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Kakashi was living a perfectly normal life before he woke up to a blond haired boy in his bed, and now he's tangled in a love affair he never wanted in the first place. He just had to fall in love with his best friend's snot nosed, bratty, sexy, teenage son.


Warnings! Underage Naruto (seventeen in this fic, Kakashi is twenty nine) overprotective!Minato, sex, language, AU, other things meant for the mature.


The Tyndall Effect

i. collision


Kakashi let out a massive groan into an overly soft pillow, squinting at the morning light filtering through the blinds. He hated waking up. It was the worst part of the day, by far. The popping of joints and the satisfying noises of stretching could be heard as he shifted, blinking when his hand came in contact with another warm object close by that he could have sworn shouldn't have been there. Slowly, he looked to his right, slightly shocked at what he saw.

Well, it wasn't an object poking into his bare side. It was a body.

. . .

A body!

The aforementioned body belonged to a male, or more accurately, Kakashi's best friend's son.

There was just no way to sugar coat it. Kakashi had never been one to deny the obvious, anyway.

He was wide awake, now. He shot up from the comfort of his burrow of blankets, startling the figure into making little keening sounds and scrubbed his hand over his face in a gesture that only meant one thing.

Shit shit shit.

It was definitely Naruto, no getting around that. Kakashi would know the boy anywhere, after all the time he spent at Naruto's house and with the younger boy.

And he was naked, the soft rays of sunlight illuminating his tanned, toned skin to perfection in an enticing display all laid out for Kakashi's analyzing eyes. The thin sheet curled protectively around Naruto's midsection left his chest bare, showcasing all the stinging red marks that Kakashi no doubt was responsible for.


Kakashi sighed and did the only thing he could think of. He bit his finger nails and tried to figure out the events of last night that led to Minato's seventeen year old son sharing his bed.

They were both naked. That obviously meant that had had sex.

There was one big blank where a memory was supposed to be to connect the dots. Kakashi usually recalled the happenings of his one night stands, but for the life of him, he was drawing a big, fat blank. It was no good.

So instead of sitting uselessly and dwelling on it, he'd get the hell out of there before the blond awoke and shouted bloody murder. He didn't think the teenager would be too excited to find himself in a bed with his father's best friend, naked and defenseless. Naruto would surely run to Minato after this, perhaps screaming molestation or worse…

"Fuck," Kakashi hissed, carefully adjusting the bedding and padding out of the room after throwing on a pair of boxers.

He could hear Minato's silvery whisper in his ear now, casually listing all the ways he was going to maim and tear apart Kakashi, one limb at a time. My only child, my sunshine, my Naruto… you defiled him, you disgusting pervert. You were supposed to watch out for him and instead you touched him… I'll kill you!

And that was no delusion. Minato was known to be incredibly possessive and protective of his only son. Ever since Naruto was little, Minato would practically chain himself to the child, far worse than Naruto's scary mother. Kushina. What would she say about this when the scandal broke?

God, Kakashi didn't want to know. He was calculating how easily he could gather a few things and high tail it out of the country. He checked the clock on the wall in the kitchen as he made himself a cup of coffee, noting that it was eleven in the morning. What was the day, anyway? He had work yesterday, right? Yeah, he remembered. He left the high school around five and met a few friends at a bar. Everything after that was completely blurred around the edges.

He remembered hot hands and a searing mouth. A body in his lap and the begging of let's go somewhere, c'mon please, Kashi, please. Naruto of course. He leaned against the granite counter and sipped the black drink in thought, closing his eyes.

He could hear the buzzing of something nearby, probably Naruto's phone blowing up with texts and missed calls from an overly concerned parent. Kushina worked at the hospital and never really cared what Naruto did, but Minato as a writer, had way too much time on his hands. Kakashi didn't have to check Naruto's cell to know who was calling.

Just as he was about to go wake the boy himself, he heard the faint groaning and scuffling coming from his bedroom. It would only be a matter of time before Naruto headed for the kitchen.

Hatake Kakashi did not get nervous, but when he looked up into confused blue eyes, he could feel his palms begin to sweat. Normally deadly calm and in control, he found the sight of his best friend's son, clad in only a sheet and his blond hair sticking out every which way, frightening and entirely wrong in such a situation.

Little Naruto, who he used to baby sit when he was fifteen. Minato had been his English teacher in high school before he retired to writing indefinitely, and they had become fast friends. Minato being older didn't matter, he still felt like a brother rather than a father figure. And Naruto should have been like a son, not a… lover.

"Kakashi?" Naruto rasped, rubbing at his face. His innocent, whiskered, seventeen year old face.

Kakashi just nodded. He didn't know what to say or expect from the youth. "Yo." He took a large sip of bitter coffee and simply waited for the storm.

But Naruto neither began a tirade of shrieks nor ran out screaming for his parents. He padded over to Kakashi and wrapped his arms around Kakashi's middle, nuzzling into the other man.

It only took Kakashi three seconds to realize what this meant, surprisingly.

Naruto wanted last night to happen. Naruto wanted Kakashi.


"Naruto," Kakashi began, sitting down his mug and placing his chilly hands around Naruto's skinny wrists. He was cut off by warm lips on his own. Well, effective, Kakashi gave him that. But not enough of a distraction. Kakashi easily maneuvered them so Naruto was the one leaning against the counter top.

"Naruto, you know last night was wrong. I'm, I… Minato's going to slaughter me –" Kakashi sighed loudly, hating the dejected look in those clear, bluer than blue eyes.

"I don't care!"

"I teach at your school. You're a student, you're not even legal, and how did you get into that bar last night?" Kakashi couldn't seem to pick a single train of thought, his hangover influencing his ability to construct logical sentences.

Naruto frowned and pushed closer to him. He always was too stubborn for his own good. "I don't care; I don't care about any of that. You may not remember last night, but I do. I like you, Kakashi. I've… liked you for a while."

Kakashi blinked and got a particularly assaulting vision of Naruto writhing below him, moaning, arching, looking up with bedroom eyes.

Last night was coming back to him. He stepped back, almost shocked at the raw want in Naruto's eyes, noticing the fearless determination.

So, Naruto had liked him before yesterday? How long… why?

This was going to be a long day; Kakashi could already tell if the irritating throb of a migraine was any indication.



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