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Alice Academy, a prestigious school where politicians, celebrities, entrepeneurs' children are enrolled. Only rich people can afford to enroll their children in Alice Academy.

"Dang! I'll be late again if I don't hurry! Stupid alarmclock! Where were you when I need you?"

She went downstairs running and rode to one of her father's vehicle.

"Mr. Hijiro please hurry or I'll be late again to school! I don't want detention from Jin-jin!"

Mr. Hijiro rolled his eyes and whispered, "Again?"

Minutes after, she arrived to school running to her classroom.

She opened the door and noticed that her teacher hasn't arrived yet.

"Thankfully!" she said as she is panting.

She noticed her best friend fixing her invention,


She came closer to her for a hug but then,


"Don't come near me, I'm fixing something." Hotaru said.

"Old habits don't die huh?" Koko with his hands behind his head.

"Good Morning Koko!" Mikan said with a Smile

"Haha within five years they're doing it you're not used to see them like that every morning?" Sumire replied.

"Morning Permy!"

"It's SU-MI-RE Mikan"

"Whatever Permy."

"Hmph!" Irritated Sumire sat down in her seat.

Mikan noticed Ruka petting his rabbit and Natsume looking outside the window with his feet on the table. She went to them to greet them.

"Good Morning Ruka-pyon!"

"Good Morning Natsume!"

"Good Morning Sakura." Ruka said with a smile on his face

Natsume turned his attention to Mikan "What's the menu today? Oh, Kiwis."


"PERVERT!" She tried to hit Natsume in the head, but as usual, he dodged it.

Mikan's face is red due to embarrassment and anger.

"NATSUME!" Her voice echoed all over the school.

"Ahem, ms. Sakura." Jinno tapping his foot.

Mikan immediately sits.

"Detention after class." Mikan glared at Natsume and muttered something under her breath.


As usual, Mikan, Hotaru, Natsume, Ruka, Koko, Sumire, Nonoko, Anna, and Yuu, would sit together and chat about everything.

"Hey, Koko, what are you reading? Is that the "Business" magazine?" Sumire asked.

"Wow, Koko I never imagined you will read a magazine like that, I thought you go for porn magazines?" Yuu jokingly said.

"Shut it Yuu, I took it because there are some interesting issues there."

"And what's that?"

"Turn to page 11."

Top five Most biggest and most famous corporations all over Japan:

1. Yukihara Corporation

2. Hyuuga Corporation

3. Nogi Corporation

4. Imai Corporation

5. Koizumi Corporation

Top five Most powerful corporations all over Japan:

1. Yukihara Corp.

2. Hyuuga Corp.

3. Imai Corp.

4. Nogi Corp.

5. Yome Corp.

"Wow! Almost everyone we know made the list."

"And as usual Yukihara made it again at the number one list."

"That also reminds me, I heard this coming Saturday will be the Yukihara Corporation's 100th Anniversary and entrepreneurs from all over Japan are invited."

"Oh yeah, I heard about that."

"Then that means Natsume, Ruka, Imai, Koko, Sumire, Anna, Nonoko, Yuu, we will all be there, right?"


"I wish Mi-chan can come too."

"Yeah, It will be fun if Mikan can come too."

Mikan just smiled.

The class ended. Mikan decided to walk home but she saw Mr. Hijiro…

"Mr. Hijiro, what are you doing here?"

"You have to ride home, mam, someone is waiting for you at the mansion."


"You will know soon after you arrive at the mansion." Mr. Hijiro smiled.

At the Yukihara Mansion…

She was welcomed by two familiar faces. It was Mikan's parents. Mikan is very surprised because she thought that her parents are in New York working.

"Otousan? Okaasan? Is that you?"

"Of course, My dear, who else?"

She quickly hugged her mother and father upon seeing her parents just arrived after a very long time they are in New York.

"But, I thought that you will return here in Tokyo after you finished your work in New York? Does that mean you will not return in New York?"

"Nope, we're staying here for a few weeks. We came here to prepare for the upcoming Centennial Celebration of the corporation."

"Aww, Mom and dad, I really missed you!"

"We missed you too, honey." The three hugged again.

Meanwhile, at someone's house…

"Ah, how nostalgic, we just arrived here in Tokyo after many years. How I miss this place."

Suddenly the door bust open showing a girl with blond hair and brown eyes coming near the man.

"Dad, I want to enroll in Alice Academy since we're staying here for good, I want to meet my Natsume-kun. I'm sure he missed me." A girl with blond hair requested.

"Did I tell you to knock on the door? Now I have to replace again the door for the 187th time." The man replied.

"Sorry daddy I just got excited whenever I think that my Natsume-kun and I will meet personally. I'm tired seeing pictures of him."

Irritated, he replied "Alright, alright we'll enroll you to that school. And also, quit dreaming things."

"Well, he's soon to be, my fiancé.That Natsume Hyuuga, Future heir of the Hyuuga Corporation. I'm sure you'll like him. And with Hyuuga Corporation's help, the money we are earning now will triple." The girl with blond hair convincing the man to her request.

The man turned his head to where the blond haired girl with brown eyes is standing.

"You mean the Natsume Hyuuga, future heir of the Hyuuga Corporation?"

"The one and only." The girl with blond hair replied smiling.

"Hmm, that's a good choice. Maybe I should arrange a meeting with them." He smirked.

"Kyaa! Even daddy agrees in our relationship I love you daddy! By the way, where's mom?"

"When we arrived here in Tokyo, she immediately took the afternoon flight to London saying that she will have a one month vacation there."

"She's strange as always."

"Yeah, like you." He said smiling.

"Haha, I know."

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