by: Sincerely. Yvette

All credit belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. This written collection belongs to yours truly.

001: Allure


Of all the people who resided in Konohagakure, believe it or not, Naruto was by far the most charismatic.

Naruto, that stupid, infamous fool with a pair of whisker marks on each cheek? The young man who used to be a loudmouthed shortie? The idiot who went off on a journey with the lecherous Jiraiya, the toad sage, for two and a half years? The village hero?

Yes, that Naruto.

He was a natural, and he didn't even know it. That was how natural he was.

How could this, this—dumbass ( in the words if Sakura ) be considered attractive in the first place, you ask? Why, how could he not? Sakura wished to know the same thing.

How could this fool flatter her so easily?

Oh, it wasn't as though she had become attracted to him—no, it wasn't that. But it sure was intriguing how well he treated her. Compared to his premature state as a genin, he had returned home with what seemed to be more, well, more experience.

Sure, he was still the loudmouthed Naruto he used to be, and he still invited her to those silly dates to Ichiraku, but along with his physical form ( which Sakura would admit had changed in a good way ), his methods of approaching her had smoothened their edges out.

He knew to only offer a date if he could support it—financially.

He knew when to watch his words around her—although sometimes it still slipped his mind, but hey, nobody was perfect.

He knew what drink she had a habit of ordering, and thus ordered for her before she had the chance to widen her eyes, impressed.

This idiot never called her Sakura. He always called her Sakura-chan, and only hecould call her Sakura-chan. Whether he watched his words or not, he almost always spoke of what was on his mind, and that included growing pink in the cheeks before chuckling out a compliment to her.

Sakura-chan, you always seem to impress me . . .

Sakura-chan, you're beautiful.

Sakura-chan, you're amazing.

He said the stupidest things sometimes, and Sakura hated how much she liked it.

Naruto always smiled around her; always tried to keep her smiling as well. Even though he knew she could easily pummel him into a pile of blood and bones, he also knew that she was particularly ticklish. If his words didn't make her smile, his 'Tickle no Jutsu' did. It came with recoil though, for he almost always resulted with a black eye or breathless crouch.

Sometimes he didn't even have to try.

Sakura would stare at him, arms crossed as she shook her head.

How was it that he, of all people, made her swoon without effort; made her feel wanted and respected, more than she did around Sasuke; caused her scowl to crumble into a crooked grin as she tried not to laugh.

Uzumaki Naruto was not supposed to be capable of any of this.

He was to annoy her—not lure her into a session of laughter.

And what she hated the most was how the simplest of his actions were all it took for her cheeks to flourish the same tone as her hair; all it took for her to glance away with an angry, misunderstanding pout.

Oh, but she wouldn't admit it. No, not ever.

Naruto was not attractive. Not one bit.


Author's Note:

Welcome, my name is Yvette.

This collection will contain a hundred snippets for NaruSaku; call it a drabble series, if you will. Each piece will be generally short, meaning that they will be around 500 words each. Some, however, may be longer. I write in all sorts of perspectives, so Naruto or Sakura POV's will come up once in a while.

As a writer, I prefer to stay realistic. The timeline for each chapter/drabble will range from current ( with hardly any spoilers, do not fear ), to the past and hardly ever the future. I do not write AU and I keep Naruto and Sakura at a very close friendship, while sometimes making it bloom into something more. From what I have observed, you do not need them to kiss or do much more than communicate to get your proper fill, if done properly.

Ah yes, kiss scenes are very rare from me, but they will come up in this series once in every blue moon, unlike my previous series which contained none ; )

I plan on making these based upon fluff, therefore, you can expect little things that make your stomach bulge with butterflies. I prefer light fluff rather than a bucketful, thus my snippets will be light. Some may be bittersweet, but above all, they will contain a form of sweetness.

Many people find sweets to be very comforting, often times chocolate. One particular watcher mentioned how my previous collection, Beyond Flavorless, lifted her icky moods every now and then. While I hope that these will make you, the readers, smile—I also hope that perhaps they can lighten up your mood if you're having a bad day.

I enjoy writing these up, so I hope that I will not disappoint. I may be a jittery updater sometimes, but I can promise you that there should be at least one update a week. I hope to see you in the future : )

( My notes will not be this long in each chapter. This one is an exception because it is the first chapter and counts as my introduction. In the future, my Author's Notes will be very short, and sometimes even inexistent. )

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