It started with a "hello" and ended with a "goodbye". But in between was something Sweet Pea wasn't prepared for.

When Sweet Pea first arrives at the brothel at the age of 21, she can't help but notice the young assistant, Blue Jones, who's good looks and charisma win her over instantly.

But three years into a secret relationship between the two, Blue's promoted to Boss, and Sweet Pea can't help but notice a change in him, which results in a change in her.

A/N: Sweet Pea/Blue Jones. Don't own Sucker Punch. Enjoy! btw, I know that the brothel was all Babydoll's imagination, but it was a good storyline, so yeah. And also, remember that everyone is quite young in this, so attitudes and looks may be different to how they appeared in the movie.

Chapter One

Too Far From Paradise

"Go, go!" I grabbed Rocket's hand, running as fast as I could. The police sirens wailed behind us and I screamed in frustration.

"Sweet Pea!"

"Just keep going, Rocket!" I yelled. The rain splattered on the floor heavily and I ran into an alleyway. We heard the police car stop, and heard a car door slam.

"STOP!" The officer yelled. I boosted Rocket up and she jumped the gate, landing on the other side. I leapt up, climbing as fast as I could. I jumped down and I heard a tiny pop. The next thing I knew, immense pain was zapping through my entire body and I screamed, clutching the main center of it all: my ankle.

"SWEET PEA!" Rocket ran to me, putting my arm around her neck.

"Sweet Pea, we have to go!" She helped me up, supporting me. We got pretty far before the pain became too much and I started to shake.

"Sweet Pea!"

"I can't, it hurts!" I panted. I dropped to the floor and Rocket grabbed me before I landed.

"No, no! Sweet Pea! WE HAVE TO GO!" She yelled, trying to get me up again.

"Get up." I looked up and saw a police officer looking at me with a gun pointed at Rocket's head.

"Please...we didn't do anything wrong..." Rocket whispered.

"Get up." Rocket got up slowly and my heart was racing. Rain poured down from the sky heavily and I breathed deeply, trying to calm down as Rocket looked at the officer, sighing.

"You girls have no idea how much trouble you are in."

"We can take it from here, officer." I looked behind him and saw a large man walking with two guards behind him. His hair was cropped short, and he wore a suit that looked too tight for his body. He held an umbrella over his head, shielding himself from the rain.

"We'll take them in." The man said, smiling. The officer sighed.

"Mr. Jacobs, I know you often come to us, looking for strays, but look here. These girls almost murdered a man. Are you sure you want someone like that in your...line of business?" He said. Mr. Jacobs handed him a roll of money and I looked on in shock.

"Just the kind of girls we like. Right boys?" The guards nodded.

"$3000 for both of them. How's that?" He asked, smiling. The officer sighed, but nodded, shoving his gun back into it's holster. Rocket turned and lifted me up and the pain slowly rose through my leg. The rain made me cough and Rocket growled.

"My ankle..." I whispered.

"How about you lovely ladies come with me, huh?" Mr. Jacobs said, smiling.

"Do we have any other choice?" I said, gritting my teeth.

"Well, you can come with me, or you can go with the lovely officer here and probably get a life sentence for attempted murder. You choose one." He said, shrugging. I looked at Rocket, who looked at me, scared. I sighed but nodded and Mr. Jacobs grinned.

"Well get under here, then! You'll get sick in this weather. You have yourself a nice day, officer!" He said, nodding at the officer. He helped us into the car and the guard hopped into the driver's seat, immediately taking off.

"Ooh, we'll get something for that ankle back at the house, darling." He said to me.

"Where are you taking us?" I asked quietly.

"Well, just to a little place I like to call paradise." Mr. Jacobs said, smiling. The rest of the journey was quiet. Rocket held my hand tightly, the other clutching my ankle and I realized she was shaking.

"I think it's broken." I whispered. She took a good look at it, and grabbed it lightly, feeling for any broken bones. She shook her head.

"I think you've just sprained it badly." She rested her head on my shoulder and I sighed. We pulled up to a massive mansion like house and Mr. Jacobs helped us out, that smirk still on his face. Rocket supported me as he led us inside and I noticed the tight security and the electronically locked doors.

"This place a prison?" I said, my blood boiling.

"Oh hardly. It's a brothel." He said, smiling. I stopped in my tracks, looking at him.

"Excuse me?"

"A brothel. You know, dancing, sex. The usual." He said, grinning. I grabbed Rocket's hand and turned around, the pain in my ankle gone.

