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Chapter 1

He stared at the back of the feisty blonde's head, unable to sleep. For no apparent reason he woke with a start minutes before sweating and heart pounding against his soft Japanese chest. He still found it hard to breathe when he woke.

He turned to his fiancée for some sort of comfort after the rigorous nightmare he just had. But unfortunately he had found him fast asleep, snoring obnoxiously, mumbling "wimp" to himself. Yuri sighed and decided he'd stay awake a while longer eager not to visit the land of slumber he had just witnessed. What to do…he wondered to himself. He looked up at the back of the Angelic boy's blonde head. His sent of a sweet vanilla. The stupendous locks which fell before him seemed like gold, like treasure. Before he knew what he was doing his right hand was foundling the spun locks, caressing them. He twisted his fingers around in it. Hopefully he won't wake up…Yuri thought to himself.

"Good morning…Yuri…" an unnaturally pleasant voice penetrated the deathly silence of the dawn.

Yuri's eyes fluttered open to find himself nose to nose with Wolfram, who was looking groggy and rather confused. It took a moment to assess the situation he was in, but he was temporarily memorized by Wolfram's emerald eyes staring back at his dim black stones. The he realized…

"G-GAH!" Yuri managed, jerking up and away from Wolfram, face red. Trying to stay cool, "G-good morning to you to Wolf…ram..."

He felt that just Wolf (his usual nick-name for Wolfram) wasn't appropriate at this particular time.

Wolfram set up and rubbed the grime out of his eyes like nothing had even happened. He soon got up, got dressed, approached the door, opened it, and then stopped. He looked back at his king, slightly annoyed. "You're going to miss breakfast if you don't hurry…" then walked out, the door following close behind.

Yuri touched the peak of his nose.

He always wondered why the crazy demons of Shin Makaouku ate breakfast at the crack of dawn. It was quite hard for him to adjust to the new time because he used to get up at 8:00 for breakfast and then left quickly after for school. Now he has to wake up just as the sun rises here.

He hurried down the long corridors. He wasn't running, because that makes too much noise, and he didn't want to annoy anyone this early in the morning. It was when he was thinking about breakfast when he violently stubbed his toe while turning down the next hallway.

But no one heard him scream.

"I'm here!" He came in, panting, holding his toe, sweating rather heavily. No one noticed.

"Good morning Heika!" said the chorus of Yuri's closest friends and followers. He thought twice about scolding Conrad for calling him "Heika" again. He sat down in the red-velvet chair, picked up the spork and began to eat what looked like ham with a hammer growing out of it.

His eyes traveled as he ate, only to one person in particular really. Eating like the way he carries himself, perfectly, Wolfram. Yuri wondered how he could be so elegant and yet so…bratty and loud…and when he sleeps…well, he's not particularly quiet, but he looks rather peaceful.

He had to smile as he pictured the beauty sleeping. Wolfram looked up momentarily from his meal to see Yuri staring at him. His pitch dark eyes seemingly burning through him. Wolfram blushed slightly, and not wanting to bring attention to himself or Yuri, he whispered "Hey...wimp...what're you doing, it's rude to stare!"

Yuri's head shot to his plate. Blushing like fire. "S-sorry…just thinking about something…" then blushed again at what Wolfram could turn that in to.

Wolfram looked away from his Maoh, still pulled a glower look. I wonder why he's so bashful right now…he must've been thinking something inappropriate. He clenched his fists and shot an angry look at the double black and returned to his meal.

"O-oi! Wolf?" Yuri was catching up to Wolfram down the hallway.

"What is it?" He stopped so Yuri could catch up.


"Don't waste my time!" He began walking again.

"Do you wanna play catch or something?" It was hard for Yuri to ask. I mean, Conrad was busy today and Yuri was very bored. Wolfram never seemed to enjoy watching Conrad and Yuri play together so he obviously thought it was boring, right?

Wolfram took this by complete surprise, Why would he ask me this! He thought. Where's Conrad? He glanced at Yuri then waved the question away, he must use maturity and dominance toward his fiancée so he wouldn't appear weak "I'm busy."

Yuri's face dropped.

"Will you at least keep me a little company as I walk to my room? I mean Greta's out shopping with Anissina and I have no one to hang out with, PLEASE!"

Wolfram looked at Yuri with slight amazement. He got a little angry by the fact that Yuri only wants to be with him when he's bored. But then again, he barely has time to spend with him at all, and who knows, this might be the basis of a brand new relationship with Yuri. Of Course he may just be over analyzing the situation as usual, but whatever. He sighed.

"Alright, but hurry."I've got soldiers to train."

Now they stood at the door, Yuri's bedroom door. Wolfram still looked impatient and Yuri looked anxious.

"Well, have a good time training the…soldiers." Yuri smiled awkwardly.

"Yeah." Wolfram thought of a suitable way to say good-bye to his fiancé. That is, until…

Yuri's back was still facing the door. He still wanted to talk to Wolfram. He looked down at him; the blonde looked up at him, their eyes met. Immediately after, Yuri looked away, blushing hard. Why's he blushing so much lately? And for a guy!

He looked back over at wolfram and noticed he was rather far away. He felt a draft.


Yuri had tripped on his swollen toe he had banged against the wall.

He fell, landing in Wolf's arms.

Chest to chest,

nose to nose, like this morning,

eyebrows to eyebrows,

toes to toes

…eyelashes to eyelashes

…lips to lips.

To be continued~~