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This is from Sam's point of view:

I sighed in frustration as Alice showed me another floral arrangement to choose from. Over the last couple of months there had been so many things to choose from. I thought having a small wedding with only our families would be easy. For my family it was only my parents, an aunt, two cousins, and brother. Embry's family however consisted of the pack, their imprints, and the Cullens which made the guest list longer than I had anticipated.

The months ticked by as Alice and I planned the wedding. I had been surprised by the friendship that was struck up between Alice and me when I met the Cullens. She and I were complete opposite but somehow we complemented each other. I thought about Embry's extended vampire family. I loved watching them and how they interacted. They were more of a family than many of the blood related families I had seen.

Weeks before the wedding Embry and I went to visit my parents. They hadn't had the chance to see each other yet and I didn't want their first meeting to be on the day of our wedding. Embry held my hand during the entire ride to my parent's house. Embry ran his large hand through his hair as we sat waiting at a stop light five minutes away from their house.

"Are you alright love?" I asked.

"What if they don't like me?" he asked.

"They'll love you," I said, "Just like I do."

"I don't know if I can do this," he said.

"You can fight vampires but you are afraid to face humans," I said just as the light turned green.

"I know what I am doing when I fight the vampires," he said, "but I have no idea how to meet the parents of my fiancé."

My stomach flopped when I heard the word fiancé. I wasn't quite used to hearing that yet.

"You'll be fine love," I said squeezing his hand, "They'll love you."

We pulled into my parent's house where my mom and dad came out of the house. I gave them both huge hugs.

"Mom, dad this is Embry," I said looking to smile at Embry.

Embry stuck out his hand to shake my mom's hand but she gave him a hug instead.

"We've heard so much about you," mom said smiling up at Embry and he smiled and nodded at her.

"Sir," Embry said stretching out his hand, "It's nice to meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too," he said shaking Embry's hand.

We followed my parents inside as I gave Embry a smile. He smiled back and took my hand as mom asked us questions about our drive up here and how we got engaged. Dad and Embry sat at the table and talked quietly while I helped mom with dinner.

"So what do you think of him?" I asked quietly.

I knew Embry would hear me with his super hearing but I didn't want dad to hear our conversation.

"I like him a lot," mom said, "I can see how happy you are with him. He's not bad looking either."

"Mom," I cried turning red which caused her to laugh.

"I hope your brother can meet someone who makes him happy too," she said.

I nodded not wanting to tell mom of Jeremy's having a date with a different girl each weekend. We loaded the table with food and I hoped that there would be enough for since Embry ate the same amount as the three of us combined. We ate and I noticed my dad open up to Embry and they started talking about football while mom and I talked about the wedding.

"Is there anything you need help with," mom asked.

"Not that I can think of," I said, "Alice has things pretty well organized."

"Alice?" mom said.

"She is part of Embry's adopted family," I said, "She has been great at helping me plan the wedding."

"Oh, are you sure she isn't just 'helping'?" mom said glancing at Embry.

"Mom Alice has been in a relationship with a guy named Jasper for years now," I said.

I think they've been together longer than you and dad have I thought to myself.

I launched into every little detail of the wedding except the dress, I wanted Embry to be surprised by my dress the moment he saw me walking down the aisle.

"We are going for our final dress fitting next Monday," I said, "Can you come with us?"

"I'd love to sweetie," she said smiling at me and patting my hand.

After dinner my dad and Embry went to go "check out" his car but I knew dad wanted to talk with Embry one on one.

Embry's point of view:

I stood beside Sam's father, Jim, while I looked at his car. There was nothing wrong with it but I knew his car wasn't the reason why we came out here.

"Embry I wanted to talk to you about something," Jim said looking up at me.

"Alright," I said waiting for him to start as I stood up to my full height.

I was taller than Jim but he still made me feel nervous.

"When Sam told us you two were engaged," Jim started slowly, "I was worried that something would happen to break up the two of you like it did before when Sam came to stay with us."

"I'm sorry sir about that. I never…"I stopped when he put his hand up.

"I know you are," he said, "Jeremy and I talked about it and he vouched for you. He said he you were pretty torn up about it."

"I was," I said wincing when I thought about our short break up from before.

"Please assure me that it won't happen again," Jim said.

"It won't," I said, "I can't, I won't live without her."

"Good," he said smiling at me, "I'm glad you'll be part of the family, Jeremy talks a lot about you guys."

Jim and I talked quietly about the shop before going inside to have some of the pie that Sam made.

"The pie was wonderful," I said running my hands up and down her sides while her I and cleaned up our desert plates, well she was mostly cleaning up.

"Trying to earn brownie points there Embry," she asked while looking up at me over her shoulder.

"Maybe," I said my voice going deep and I kissed her, "Never know when I may need them."

"I love you Embry," she said.

"I love you too," I told her.

Sam's point of view:

I woke up and stared at my ceiling. I didn't know why I felt different today. I then remembered it was my wedding day. I smiled to myself before my peaceful moment was ruined by Alice barging in.

