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Oscuridad: Mullier of Obscurum

Amber eyes stared into navy. The beauty of the man across from me was stunning. He was caressing my face with his hands and I had my arms wrapped around his waist. He breathed in, I breathed out. We were both saying no words; we could see it in each other's eyes. He took a deep breath in and then sighed, "I love you."

His words hit me with such sincerity;, I was awe struck. My heart skipped a beat and my breath caught in my throat. I was speechless, but only for moments. I breathed, "I love you, too."

We were kissing softly and tenderly. It felt good to be in his arms. I knew we were pure and golden. We were in love; Isn't that how love is, I thought. A rubbed my fingers through his hair as he held me tight. I was relaxed and I didn't care who saw, God, demi-god, mortal, or satyr. I was truly happy, a feeling I seldom felt; it felt good.

Then I fell out of his hands and slipped into the earth and was falling through a torch lit crevice. Corpse and bones were scattered all around the crack making it a terrifying place to be. I was tumbling and flipping my way down it, getting scratched, bruised, and cut along the way. I knew I was screaming, even though I couldn't hear myself.

I hit the ground roughly, my slippery hair falling over my face like a veil of raven feathers.

I was shaken, but not hurt; I slowly lift my head, my breath, raged. My hair fell out of my face, and then I saw him. He looked the part of the imposing and powerful villain, even though, in truth, he was not too bad. I was nervous in his presence, yet not scared.

He breathed in and crossed his arms over his chest before smirking, "Hello Alissa,"

I shot out of bead, hitting my head against the bunk above me. Ow, great way to start my day, I thought sarcastically.

I looked out the window at the back of my cabin. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon indicating it was about four o'clock. Almost no one would be up. (Almost meaning everyone but my weirdo friends.)

I tried getting back to sleep, but the constant shuffling of sheets coming Steph's bunk across the room was keeping me from falling back to sleep along with the fact that I am very light sensitive, so I did the best thing I could think of, I went to the beach.

I am not a huge water person, being a daughter of Hades does have its downs. Along with not being allowed to travel on water, my Uncle (that's right, Zeus) will kill me if I travel on an air plane, hot air balloon, zip line, hang-glider, ECT. So most people would tin it was very odd for me to go to the beach, but anyone who knows Frederika Anna-bell Shaw, daughter of Eris (or as most people know her discord and chaos), know that we spend most of our time together at either a) the sword fighting arena or b) the beach, her favorite place to run.

"Hey, Red," I said to her when I finally spotted Red about twenty yards down the beach.

"Hey, Liss, I didn't think you were a morning person," Red replied, sweeping a strand of her straw brown color hair behind her ear, just to have it fall back in her face again.

"I'm not," I replied, "I had a demi-god dream

"Ahhhh," she answered knowingly, "Was it about Addie?"

I frowned at that thought, Red knew it was a touchy subject. "No, it was about…"

"Oh! You mean your dad came to you."


"Oooh," Red said, thinking she knew exactly what I was thinking of, It was the day."

Even though I wasn't dreaming of the day, I certainly dreamt of it often enough, so I just shook my head yes as we both enjoyed a flash back.


Fredirika had gotten lost. She was trying(and failing) to make a fire with two twigs so she could get warm. Then she heard a twig snap. Her head shot around her body to see a dracne coming towards her at all directions. She shrieked in horror as they closed in on her. A petite eleven year old girl up against thousands of year old monsters? The chances were slim.

At this time three young children were walking through the same forest.

"I'm scared," whispered Gabriella Walker, a 13 year old daughter of Demeter.

"Yeah, Alissa we really shouldn't be out here, Chiron told us not to." Anthony Lowe, an 11 year old son of Apollo snapped at his friend.

"Shut up, Gaby. And you, too, Italian," Alissa shot back the boy wearing his favorite sweatshirt (and yes, it supports Italy.) and the girl with saturated blue eyes. They both kept quiet, not in the mood of getting into a brawl with the daughter of Hades.

"I, I just have two itsy-bitsy questions," said a girl, Londyn Wise daughter of Poseidon stepping out of the creek with another girl, Alexus Lowe daughter of Apollo, in front of the trio "One, why didn't you invite moi, and dou why are you even out here?"

"Well," started the sleek black haired girl going into an animated story about forgetting her favorite knife in the woods during capture the flag, but she was cut of short when she came face to face with her greatest fear, a Cyclopes.

Images flashed through her mind of another black haired girl, screaming as she dangled from her foot, upside-down, above a boiling pot. She screech will she sobbed passionately, blood pouring from her cuts, Run, Alissa, Run!" She sobbed," Get away from here as fast as you can!" She sobbed loudly.

"Wait there's another." Rasped a monstrous voice, "Where, where is this…Alissa?" she continued.

"I'll never tell you!" The other girl said bravely, "never!" That's when Alissa heard a loud slap and shook back into reality.

She took an arrow out of her back, and before the Cyclops could even move, Her had an arrow through his chest. Then, she noticed, her friends had fled.

Frederika was running, running as fast as her short legs could carry her. She was panting and could hardly go on any longer. That's when she fell backwards. She had crashed into what she thought was a tree trunk.

"Dammed tree," she cursed. That's when she looked up and saw a bewildered looking girl above her. "Whoops1 I guess your not a tree after all." The other girl cracked a slight smile.

*Flash-Back Ended*

Well at least that day ended well, I thought.


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