"We're leaving." Two guards stepped in front of us.

"You see the thing is leave? I report you to the police and you spend your lives in jail. Stay here, and you avoid that altogether. Now, I'm no Albert Einstein...but even I know what the right choice here is." Mr. Jacobs said, grinning once more. He pulled out a cigar, lighting it and puffing on it as he watched us.

Tears sprang in my eyes and Rocket looked at me.

"We don't have a choice." She whispered.

"Rocket, I promised I would keep you safe..."

"We're safer in here then we are out there. And your ankle might be seriously injured. No hospital is gonna take in two girls with no money, Sweet Pea." She whispered.

"We don't have all day ladies..." Mr. Jacobs said. I sighed, but turned back around, walking toward him. He grinned and led us through the doors, a slight swagger in his walk. We entered a theater, and there were girls dancing on stage, another woman directing them from below. There was a bar on the left of us and a gigantic chandelier on the ceiling in the middle of the room. Tables and chairs surrounded the floor below the theater.

"Go and get Blue." Mr. Jacobs asked one of the guards.

"Yes, sir." The guard left and Mr. Jacobs looked at us, smiling.

"This is the theater, ladies. Where all the magic happens. That over there, is Madam Gorski. VERA!" He yelled out. The woman directing the girls on stage turned and looked at us.

"Take a break!" She yelled. Her accent was polish. She walked over to us.

"Anthony." She said, smiling as she hugged him lightly and kissed his cheek.

"Vera, these are our newest recruits, uh..."

"I'm Rocket. This is my sister, Sweet Pea." Rocket said quietly.

"Ah, Rocket and Sweet Pea."

"Those aren't your real names are they?" Madam Gorski asked, one of her eyebrows arching skeptically.

"No, ma'am. But we'd rather not say our real names." I said, my heart sinking. We'd adopted our nicknames from our parents. The parents we'd run away from. She nodded.

"That's alright. Nobody here uses their real names anyway, except perhaps the staff."

"Ah, here's Blue!" Mr. Jacobs said, smiling. I turned and saw a young man entering the room. He looked to be my age. He ran a hand through his black hair and smiled, placing a fedora hat on his head, his dark features smoldering as he came forward. He wore a black suit with a white tie, the sleeves rolled up, and his black pants and the boots he wore shone in the chandelier's light. He spun around and pointed at the boss, holding his arms out to the side.

"Like the new look?" He said, grinning.

"Ah, now that my kid, is a look I can work with! Not this shoulder length hair, dark look you had before! Now you look like an assistant!" The boss said, laughing.

"Good, good! Vera, what do you think?" Blue said, looking at Madam Gorski. She smiled.

"Handsome, as usual." She said. Blue winked at her, then turned to us. I felt a blush creeping on my face as I realized I must've looked like a drowned rat, with a black dress on that was soaked with rain, along with my entire body, clutching my younger sister for support as I tried not to think about the pain in my ankle.

"Hello, ladies!" He said, smiling at us. He looked at the boss.

"What did you need my man?"

"This young lady here has got a hurt ankle, and seeing as you are quite the expert at healing broken bones...remember, you healed Ramona's wrist very nicely when she broke it!" Mr. Jacobs said. Madam Gorski and Blue seemed to freeze slightly, pain in both their eyes, but it lasted for only a second before Blue was smiling again.

"Well, I try my best." Blue said winking. I watched them both curiously.

"Can you do me a favor? Can you take her to a different room, help her out? And Rocket, you wanna go with Madam Gorski here, get a tour of the place with the other girls?"

"I'd rather stay with my sister, I-"

"It's okay, Sweet Pea." Rocket said. I looked at her and she nodded.

"O-okay then." I said.

"I'll take her from here!" Blue said, walking over to me and taking Rocket's spot. I blushed even harder as I realized my wet clothes were making his new outfit wet as well.

"I'm sorry-"

"It's okay! It's okay! Oh, by the way. Blue Jones, nice to meet you." He said, shaking my hand. I smiled.

"Sweet Pea. My sister, Rocket." I said. He nodded.

"Come, come, Rocket. Let's get you dried off. Also, there are some girls I'd like you to meet." Madam Gorski said. Rocket left with her and Blue wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Here we go." He said. My stomach churned with each step as the pain grew worse.

" we are." Blue opened one of the doors and I saw a bed in the middle of the room. I groaned as pain zapped up my ankle as I sat down on the bed.

