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Upon arriving at the Mount Justice, the teams settle into the training room. Batman and Batwoman meet them as the exited the Bioships.

"I see you have met your alternate versions." Batman stated the woman at her side gave a sigh.

"No stuff Sherlock. They are both here."

"That was a little uncalled for." Kaldur noted. Batwoman shrugged and gave a wicked smile.

"I'm just trying to get old Bats to warm up. You think he was Mr. Freeze or something. So, my pretty ladies and handsome gentlemen, here is your new mission: Have fun."

"Fun? You let us jump dimensions and risk the space time continuum for fun?!" Wini yelled.

"Yes, I did. And watch how you talk to me little girl. Or do you want to be on messenger duty for the next month?"

Wini ducked behind Sparrow. "Fun is great."

"I thought so. Now pair up and get to know each other and report back here in about four hours for some training. Disperse."

The teams moved to pair up and evacuated the premises.

"Was that really necessary?"

"Yes, Bruce it was."

"Well, Bryce let us go. I believe the League would like to meet my female likeness."

"Oh goody. The grownups, so mature yet childish at the same time."

(With the Kid flashes)

Wini and Wally had promptly exited the mountain, standing in the surrounding clearing. The two were both stretching.

"Race?" Wini smiled and walk to the opening of the clearing. Wally followed with a smirk.

"You know it babe."

Both got into their starting positions, Wally's loose running position, while Wini's a trained track star position.

"On the count of three, babe?" Wally looked to his left.

"Why not?" Wini voice held a little a heat as well as her eyes.

"One. Two. Three."

Both Wally and Wini took off like a shot. Wally speed up, overtaking Wini as they exited Happy Harbor. As they entered New York Wally gloated.

"You know babe. You may be the fastest kid on earth in your world but, we're on my turf."

As they ran across the Atlantic Ocean, Wally overtook Wini completely. Sure of his win, he stopped in London for tea and cookies. As he crossed the Ukraine, het meet up with Wini.

"So tired yet? Maybe you should take a break."

Wini smiled as they entered Russia. "You know what they say Wally. Slow and steady when the race."

Wally laughed. "Yeah but the tortoise never won. It was fluke."

"If you say so, Bugs." Wini focused her attention ahead as they entered China.

"Hey don't want to talk to me anymore?" Wally ran backwards.

"No, but you should turn around."

"Why?" Wally smacked into a mattress being carried by two Chinese men. The two men began to curse wildly as Wally rubbed his head and took off again.

As Wally crossed the Pacific Ocean he spotted Wini ahead. He easily over took her. "Extra time and I'm still faster than you."

Wini smirked. "You know, Wally in a true race. You save your strength for the last bout of the race."

Wally gave a wobbly smile. "Whatever." He groaned. His energy was draining yet Wini looked as if she keep going. The constant speeding and talking had shortened his breath. As the two enter California, Wini overtook Wally. She looked over her shoulder at Wally.

"Hey, Wally?"

He looked up.

"Don't ever call me babe." Wini shoot off so fast that she was a blur to him.

By the time Wally entered the clearing again, Wini was there doing post run stretches.

"What was that?" Wally groaned and sat down.

"You shouldn't sit like that. Cramps up your muscles. Stretch. And that was the product of years f successful track/ and long distance trainging. Under some of the greatest, including my aunt Barrie's great tutorage. Doesn't Batman have you train in track form?"

"No, but if it can do that, I'll invest in it."

Wini smiled. "It's ok. Your still pretty fast. I almost didn't win."

"Don't lie. I know I sucked. Ugh. I'm so tired and hungry."

"Burgers from Jack-in-the-Box? My treat? Unless you are two tired?"

"I think I have a little energy for a run that far."

The two took off to the nearest Jack-in-the-Box, where they ate appalling amounts of fries and burgers.