"What are you still doing in bed?" she asked, "It's time you get in the shower."

"Alice," I said groaning as I sat up, "Don't I have time to eat breakfast before I shower?"

"I guess," she said looking disappointed.

"I'm all yours once I eat," I said.

I went down stairs to find mom cooking while Jeremy and dad sat at the table drinking coffee. I rolled my eyes as Jeremy looked over Alice's body. If she only knew that she could easily kill him and drain his blood. I kissed my mom on her cheek as she handed me a plate of food. I set the plate on the table and looked up at my mom to see her eyes filling up with tears.

"Mom?" I asked, "What's wrong?"

"This is just going to be the last time we eat as a family," she said.

"Mom," I said, "We'll eat together again."

"But it's all changing today," she said.

"Oh mom," I said, "One day though you'll have grandkids running around you."

"Didn't need to think of you and Embry making kids," Jeremy said.

"Not like you are going to give mom any grandkids anytime soon," I said.

"Definitely not," he said grinning.

We smiled at each other before digging into breakfast. Once we were finished Alice rushed me upstairs as Jeremy headed off to Embry's house to get ready. After showering she spent an hour and a half on my hair and makeup. I couldn't believe how good I looked and I couldn't wait till Embry saw me. After Alice helped me get ready she helped Nessie touch up her makeup, not that she needed much help. Alice drove Nessie, my parents, Jeremy, and I to the church.

We walked into a side room where Nessie and I changed into our dresses. Nessie looked amazing in her blue dress and I was sure that Jacob wouldn't take his eyes from her. My dress was tight with lace trimmed. I smiled at my parents as mom, once again, had tears will her eyes.

Time went by slowly especially the last ten minutes. I felt nervous, I was unsure if Embry would like what I wore or how Alice had done my hair and makeup. When the time came we went to the foyer of the church. Jeremy walked my mother up to her seat and Nessie went down the aisle.

"You look beautiful sweetie," dad said kissing me on my cheek.

"Thank you daddy," I said taking his arm.

I took a deep breath as the doors opened and I started my walk towards Embry. Our eyes met instantly as I walked towards him. His smiled widened as he took in my appearance. I felt myself blush slightly as he looked at me the way he did. Soon I reached him and he took my hands in his.

I smiled as I looked into his beautiful eyes. Everything melted away as I looked at him. I couldn't believe I was marrying him. We said our vows before he placed our rings on each other's fingers. Our wedding was simple, we wanted it that way. I held onto his arm while we walked up the aisle. Once we got to the foyer he kissed me passionately.

"Embry," I said pulling away from him, "they are coming towards us."

"I couldn't wait," he said kissing me again, "It will be a long time before we are alone again."

"But then we will have two weeks alone together," I said running my hands down his chest and I could feel the rumble from his chest which caused me to laugh.

"I love you," I said.

"I love you too," he said smiling at me.

Epilogue from Leah's point of view (yes Leah):

I couldn't believe I was here. I didn't want to be here but my little brother was getting married and I had to be there. I sighed as I knocked on the door. I heard a lot of boisterous voices before Colin opened the door.

"I…what…you're here," he said somewhat stupidly.

"Yes I am," I said rolling my eyes pushing past him, "Let's get this over with."

I walked into the kitchen. There we so many memories of me walking into the kitchen that looked just like this. My brothers noisily sitting around the table talking and laughing while Emily cooked with the help from Kim, there were too many of them for Emily to cook on her own now. The talking stopped when they saw it was me. I soon found myself being scooped up into a hug by Embry.

"Lee you came," he said excitedly.

"Embry let me down," I said grumpily.

"You haven't changed," he said smiling at me, "I'm glad you are here."

"I couldn't let my brother get married without me being here now could I," I said, "You sure have been bothering me enough about coming up here."

"Thank you Leah," Embry said smiling at me.

"Yeah, yeah," I said rolling my eyes.

I hugged Emily before sitting down with my family and eating breakfast. Even though I hated being a wolf I still loved the brothers I had gained while being in the pack, not that I would admit that or think of that while in wolf form. We finished breakfast and I headed up stairs to change into the dress I had brought with me. I looked at myself in the mirror: I looked good. I hoped that there would be some single men there that weren't in my family.

I walked down stairs where I was met with strange looks from the pack.

"What?" I asked looking at them.

"When did you get a dress?" Jacob asked.

"When I moved away from you all to be a girl again," I said rolling my eyes.

"Don't you think that dress is a little short?"Asked Quil.

"It's down to my knee," I said rolling my eyes, "besides I can take care of myself if any guys ask me out."

After the guys changed we went to the church. I took a deep breath, something smelled different to me. I couldn't put my finger on it but I almost wanted to follow the scent. Soon the wedding started where a man walked the mother of the bride down the aisle. I stiffened as I looked at him.

"Impossible," I whispered as our eyes briefly met.

I had imprinted.

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