"Let's have a look." Blue said, grabbing a stool. I lifted my foot and he grabbed my ankle, his hands cold and soothing as he ran them over my ankle.

"Alright. Now, feels to me like you've simply sprained it so, i'm just gonna move it around a bit, okay?"

"Okay." I whispered. He started twisting it and moving it around and I hissed as pain exploded throughout my whole leg.

"You okay?" I shook my head.

"Okay, enough now, then?" I nodded. Blue was wrapping something around my foot tightly and he hovered over me, smiling.

"You okay?"

"I think so..." I grabbed his shoulder, trying to get up, but my ankle throbbed. I groaned and he hissed.

"Oh, that hurts, okay. That's okay. You're okay." He said, helping me up. I sighed and sat back down.

"So, Sweet Pea...How did you get here?" Blue asked. I looked at him, sighing.

"Rocket did something...bad. The police were after us, and your boss came and saved our asses. But obviously, at a high price." I said, sighing.

"What did she do?"

"She...almost killed someone." I said, tears springing to my eyes. Blue looked at me in shock.

"Why?" He whispered.

"No, it's not like that. It was an accident." I said, shaking my head as the tears fell. He nodded.

"We all make mistakes." He said. I looked at him and he smiled at me.

"Come on, let's get you to bed. And out of these wet clothes! You need to rest that ankle." He said, laughing. I got up and almost fell down.

"Okay, I see how it is, here we go."

"Hey, wait!" He lifted me into his arms, walking casually as if I weighed nothing.

"I'm fine to walk myself, you know." I mumbled.

"Sure." He said, chuckling.

"I am! Put me down!" I said. He sighed.

"Fine." He set me down and I walked, stumbling slightly and limping from my foot. Blue sighed and wrapped his arm around my waist.

"Come on, let's go." He led me to one of the rooms and knocked on the door. A young petite girl with black hair and dark exotic features answered the door, and she smiled.

"Hey, Blue."

"How's it going, Blondie?"

"Blondie? But she's got dark hair..." I asked, confused. Blondie laughed, then looked at Blue frowning.

"Is she drunk?"

"Yeah, on pain."

"I am not." I said. Blue laughed.

"Is her sister here yet?"

"Who the new girl, Rocket? She's with Madam Gorski but she should be here soon."

"Good." He lay me down on one of the beds and sighed, turning to Blondie.

"Do you have something she can wear? Those clothes are all wet."

"Amber, get her a nightgown?" Blondie said.

"Okay." I turned and saw the girl I presumed to be Amber smile at me. She had long brown hair, and a beautiful smile that made me smile back. Blue winked at me.

"I'll see you around, Sweet Pea." I smiled.

"Bye." He left the room, laughing as he went and Blondie sat on my bed just as Amber came back with a nightgown.



"Name's Amber." She said, smiling.

"Sweet Pea." I said, getting up and heading to the bathroom. Blondie grabbed my arm and slung it over her neck, supporting me. Amber grabbed my other arm and helped.

"Thanks." They both nodded.

"We met your sister, Rocket. She's cool." Blondie said. I nodded, entering the bathroom. Amber flipped down the toilet seat and sat down on it while Blondie hung out next to the door, leaning against it.

"She is." I paused, unsure whether to ask what I wanted to ask. I took my dress off and sighed. Amber handed me a towel and I quickly dried myself off.

"How did you guys get here?" I asked. Blondie sighed.

"Jacobs found me on the streets. My parents were...well...let's just say they weren't the nicest people...I was bruised, bloody and beaten with nowhere to go. Jacobs told me he could help me out. Been here ever since."

"And I was on the streets as well when Jacobs found me. I got kicked out of home, had nowhere else to go." Amber said. I slipped the nightgown on, surprised by how revealing it was.


"That's probably the least revealing one in the trunk. Sorry." Amber said, biting her lip.

"It's...okay. Listen...when we came in, there were a lot of...heavily locked doors. I mean, what's going on here?"

"It's a brothel. But...Jacobs...he doesn't let any of us go." Blondie said.

"What do you mean?" I said, my heart racing.

"He threatens us. Tells us he'll hand us over to the police if we try to escape. About a month ago, when myself and Amber first arrived, they were carrying three body bags outside."

"What?" I exclaimed.

"The girls escaped...and Jacobs called the police. They were all shot before they got more then 5 feet out of here." Amber said.

"Are you serious?" I said, my mind reeling.

"Yeah..." Amber said, sighing. I put my head in my hands.

