"You're going to have to be faster than that to beat me, Jet!" Wave said over the roar of the hover boards. Jet groaned in annoyment. If a girl could beat him, then Sonic definitely could. He tried to hurry up next to her. Sadly, she reached Storm faster than him. She was waiting, leaning on her vertical board. She tsk-ed at him playfully.

"You were a girl; I had to go easy on you!" Jet lied. Wave knew that he was lying too. "I'm that bad of a liar?" he whined. They both nodded; Storm and Wave. "Damn," he muttered.

"Well, there's always next time," she said cheerfully. She was cold blooded to everybody- including her parents- but Jet and Storm. She hated showing off weakness. She thought it was too girly to manage. She flipped the board on her foot. "Well, I'm going." She jumped on it, but heard her name called.

"Where you going," Jet and Storm asked confused. She never answered and just went off. The boys were not going to be left behind. They quickly got on their boards and hurried behind.

"I can't believe you followed me," Wave said, without looking back. She felt them just staring at her. What idiots, she thought. "Idiots," she said. She said what she thought. She brought the board down to the pavement and walked into the diner; but not without 2 pairs of feet behind her. She groaned; why me, she thought to herself. She sat down at a booth.

"You guys have to leave me alone." She said looking at the menu. They were sitting across from her.

"But you have good information. We can't go without that." They looked at the fushcia bird who was now texting. "What are you talking about now?" Jet said, trying to get a peek. Wave tried to think of something that would get them away. What's the one thing that annoys boys.

"Tampons," she said with no emotion. That got the boys to share awkward stares and get up and leave. She sighed when she heard the bell on the door ring. She looked back down at the menu and told the waitress her order. All she was texting was a simple note that needed to be printed. She then heard the bell ring and a pair of feet walk up to her table. "Jet, I told you," she looked up with a cruel face; but then changed to nervousness. It wasn't who she thought it would be.

"May I sit here? I need to talk to you." The boy asked. Wave was amazed. He looked so different- in…the hot way, then at the Grand Prix. He looked more like a man.

"Of course," she gulped. "What do you need Sonic?" She worried about her hair; something she never did. She felt a tightness in her stomach. Sonic chuckled at the bird. She never even noticed her food had arrived.

"Relax, Wave. I just wanted to tell you something that the three of you would want to hear." She felt her hope drop; the three of us. Wait, why did she care? She nodded at the hedgehog sitting across from her. "There's another Grand Prix, and I was wondering if you guys…" He thought of me as one of the guys? Wait, why do I care! "Would join us; Knuckles, Tails and I. I would greatly appriceate it." He smiled at Wave, and she felt her heart was about to burst out of her chest. The waitress came over and set the check down. Before Wave could even look into her pocket, Sonic was laying down money.

"You never had to do that," she said weakly. He stood up.

"I know," he smirked. He walked away and left Wave at the table. She didn't feel that much hungry anymore.

"Mom," Wave called into her house. She walked into the kitchen and saw the light blue swallow washing the dishes. They weren't eating dishes, they were something they did every month. They would decorate a big whatcha-ma-call-it and then smash it down. They called it Tiny Break-Down. Wave felt hurt.

"You did Tiny Break-Down without me?" The mother looked at her daughter.

"You should have been home instead of doing those childish things. You are 18, for damn-sake. You should act more your age."

"You let Kyle and Greg go hover-boarding!" Greg and Kyle were her brothers. Kyle looked like their mother, while Greg was a more navy blue.

"Number one, they are boys. And number two…They don't make it their life." The dishes were done so she left her daughter in silence.

"Dad made it his life," she mumbled. She mumbled loud enough for her mother to turn around and walk up to her.

"Don't mention your father," she whispered harshly through her teeth. She walked up the stairs and left Wave once again. She cringed when she heard the door slam loudly. She felt tears stream down her face.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket and dialed the number. She waited for the the ringing to stop. She heard a voice say. "Hello?"

"My name is Wave Swallow. I would like to register for the Grand Prix."