Carlisle's POV

Chapter 2

"What would you like to know Bella?" I hesitated, hoping Edward would not throw a fit when he returned from hunting.

"It's nothing bad...I just want to know why they look the way they do. Why are there eyes clouded with white milky stuff, does it obstruct there vision? Why is there skin so much colder than yours or Edward's and translucent and frail looking? Why do those two" Bella pointed to Marcus and Caius" look so emotionless and board? Has time and solitude from the outside world made Aro the way he is...or was he that way all along?"

Bella asked question after question after question; I hadn't seen Bella this greedy for information since we had returned home from Ithaca and Alaska.

"Slow down Bella, one question at a time." I laughed. Bella waited patiently for me to answer her questions but the blazing curiosity in her eyes was just as a greedy as her curiosity.

"The reason all of their eyes are milky white is because they very rarely move from there thrones and when we do not move for long periods of time we can petrify." I explained as best I could without frightening her—Edward would kill me if I did. "It makes their eyes all clouded with that icky dust film but no they can see just fine." Bella remained quiet and still, resting her head on my shoulder, just taking in all of this information in. "As for their skin—just like yours—over time your skin loses it bounce and elasticity becoming withered and wrinkled; well when they don't move for long periods of time it does the same thing. Without the proper stretching of our skin it too withers away. They are all very old Bella." I explained.

I stole a glance at Bella's to see what expression was on her face; her heart rate and breathing were normal, as was her expression. The curiosity in her eyes wasn't as bright as before, but if I didn't get her to sleep soon, Edward would have my head. I remembered the rocking chair we had purchased a few months ago. Edward sat in that rocking chair many nights, rocking Bella to sleep after a bad dream, or just because that was what she wanted.

"I am just moving our location to your rocking chair down stairs." I told her rising from my office chair cradling Bella close to my chest and gathering the blanket from off the floor so I wasn't walking on it, or having drag on the ground behind me.

"Oh, okay." Bella settled back into my embrace, laying her head back on my shoulder, fighting the urge to close her eyes against her ever growing heavy eyelids. Bella hated sleeping when we couldn't, she thought it wasn't fair that she was the only one that had to sleep and miss out on things that happened.

Walking at a slightly faster pace than a human's normal walking pace, I made my way down the stairs to, the living room, flicking on the far light in the dining room for Bella to see some of her surroundings. Keeping my pace I took us back to the living room to sit in the rocking chair.

"As I was saying, they are very old Bella and rarely have a reason to move. We may not be human, but our bodies still need some up keep. We need exercise, we need our nourishment, and we need interaction, even if it is just with our own kind. They have become obsessed with power, greed and the law they claim to hold dear to them. Over time there skin has just lost its youthfulness. When we don't move for long periods of time we lose what little warmth we have to our skin. In laymen terms...there bodies aged, but they are still strong and fast as any of the rest of us."

"What about their moods?" Bella asked yawning snuggling deeper into my arms, trying to get more comfortable.

"Well, I am sure Caius and Marcus are bored to death, but do not wish to loose there power; without out it they would be useless and would be hunted and killed off by other vampires that want revenge or just blood lust towards our own kind. Aro lost most of his sanity; but you must understand that our minds work differently than yours; we are a thousand times smarter than the human race because our mind and bodies know no boundaries. Aro's gift has kept him as sane as he needs to be. And I do not know if they have all been as they are from there beginning, they are so much older than I."

"Oh." Bella yawned again, desperately trying to keep her eye lids from drooping.

"Sleep Bella, I will sit and rock you, besides Edward will have my head if he finds out you have been up almost four hours past your bed time." I told her. Bella was deeply asleep in the first ten minutes of me rocking her to sleep. I stared at her face and admired her; her bravery, her endless love and compassion for others and most of all her selflessness. Bella put everyone one of us before herself, everyone came before Bella and she hated it the other way around. Bella was extremely independent and did not like being taken care of.

Two hours later I could hear my family returning; I just kept rocking Bella, as she slept. Everyone was in the house in seconds; Edward rushed towards Bella and I with a pained anxious expression on his face.

"My poor baby!" Edward moaned sadly, kneeling down in front of me. "What did she dream about?" He asked stoking her face lightly.

"I don't know but she had a slew of questions about the Volturi." The whole house went silent; they were no doubt thinking the worst. I couldn't help but chuckle at their expressions.

"What is so funny?" Edward hissed lowly through gritted teeth.

"Calm down Edward, she only asked about their appearance, moods and emotions."

It shocked me when Edward laughed. "Ah, Bella my curious little tiger kitten; always so curious, always has to know about anything and everything." I could hear the layers of relief that saturated Edward's voice; his body relaxing from its tense posture.

"She has only been asleep for three hours the entire night, so she might sleep in until late morning." I informed him; Edward was not too happy about that but he understood. I passed Bella off to Edward taking my spot quickly. A few minutes later I heard Bella talking in her sleep; Esme sitting beside me on the leather couch, picking up where I left off in my medical journal.

"My Edward...home...mine...mine...I love you."

"I love you my Bella, my curious little kitten." He chuckled then the both of them fell silent for the rest of the night.

It made me gratefully happy to see my first and eldest son finally as blissfully happy as the rest of my family was. Edward had finally found his soul, his mate, his heart, and his world; in the most unlikely places in our world, and I was eternally grateful for Bella Swan to stumble—literally—into our lives.


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