"Shit..." Tears spilled from my eyes as I realized what I had gotten myself and Rocket into.

"We can't leave..." I whispered.

"It's not that bad here. Most of the older girls do know...other part of the job. We just dance."

"Yeah, but let me guess. You hit 21 and he let's you become an official sex slave?" I said, crying.

"Actually 25. That's apparently when you hit your know..."

"4 years..." I whispered. Blondie sighed.

"I'm sorry."

"How old are you two?" I asked, sniffing.

"I'm 19. Amber's 20." I nodded, calming down a little.

"Rocket's 20, as well. I'm 21." I said, wiping the tears away. I got up just as Rocket entered the bathroom, smiling. She was wearing a nightgown as well, a little less revealing then mine.

"Hey, how's your foot?"

"Sore, but healing." She ran toward me and hugged me.

"Madam Gorski said 'light's out in ten minutes'." Rocket said. I nodded and walked out with her, Amber and Blondie helping me once more. I sat down on a bed with another empty one next to it and Rocket lay down in the bed next to me.

"What did Madam Gorski want from you?" I asked.

"Just to know if I could dance. I told her we had dancing lessons as kids."

"Right. Okay..."

"You okay?"

"Yeah, fine." She smiled.

"I don't think it'll be that bad here, Pea." She said.

"Yeah, you don't know the full story, obviously." I thought. I sighed, but smiled back at her.

"Yeah..." She sighed, then lay down in her bed.

Goodnight." She said, turning over in her bed to look at me.

"Night, Rocket."

I woke with a start, my heart racing as I heard delicate snores around me. I sat up in my bed, looking over at Rocket, who was fast asleep. I flipped the covers off me, my ankle throbbing as I set it down on the floor. My head throbbed and I got up slowly, walking over to the bathroom. I flicked the light on and it flickered slowly. I washed my face with cold water, trying to take deep breaths. My chest hurt and I clutched it, trying to take deep breaths once again. I stumbled and left the bathroom, clicking the light off and walking outside the door. The hallways were bare and the lights were flicking. I walked a little down the hallway, and sank down on the floor, trying as hard as I could to just take some breaths, but I found it hard. I needed fresh air. I continued down the hallway, my heart racing. I turned the corner-

and bumped into one of the guards.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be roaming around at this time of night!" He yelled. The lights above us flickered as he grabbed my arm. I glared at him angrily, trying to pry him off.

"Hey!" I turned and saw Blue walking toward us, his expression angry.

"One; let her go. Two; get out of my face. NOW!" He yelled. The guard let me go, looking at Blue apologetically, and walked off.

"You okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah." I whispered.

"He's right though, you're not supposed to be walking around at this time of night ."

"I need fresh air." I said quietly.

"Come with me then, there's a balcony not too far from here." He led me through two more hallways, myself limping alongside him. I saw a balcony ahead and he opened the door for me, smiling. I walked outside, the breeze feeling like a wake up call. I smiled, my hair whipping around my face as I breathed in.

"Better?" He asked.

"A little." I said, sighing. I sat down on the bench and he sat beside me.

"Blondie told me...about three girls who tried to escape...they were killed?" I said quietly. Blue nodded sadly.

"Why?" I whispered. He sighed, looking at me.

"Mr. a very strict man." He said hollowly.

"Who kills people for trying to escape?" I said. He sighed.

"Hey the cops did the shooting, not him. It's hard to explain. Just do me a favor. Don't try to escape. I'd hate for that beautiful face of yours to leave this earth." He said, tapping my nose with his finger and winking at me. I smiled lightly. I noticed him looking at me and I looked back, confused.


"Hmm? Oh, feeling all nice and warm inside now?" He said, clapping his hands. I sighed, but nodded.

"I should get back. Before Rocket wakes up and thinks something happened to me." He helped me up and walked out with me.

"Is it true? That Jacobs only makes you do the...'sex' part of the job when you hit 25?" I asked. Blue nodded.

"He feels bad...making the girls do that kind of thing at such a young age. He feels that the innocence leaves a person when they hit 25."

"How old are you?"

"22." He said, grinning.


"And you?"

"21." We reached the room and Blue looked at me as I opened the door as quietly as I could.

"Well..." He bowed down.

"Goodnight, Madam Sweet Pea." He said, grinning. I laughed quietly.

"Good night, Blue." I said, smiling. He winked at me and walked off. I entered the room, limping over to my bed and crashing on it, a massive grin on my face as I fell asleep.