(Evie POV)

A small price to pay for getting to hold your hand.

Lend's words echoed through my mind over and over again. And I don't know why, but every time I thought the words, butterflies fluttered through my stomach and a warm blush rose on my cheeks.

We were laying together in my uncomfortable hospital bed, watching the fourth episode of season one in Easton Heights, my favorite show. Lend had bought the first two seasons for us to watch, since it looked like I was going to be here a while. But I didn't care, and long as Lend was here to keep me company.

He held my hand; the one what didn't have a needle stabbed into it's wrist. Lend's hands were warm, soft, as usual. Being that was part of him.

I noticed, when I glanced over at him, that the muscles in his mouth jumped, like he was clenching and unclenching his teeth. It's either he was mad-he's not a big fan of Easton Heights-or he was trying to say something, but was finding it difficult.

"Evie," he whispered in my ear; his warm breath tickled my neck. "I'm still. . . really, really happy that you're okay. Like, you have no idea how relieved and happy I am." He looked determined, like he wanted to say something more. "Evie. . . I lo-like you." His word was warped, like he was about to say love, then finished with like. Lo-ike.

"I like you too, you know." Oh, bleep! He was going to say he loved me? YES!

"I. . . I didn't want to say that. I meant to say that I. . . Ugh! God damn it!" He looked away from me and up at the ceiling, clearly embarrassed with himself beyond belief.

"If it's not true, you don't have to say it, I mean, you don't have to say it just to make m-," Before I could finish my ramble, her interrupted me with a kiss on my lips. My god, I swear I'd kiss him all day if he'd let me. His lips were so soft, so warm, they were inviting, luring.

"No, I do mean it. Evie, I l-" Once again, he was cut off, but this time, by his father, David, who walked into the room and was carrying a bouquet of colorful red and white roses.

"Hey, Kids. Evie, how are you? It's so nice to see you awake!" He walked over to the side of my bed, placing the flowers on my nightstand.

"I'm fine. But I wouldn't sign Lend up for any sports any time soon. He's a terrible catcher." I rubbed my forehead and David chuckled, but when I looked over to Lend, he looked upset with himself. Bleep. I insulted him. Again.

David looked over to Lend as I did. He gave him a furious look. One of those looks that says: Daaaaad! I was talking to her! I was about to say that I LOVED HER!

David nodded and leaned down to kiss my forehead, then moved to the other side of my bed to do the same to Lend. Lend ducked away from him several times before David gave up, leaving the room with a humored smile and a sheepish wave.

I giggled quietly when Lend made a funny face behind his dad's back.

"Hmm… So, where were we?" He asked, though I had a feeling he knew the exact answer.

I shrugged, also knowing exactly where we were, but said nothing, turning my head back to the now-over episode of Easton Heights.

"Oh, I remember now," he murmured softly, putting a warm, soft finger under my chin, turning my head back to his.

He kissed my cheek warmly; he did this a few times actually, and worked his way-slowly-down to my lips.

Oh my god! Have I mentioned how awesome his kisses were? They were just so… soft and warm. And amazing! Well… I'm guessing that if I didn't like him as much as I do, they wouldn't be as amazing. But I do like him, so they are amazing.

He kissed me affectionately, zealously for a few minutes; the machine I was hooked up to beeped wildly as all of this when down. I blushed, hoping Lend wouldn't open his eyes or pull away anytime soon.

I noticed, while he was kissing me, that we both have gotten way better at kissing. From the first time, that is. He seemed a bit more… open with me. I remember the first time we kissed: it was kind of awkward, but now our kisses were usually playful, maybe sometimes sloppy.

Eventually, Lend had to pull back, he had to say what he wanted to say. I opened my eyes, looking straight into his.

Lend took a long, deep breath before speaking. "Evie. I… love-" He was cut off, not by anyone else, but me. My head throbbed, and I couldn't hear anything but the my pulse in my ears; I squinched my eyes shut and whimpered.

I felt Lend's warm hands on my face but heard nothing from him. Instead I heard Vivian. She was saying something, she was causing me pain. I couldn't understand her, hence the bleeping pain. I just heard her voice as a hum in the back of my mind.

Beep! Beep! Beep! It was either the machine I was hooked up to was beeping erratically, or I was just imagining things. I could feel my pulse racing behind my ears, feel my face hot and damp from either sweat or tears, I couldn't tell.

Then, just like that, everything was gone. The pain. The feeling. Even my consciousness.