuck out.

Johnny: But...but...I need to see the Christmas episode! I was watching it online, and it just STOPPED right in the middle of Baby, It's Cold Outside! I was fucking pissed! Then, I went to check my credit card balance, we are.

St. Jimmy: Nice story...get the fuck out now.

A/N: This is a true story...minus the porn and the gay. My thirteen-year-old cousin was the Jimmy in this. I was the Johnny. Besides the cursing, this all happened. My cousin is going to get herself in deep trouble some day...

I don't own American Idiot or Glee...Oh, and the Glee part happened also!

Anyway, I was actually going to write this oneshot with Kurt and Blaine, but decided this woudl be much funnier with this duo.