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This is when Edward came back with his family and Bella knows about the wolf pack, but she not with Edward. She is with Jacob. Now she must tell the Cullens and the pack what she is. Bella is not human so what is she?

Bella pov.

The future thought- Soon you will be welcome back to forks Victoria, because I regain my powers back. We would fight to the death, but until you get back here. I'm going to the pack and the Cullens what I am and you better watch out. Trusted me Victoria when I said we are going to fight and you will be finding yourself in deep trouble. Because the real Bella swan is back in business and she is ready for a fight.

Back to the present (Author note the cullens are not back yet but Alice is)

I was heading to La-push to give Jacob a piece of my mind. Billy have been a bitch the last couple weeks and that just plain mean. Now at his house I waited in my truck for Jacob to come. Laying back in the sit. I was remembering when we went to the movie with Mike.


"I think I'm going to be sick." Mike said. I looked over at him only to see a light green with sweat beating down his forehead and tried eyes face looking at me. suddenly he ran to the door and ran to the restroom. I looked at Jake who was laughing his head off he felt my gaze on him. He turn to me and asked.


"Mike is sick I think you should go check on him." I told him and we went into the hall waiting for Mike. Jake went to check on him when he came back with disgust look on his face. "He going to be in there for awhile." He told me. We sat down on the stairs waiting for Mike. I felt his eyes on me. I turn to look at him and saw love in them. I have and will always love Jacob. Edward well I never love him I was using him to get to Carlisle's books and learn all about the cullens. Jacob began to speak .

" Bella I know that the break up been hard for you." It's as not been hard it was all a act even charlie knew it, but he knows what I been during the months. Jacob continue, but his face was showing pain and anger and at that moment I knew jake was going to phased soon I sense it the air I breath.

" Please bella let me in, let me help you with this. " I love him greatly, but until he is done with phasing process, I will him who I'm really am after he beome a wolf.

"I'm sorry jake, but not right now okay." He justed nodded. that is when Mike got out of the bathroom and walk over to us.

"Hey, guys I think I need to go home, I think I got the flu virus that is coming around."

After jake took Mike home he stopped at my house. I took a look at him. He was sweating now and shaking a little more. Maybe I should take him home.

"Jake maybe I should take you home, you look like you are going to passed out." I said gently, He snapped his head and looked at me with the anger raising in his dark brown eyes .

" No!" He said in a hash tone. I know I have to go, but I can't help feeling worry about him. I got out of the car and watch him go.

*Flashback over*

There was a tapped on my window I opened my eyes and looked up only to see Jacob standing there. I stepped out of the truck lending back agrist the door. My hands balling up in tight wrist and started to yelled at him.

" Why have you not answer my phone calls, I was worried sick about?" His face was twisted in pain and anger. He started to shake a little and look back at Sam and the others members of the pack. I felt tiny drops of rain fell on my head before it came pouring down soaking my hair and cloths to my skin.

"Bella you need to go now, we are not friends anymore." He calmly said. Looking down at the ground avoiding my face. When he said those words it me feel hurt, I have to let him know what I am and that I know what he is too. Here goes nothing.

"No, Jacob I know what you are and now I need to tell what I am to." I told him while looking at his face the whole time. He look up and so did the other members of the pack. Their faces show pure confuse.

"What?" Jacob's shocked low voice ringed out to me.

"Well, I meant that you and the pack are wolves shape-shifters, but you called yourselves werewolves when you really not. Now about me I'm a shape-swifter wolf also, but with another pack and the only relationship I have with this pack is that I imprinted on Jacob." Everyone in the pack had a face of shock. They were like that until my alpha howl for the whole back to come back to camp. They were all out of shock, but now with confusion. I hate to leave them like this, but I have get back to camp. I know I have to go.

"Bella how?" Jacob asked me. His face shows his happiness. The pack was whispering to each other.

"I have to go, bye!" With that I ran to the forest, phasing into a beautiful light brown with dark brown paws and the tip of my tail half way to the forest. Then I ran into the forest where my camp was.

Jake pov.

She knew, but how? Bella was a wolf! When did this happen, I just turn into a wolf and she knew. There was a wolf howling, I broke out of my trance and look at her in complete confusion. Then I felt like I was floating and she was the only one that was holding me to earth. Oh my gosh, I just imprinted.

"Bella how?" I asked her, with a big grin on my face. Her face was full of concern and worry then she took off where the howl came from. In half way she phase into the most beautiful wolf I ever saw and kept on going to where the howl came from. I heard the pack walking behind me, so I turn around to them.

"Bella know mores about than we give her credit for." Embry stated. Everyone nodded.

"Where did she go?" Quil asked. ( A/N Every wolf is all ready phase.) That was a good question. Where was she going, maybe we should follow her.

" I don't know where she went, hey Sam do you think we should follow her?" I asked him. He same to be in deep thought then finally answered.

Yes I think we should." With that everyone phased and started to run where balla ran off at.


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