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Chapter 4

Bella/Diana's pov.

"Everyone just calm down!" George ordered out to his back down some,but still in protective mood.

"Hey Alpha, why is the giant wolves here?" Silver asked while still sticking himself close to me, while I nuzzling into the thick,soft fur. We have been away from one another for a long time since being mated wolves our instinct are telling us to rediscover our bond. I may have imprinted on jacob, but our bond is in a brotherly and sisterly love. Wolves can only mated with another wolf once in a lifetime and jacob's mate will come,but she not me. My imprintion was only about getting close to the alpha and give his pack advice and guide them on the path of becoming true wolves. Silver rubs his fluffy silvery tail across my back.

"Control yourself my mate we will be alone soon."He whispered in my ear then we started to nuzzle our muzzles together when alpha back to get our attention.

"Well silver we are going to answer some of their questions and learn about them." Alpha stated. Jacob was still looking at silver and me with shock and confuse. Suddenly a loud whine enter the meeting. Every wolf turn their toward the sound to see three little pups at the nursuery den's then I realize it was silver and my pups. The pup on the left is a male with brown fur with silver tips on his ears,paws, tail and muzzle has amber eyes and name is earthin. The one in the middle is female with light silver fur with very dark brown tips on ears and paws has silvery eyes and her name is myst. The last pup is male with a light brown fur with silver fleaks throughout his fur has brown eyes and his name is thorn. When they saw us they ran to me nuzzling my legs I lick them each on the head before nudging them back to the den with my muzzle. Running back into the den everyone look back at the alpha again.

" Ok now la push pack ask any questions you have." Alpha told them.

"Who's that wolf next to bella or diana?" Jacob asked out of confusion and anger. Silver is getting more edgey then before. Jacob may have thought that he imprint on me doesn't mean he that I am his mate like the other wolves in his pack. This imprint is a call false imprint which means this is a guardain imprint and a true imprint is what Silver and I have and It means mate imprint.

"Well that is her mate imprint Silver and the pups you saw is their pups." Alpha told him. Jacob confuse face turn blank.

"What!" Jacob shouted forgetting that this is not La push it is true wolf land.

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