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And So I Flew, Chapter One.

As I set down the picture, all I could do was stare in the mirror.

I was finally there, at the top. I just hope it was all worth it.

I'm doing this for you, Hye Mi, I said to myself, wondering if she could hear me, far away, on stage of her 100th concert. The concert I had to hear about from Jin Gook, unable to talk to her myself. It's hard to learn about the love of your life from someone who'd do anything to take her from you.

Pushing her to the back of my mind, always there, never far from my thoughts, I picked up my necklace. It was my symbol after all.

There was a knock on my dressing room door. "Singer K, you're on in 10," I heard from one of the stage hands.

"Okay, I'll be there," I said, my English heavily accented.

As I walked to my point of entrance, I felt my hearing fritz. It's the same feeling every time, everything would sound muffled, before the noise just stops. No warning, just silence.

After 8 years, I've learned to not even worry. I handed my earphone to the same stage hand who called me out and assured him I was okay, reading his worry through his face.

As I waited for the stage to rise, I let my nerves overcome me, if only for a moment. It was a life-changing moment, after all.

I made a deal with my record company. If I won this award, they would release me from my contract 2 years early and I can return to my normal life. If I can even remember how to live a normal life.

I felt the platform begin to rise.

It's just another concert, I told myself.

And then I flew.

I'm a little rusty. This is only a taste. I love the Hye Mi and Sam Dong relationship. I'll continue this soon.