This is a little idea of mine that been swimming for a while in my head. Basically the Young Justice cast meets some people from an alternate Earth. On this Earth the boys are girls and the girls are boys. So, yeah. I'll also be posting other things. I won't update this until I have at least 5 reviews. I'm also looking for an evil 'villain' to bring them together. Listed below is the cast and there female names of their alter egos.

Conner/ Superboy – Claire/Superbabe

Wally/Kidflash - Winifred/Wini/Kidflash

Kaldur/Aqualad – Kayci/Aqualass

Robin – Sparrow

Roy/ Red Arrow - Roxy/Rox/ Red Arrow

Artemis – Aries

M'gann/Megan/Miss Martian – Martin/Martian

I do not own Young Justice, and make no profit from this. The only profit I make is the fuzzy feeling I get when I read reviews.

"Recently there was a large energy abominably in downtown Happy Harbor. We have reason to believe that it was linked to a trans-dimensional portal. We're sending you in to investigate. You are not to engage whatever came out the portal. Understood?" Batman looked at all of them. Kaldur and Robin stood staring at the screen intently. Megan and Artemis seemed bored. Conner sat passively in the back. While Wally stood up front pondering something.

"We will not let you down." Kaldur turned to the team. "Let's move out team."

Whatever Wally seemed to be pondering finally clicked. "Why not send the League's geniuses to investigate? It would be easier. They could examine it and fight off any threats. Why us?"

Robin smacked Kid in the head.

"We finally get a mission and you want to question it. Idiot. Let's go."

The team of six left towards the launching bay. As they left a black shadow dropped near Batman.

"Batman, my team is downtown. Should we give them the coordinates?" Batman turned towards the shadow. It moved forward to reveal a woman dressed in a grey cat suit, yellow heeled boots and gloves. She wore a cape as well with a mask similar to Batman's.

"Batwoman, when the 'enemy' makes an appearance they will come together." Batman eyes narrowed at Batwoman. "The question is: is your team ready?"

Batwoman scoffed and flipped her black hair over her shoulder. "Please. My team is the best of the best. Is your team ready for mine?"

Batman turned away from her. "We'll see."

Batwoman shook her head and followed. "You're no fun."

In Downtown Happy Harbor

"Our ETA is five minutes. Kaldur the plan." Megan stirred the ship towards an empty parking lot.

Kaldur turned towards the team and they unbuckled and stood.

"Okay team. Megan, Kid, you are on recon. Search the area for anything suspicious. Artemis, Robin, question any nearby civilians. They may have seen something. Superboy and I will stand by and help if need be. Everyone nodded and proceeded off the ship, going about their assigned duties.

A few blocks over from the now landing teens heros, sat a group of four girls at a small café. The redhead of the group sat tapping her foot impatiently and sipping a drink. Her green eyes were dropping with boredom. She wore a yellow tank top and gloves, blue jeans, and red sneakers. The girl next to her, a black haired beauty, sat typing away on a laptop. She wore a black leather jacket over a pink hoodie coupled with black jeans and heels. On her face sat a pair of sunglasses. The girl next to her also with black hair, had blue eyes wore a blue sundress and flats as well. She stared interestedly at a croissant in her hands. The last girl had chocolate skin and whitish blonde hair that was neck length and blue gray eyes. She wore a white dress shirt, brown high waisted shorts, and a long white sweater and white flats.

"Why would she send us here?" The red haired girl waved her a hand angrily at her surroundings.

"It's no point to being here. No mission, no training. It's like she wants to get rid of us." The redhead flipped her hair over her shoulder and glared across the table at the blonde. "This is your fault Kacyi. If you hadn't agreed to this we wouldn't be here."

"Wini, I know you are impatient but we must enjoy ourselves. Think of it as team bonding. And," Kacyi pulled out a small black card from her pocket. "She gave us her credit card."

"Credit card?" The black haired girl with blue eyes asked. She put her croissant down and gave Kayci a confused look.

"A credit card is like money. You use it to buy things, Claire." Kayci smiled and took a sip of her water.

"Does this mean we go shopping after this? I wanna check out the clothes here. I mean it's not every day we get to travel outside our usual limits." Wini asked while taking a bite out of her large cookie. "Right Sparrow?"

"Yeah. Batanie probably has something planned so keep your eyes peeled." Sparrow closed her laptop and put it away. "Where's Aires and Martin?"

"I think they're at the pier. Martin said something about his first Earth toy for his first love. We all know who he's getting it for." Wini smiled at the other girls. Wini and Sparrow turned to Claire and began making kissing faces.

"Claire and Martin sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g. First comes love then comes marriage. Then comes Martin with a baby carriage." Sparrow and Wini turned towards each other. Wini grabbed Sparrow and pulled her close, she made her voice slightly deeper.

"Claire I'll never let you go." Sparrow pretended to blush.

"Oh Martin, neither will I." They pretend to kiss.

"Stop it! It's not like that! We're just friends."Claire snapped, pouting and turning away from the girls.

"Come on guys. You know Claire is touchy about that subject. Now everyone finish up so we can go have some fun." Kayci interjected. She waved the waiter over.

-Insert Scream-