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Evie held Lend's hand over her shoulder while he drove, a look of happiness and anticipation on his face. Is he excited about this? Evie thought. What trick as he gotten up his sleeve this time?

After several moments of random chit-chat, Lend withdrew his arm from around Evie's shoulder, placing his right hand on the steering wheel, and turning onto a bumpy dirt-road; Evie reached up and gripped the handle above the window for support.

Evie made several humming sounds while Lend's truck drove on the dirt road, and the sounds were morphed as she was jolsted up and down on her seat by the bumpy road. "Mmm-nyuh! Mm…- nyuh!"

Lend stifled his laughter just long enough for him to say "You are the only child that I will ever want to take on a date." then let loose, laughing like a maniac.

At this, Evie grinned proudly, cutting off her baby-noises and lifting her chin higher, taking what Lend said as though it were a compliment. "Problem, Waterboy?" she challenged.

"Not a problem, Soul-Sucker. Not. One. Problem." Lend smile slightly, though took a sidelong glance at Evie, to make sure that she was alright with the joke, though, sadly was he to find out, that she wasn't. She bit her lip uneasily, and looked to her right, out the window at the various tree.

"Evie," Lend began in a small voice, but was cut off when a bird smacked off of the windshield. As it startled them both, Lend veered left, taking them off of the path in which they were driving down, and driving blindly into the forest that was now all of a sudden surrounding them.

Finally, the car came to an abrupt stop, hitting into something that was hard and rooted into the ground; it didn't move from the impact of the car (Newton's third law).

Both Evie and Lend were thrown forward in their seats, then flung backwards by their seatbelts, their heads smacking back against the headrest, and settling there for a moment.

Just as everything had calmed down, the airbags decided to finally explode, though neither one hit Evie or Lend in the face, just by inches.

Evie's breath had hitched from the moment the car made contact with the bird against the windshield; she let the expired air gush out of her lungs in a large gust, then took another large one, and let that out quickly, beginning to pant.

Lend sat motionless, though his eyes were wide, and his arms were locked at the elbows, his hands clenched around the steering wheel to tightly that his knuckles had turned white.

After many moment of shell-shocked silence, they both turned their heads in unison leisurely, and stared each other in the eye with frightened expressions masking their faces. Also, at the same time, they both whispered each other's name in hoarse voices, and reached for one another's hand.

"Holy crap, Lend! Are you okay?" Evie gushed at the same moment Lend's mouth flooded itself with the words: "My God, are you hurt, E?"

In harmony, they both looked down at their bodies, pet down their legs, and wiggled their fingers and toes. At that, Evie stopped and winced in pain; a metal pole had pierced itself through the passenger door low enough, and cut into her ankle closest to the door on impact of the truck hitting the tree.

"Holy-… bleep! Oww! Lend!" she cried out, and moved her ankle away from the sharp bar, but found herself stuck as it had really gotten itself in there.

"You're hurt," Lend muttered before unbuckling himself, and flinging his door open, rushing around the back of his truck, and standing outside of Evie's door, examining the damage.

"Oh, wow. We messed this up pretty well. E, can you just-… get your ankle off of the bar really quickly? I know it'll hurt, and I know it'll bleed, but we need to get you back to my dad so he can look it over, okay?" Lend looked up at Evie with wide eyes, though that was the only thing disheveled about his otherwise flawless apparel.

Evie nodded, but just a split second before that, Lend took the courtesy of ripping out the jagged, rusty pole from her right ankle; consequentially, Evie let out a cry of pain, which echoed through the woods, and ricocheted back to their ears. Lend threw the pole to the side, then opened Evie's door, and went to take her hand.

"I'm so sorry," he muttered with a shameful look to his eye; he then looked around the cab of his truck, then had a sudden idea: Oh! The picnic blanket! With that, Lend let go of Evie's hand and rushed to the bed of his truck, and pulled the checkered red and white blanket out of a basket, which was willed with prepared food.

He then strode back to the passenger seat where his girl was, and knelt down before her; he then looked up at her, waiting for her nod of approval that he could touch her wound. She cooperated and nodded as Lend had asked with his eyes. Lend then proceeded to wrap the blanket around her bloody ankle.

"Well, that should hold it for now," he said after he had finished his handiwork. He stood up and brushed off his pants before leaning against the side of his totaled truck. "E, I'm so sorry, really, I am. I shouldn't have called you that… I wouldn't have crashed… you wouldn't have gotten hurt. I'm just so dumb." Lend sighed again, then hung his head shamefully.

Evie wasn't having that; she looked him up and down from him her seat before speaking. "Firstly, I never told you it was against the rules to call me that. Second, it wasn't your fault a bleeping bird flew in front of your car, and scared the bleeping bleep out of us." She reached to take his hand, and he allowed her, but didn't return her grasp.

"Well… just think, when we get back, we can have more fun trying to repair your car together, and stuff." When Lend didn't look at her, she sighed audibly. "Lend, I am not mad; stop beating yourself up, please, please, please." Evie squeezed his hand gently, and, finally, he returned her grasp, and snuck a quick peek up at her through his dark lashes before looking back down at his feet.

Evie smiled, as she saw the fleeting look, but pretended not to. "Well, I'm feeling kind of dizzy, but I don't know whether it's from this blood loss, or your stunning looks."

Lend smirked, though it didn't reach his eyes as Evie wished it would've.

"Maybe it's both," he retorted.

"Maybe. Now, can we go now? This forest is giving me the creeps, and I want your dad to look at this before it gets infected or something…"

Lend nodded a short, curt nod, then pushed himself up off of the side of the truck. He moved forward until he was standing in front of Evie's door with his arms halfway outstretched. "Would you rather have a piggyback or have me carry you bridal style?" he asked; his same smirk was there on his lips, which made Evie even the littlest bit happier.

"Totally bridal style, but if you get tired, I can hobble," she challenged with an equally seductive smirk.

"I won't get tired, silly." Lend rolled his eyes as if that were something so absurd.

Without another word being said, Lend leaned forward, and swept his right arm underneath Evie's knees, and wrapped the other one around her back/waist area. He then slid her off of the seat carefully, and lifted her out of the truck, careful not to hit either of their heads off of the roof of the cab.

Evie threw her right arm over his shoulder so that the crook of her arm was just on the nape of his neck. Their faces, at this point, were quite close to one another's, which made Evie happy - she could get a nice glimpse at his real, un-glamoured face.

Before stepping off and walking, Lend looked down at Evie's face silently and brought his face ever more closer to hers until their lips brushed tenderly. They stayed like this for who knows how long, until Lend broke away; he had a goody, lover-boy smile on his face, almost like Evie's love-stuck one.

He rested his forehead against hers and brushed his nose against hers and whispered, almost to himself, "I love you, Evie."

Evie's smile grew three times wider that day (Grinch, anyone?), and pressed her lips fervently against his once again before, sadly, pulling away once again. "I love you too."

With that being said and done, they began walking away from Lend's totaled truck (don't worry, they'll come back and get it, eventually), talking amongst themselves about what they were to do about the truck, or about school later in the week.

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